2019 Applied Economics and Management Employment Statistics

Full-Time Employment Statistics for Applied Economics Majors

Dyson’s undergraduate Class of 2019 included 192 graduates. Of these graduates, 164 were seeking full-time employment and 96% accepted job offers by September 30, 2019.


Seeking Full-time Employment


Accepted Offers
by Sept. 30, 2019

Applied Economics Major Base Salaries and Bonus Data

The figures below represent base salaries and combined signing and relocation bonuses for Dyson graduates who accepted full-time job offers.


Average Base Salary

U.S. work authorized: $76,558
Not U.S. work authorized: $80,315


Average Bonus

U.S. work-authorized: $10,904
Not U.S. work-authorized: $11,025

Average Base Salary and Distribution by Industry for Applied Economics Majors

Below shows the average base salary of Cornell Dyson Applied Economics and Management graduates by industry.

Industry Avg Base Salary % employed Per Industry
Financial Services $83,092   54%
Consulting $74,077   21%
Technology $67,633   11%
Other* $60,000   8%
Consumer Packaged Goods $64,400   3%
Real Estate N/A   3%
Agribusiness N/A   1%
*Other includes education, government, healthcare/pharmaceuticals, hospitality, manufacturing, media/entertainment, and retail

Average Base Salary and Distribution by Job Function for Applied Economics Majors

Students who graduate from the Dyson School at Cornell pursue careers in Finance, Consulting, and a variety of other job functions. The table below shows the average base salary for jobs held by AEM graduates from the class of 2019.

Function Avg Base Salary % Employed Per Function
Finance $82,827   59%
Investment Banking $86,245   34%
Other* $74,300   9%
Sales and Trading $89,000   4%
Corporate/Managerial Finance $76,250   3%
Asset Management $75,520   3%
Private Wealth Management $85,000   2%
Research Equity/Debt $78,333   2%
Consulting $76,091   18%
Marketing/Sales $63,971   12%
Other** $51,500   5%
General Management $79,800   4%
Operations/Logistics N/A   2%
*Other (finance) includes insurance, lending/relationship management, private equity, real estate development, risk management, and venture capitalism
**Other includes accounting/auditing, economic analysis/research, education, and engineering

United States outline

Base salaries by U.S. region for Applied Economics Majors

While the majority of Dyson AEM students pursue careers in the Northeast after graduation, the table below shows the full distribution of employed Dyson graduates across the country.

U.S. Region Avg Base Salary % employed Per Region
Northeast $80,190   72%
West $78,000   9%
Mid-Atlantic $62,636   9%
Southwest $66,917   5%
Midwest $68,800   3%
South N/A   2%

Class of 2019: Top employers

Applied Economics and Management graduates from Dyson often apply to some of the most competitive jobs in their industries. The following companies and organizations were the top hiring employers for 2019 Dyson AEM graduates seeking full-time jobs.

JP Morgan logo
EY logo
Deloitte logo
Barclays logo
Citi logo
Oliver Wyman logo
Goldman Sachs logo
Capital One logo
RBC logo
Credit Suisse logo
ZS logo
Bank of America logo
Evercore logo
Guggenheim logo

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