PhD Job Market Candidates

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The Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management is proud to support and promote the work of our Ph.D. students who are seeking employment following the completion of their doctoral program.

For further information on our candidates, please feel free to contact Professor Chris Barrett, Placement Chair, or Yiyi Grazul, Placement Coordinator (Staff).

Placement Committee: Professor Sylvia Hristakeva, Professor Daniela Scur, Professor Lawrence J. Jin, Professor Wendong Zhang, and Professor. Jingwei Zhang.

Cornell also has Ph.D. job market candidates in the closely related graduate fields of Economics and Policy, some of whose areas of expertise overlap with AEM candidates listed here.

Leonel Borja

Leonel Borja

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Committee members:  John Hoddinott(Chair), Chris Barrett, and Brian Dillon.

Areas of interest: Equality of Opportunity, Intergenerational Transmission of Human Capital, Development, Labor Economics, Applied Econometrics


Tarana Chauhan


Committee members: Chris Barrett(Chair), Francine Blau and Brian Dillon

Areas of interest: Labor, Gender and Development

JCB MS/PhD students

Huiyi Chen

Email  |  Website 

Committee members:  Nancy Chau(Chair), Marco Battaglini, and Nicolas Bottan.

Areas of interest: Political Economy of Developing Nations


Seungmin Lee

Email  |  Website

Committee members: Chris Barrett(Chair), Nicolas Bottan, and John Hoddinott

Areas of interest: Development Economics, Applied Econometrics, and Public Policy


Mengwei Lin

Email  |  Website

Committee members: Ravi Kanbur(Chair), Adam Dearing, Shanjun Li and Eleonora Patacchini

Areas of interest: Public Economics, Political Economy, and Firm Behavior

Yiding Ma

Yiding Ma

Email  |  Website

Committee members: David Ng(Chair), Shanjun Li, and Sumudu Watugala

Areas of interest: Environmental Economics and Finance


Daniel Maggio

Email  |  Website

Committee members: John Hoddinott(Chair), Chris Barrett, and John Cawley

Areas of interest: Development and Health Economics

Anna Malinovskaya

Anna Malinovskaya

Email  |  Website

Committee members: Ravi Kanbur(Co-chair), Seth Sanders(Co-chair), Chris Forman, and Dan Black.

Areas of interest: Public Economics and Applied Microeconomics


Trinh Pham

Email  |  Website

Committee members: Chris Barrett (Chair), John Hoddinott, and Ariel Ortiz-Bobea

Areas of interest:  Development, Labor, and Environmental Economics

Sergio Puerto

Email  |  Website

Committee members: Miguel Gomez(Chair), Chris Barrett, and Brian Dillon

Areas of interest: Development, Agriculture, Firms, Innovation, and Labor

Vanisha Sharma

Vanisha Sharma

Email  |  Website

Committee members: Prabhu Pingali, Michele Belot, and Brian Dillon

Areas of interest: Estimating Effects of Internet Expansion in Developing, Rural Communities


Dana Smith

Email  |  Website

Committee members: Nancy Chau, Brian Dillon, Filiz Garip, and Ravi Kanbur

Areas of interest: Labor and Development Economics


Binglin Wang

Email  |  Website

Committee members: Shanjun Li, Ricardo Daziano, and Todd Gerarden

Areas of interest: Urban, Transportation, Environmental, and Energy Economics


Saleh Zakerinia

Email  |  Website

Committee members: Jura Liaukonyte, Nathan Yang, and Chris Forman

Areas of interest: Innovation, Empirical Industrial Organization, Firm strategy, Dynamic Structural Econometric Modeling, Applied Microeconomics