Graduate Courses

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*Key: F = fall; S = spring.

Dyson Graduate Courses
No. Course Title Instructor Semester
6010 Writing Competitive Research Proposals Constas S
6030 Risk Management and Optimization Turvey F
6050 Agricultural Finance and Development Turvey S
6061 Risk Simulation and Monte Carlo Methods Turvey S
6080 Production Economics Tauer F
6120 Applied Econometrics Dillon F
6125 Impact Evaluation in Developing Countries Constas F
6140 Behavioral Economics and Managerial Decisions Just F
6245 Organizational Behavior Kniffin F
6300 Policy Analysis:  Welfare Theory, Agriculture, and Trade de Gorter S
6320 Open Economy Analysis: Theory and Applications Staff S
6325 Leadership and Management in Sports Kniffin F
6390 Research Methods in International Development Basu S
6400 Analysis of Agricultural Markets Kaiser F
6410 Commodity Futures and Options Turvey S
6440 Consumer Behavior Staff F
6485 Economics of Food and Malnutrition Hoddinott S
6510 Environmental and Resource Economics Rudik S
6533 Federal Income Taxation of Low Income Taxpayers McKinley F
6580 The Economics and Psychology of Sustainable Business Schulze S
6600 Natural Resources and Economic Development Staff S
6670 Topics in Economic Development Kanbur S
6700 Economics of Consumer Demand Gómez F
6991 M.P.S. Research I Leiponen, Constas F
6992  M.P.S. Research II Just, Scur S
7010 Applied Microeconomics I Leyden F, S
7020 Applied Microeconomics II Waldman S
7021 Applied Microeconomics III Chau  S
7030 Graduate Seminar-Required Li, Turvey F, S
7100 Econometrics I Li S
7130 Dynamic Optimization Staff S
7150 Applied Microeconomic Research Li F
7350 Public Finance: Resource Allocation and Fiscal Policy Kanbur S
7500 Resource Economics Lin Lawell F
7510 Environmental Economics Gerarden F
7650 Development Microeconomics Graduate Research Seminar Barrett, Hoddinott F, S
7670 Topics in International Finance Prasad F
7900 Graduate-Level Thesis Research Staff F, S
8900 Master’s-Level Thesis Research Staff F, S
9900 Doctoral-Level Dissertation Research Staff F, S


Student Spotlight

Yiwei Wang

YiWei Wang

Shanghai, China

Anticipated Degree and Concentration

PhD, Environmental, Energy, and Resource Economics

Current Research Focus

Impact of regulation on innovation and usage in the automobile sector