Earn Two Internationally Respected Credentials. Expand Your Potential.

Develop global leadership knowledge, collaborate with international contacts and companies, and gain an edge in today’s global job market.

If your interest lies in expanding your knowledge on managing and leading global organizations, gaining firsthand experience with diverse projects, studying abroad for a part of your coursework, and establishing connections with a distinguished international alumni network, the CEMS Master in International Management (MIM) could be an ideal addition to your Master of Professional Studies (MPS) degree.

A partnership with CEMS, a global alliance of leading business schools, multinational companies, and nongovernmental organizations, this prestigious international opportunity includes an enriching curriculum, hands-on learning experiences, and a semester-long exchange abroad at another elite business school. Cornell University is the only institution in the United States to offer the CEMS MIM.

An International Educational Alliance

You may wonder,What is CEMS University?” CEMS isn’t a university itself. CEMS is a global alliance of top business schools around the world with a presence on six continents. These schools come together to offer a unique academic credential: the CEMS Master in International Management (MIM).

Based in Paris, CEMS admits only one institution per country. The Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management at Cornell University is the school it selected in the United States. Other top global member institutions include the London School of Economics and Political Science, the Stockholm School of Economics, HEC Paris, and Tsinghua University in China. One hallmark of the CEMS experience is the CEMS exchange, which offers graduate students the opportunity to spend a semester living and learning at one of these affiliated schools.

CEMS also partners with more than 80 multinational corporations; this vast network provides students access to a diverse range of potential clients for team projects, internships, and employment.

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The Story behind CEMS: What Does CEMS MIM Stand For?

CEMS spans six continents and, in partnership with business schools around the world, offers world-class academics, unrivaled international internships, and a vast alumni network. But you might have some questions about these acronyms: What does CEMS stand for, and what is a MIM degree?

CEMS logo.

What Does CEMS Stand For?

Today, CEMS is widely referred to by its acronym alone. But behind the organization’s name is a rich history.

CEMS—the Community of European Management Schools and International Companies—was founded in 1988. As partner schools and companies expanded beyond Europe, the organization became known as the Global Alliance in Management Education.

The CEMS name is still widely recognized around the globe, so the acronym remains in use, especially when referring to the CEMS Master in International Management (MIM).

What Is a MIM Degree?

While people sometimes casually refer to it as a MIM degree, the Master in International Management is not a Master of Science (MS) degree; rather, it’s an academic credential.

Professional degrees—such as an MBA or MPS—offer graduate-level education geared toward work in a specific field such as economics or management, but they do not require a research thesis in the way an MS or a PhD would.

Cornell CEMS students earn a MIM from CEMS and an MPS in Applied Economics and Management from the Dyson School.

A Closer Look: CEMS MIM at a Glance

Each year, more than 1,300 students from 70 nationalities are admitted to CEMS by way of specialized master’s degree programs around the world. Here’s a closer look at what to expect from this partnership between the Dyson School and CEMS.

Degree Awarded:

MPS in Applied Economics and Management and a CEMS Master in International Management (MIM)

Program Location:

Ithaca, NY, and a semester abroad

Program Format:

Full-time residential and STEM-designated

Program Length:

Three semesters

The Dyson School and CEMS: A Collaborative Educational Experience

At Cornell University, the CEMS MIM is offered in conjunction with the Dyson School’s MPS in Applied Economics and Management (AEM). You’ll complete all of the required coursework for the MPS degree, including your industry-focused concentration, while also fulfilling the requirements for the Master in International Management (MIM). 

Earning both the MPS and the MIM gives you access to an even broader range of coursework, experiential learning experiences, faculty interaction, and student support resources.

Aerial view of fall foliage in Ithaca, NY flanking a river.

Two Campus Experiences

One of the biggest benefits of earning your MPS and MIM is experiencing two academic communities.

The Dyson School’s MPS in AEM

Most of your academic experience will be on Cornell’s beautiful, historic campus in Ithaca, NY. You’ll learn in top-notch academic facilities, have access to a range of graduate student organizations and networking events, and visit the scenic Finger Lakes region.


With the CEMS exchange, you’ll spend one semester abroad at one of more than 30 business schools. Outside of class, you’ll have opportunities to immerse yourself in another culture, explore a foreign city, and make friends from around the world.

A student in a sweatshirt speaks with an alum in business attire.

Expanded Support Services

You’ll get career and academic guidance in many ways throughout your 16 months in CEMS and the MPS program.

The Dyson School’s MPS in AEM

As a Dyson School student, you’ll benefit from academic and career support services across Cornell SC Johnson College of Business and the Cornell University campus.


CEMS includes professional and career development activities, including skills seminars and an interactive mentoring platform. CEMS offers additional global career resources such as a resume database for employers and job postings.

People in business attire network in a large open room.

Broader Alumni Network

You’ll be part of two large international alumni networks.

The Dyson School’s MPS in AEM

Upon graduation, you’ll become part of the Dyson School alumni network, an international group of more than 11,395.


The CEMS MIM alumni network has more than 18,000 graduates living and working around the world.

Why Earn the CEMS MIM? Go Global, Go Farther

Earning a Master in International Management (MIM) alongside your MPS in Applied Economics and Management degree not only prepares you to be a leader in the international business space, but also enriches your life.

Boost Your Business Acumen

In addition to everything you’ll gain in the MPS portion of your studies, your CEMS coursework will include language training, cultural immersion, and team-based global business projects.

Spend a Semester Abroad

For your CEMS exchange, you’ll be placed in one of more than 30 CEMS business schools around the world. Your destination could be anywhere from Portugal to Poland or Egypt to Australia.

Embark on an International Internship

You’ll get firsthand international business and management experience during your internship abroad. As you put theory into practice, you’ll gain valuable multicultural work experience.

Grow Your Global Network

Learn alongside bright, ambitious peers with a range of cultural and educational backgrounds while engaging with an international faculty and global business partners.

As a final rite of passage as a CEMS MIM student, you’ll have the option to participate in two graduation celebrations—one at Cornell with your Dyson School peers and one international ceremony with your global cohort, held at a different partner school each year.

Facade of the Louvre Museum.

The CEMS Exchange: Study and Intern Abroad

The chance to study abroad—and intern—as a global management master’s student is perhaps one of the most attractive aspects of earning a CEMS Master in International Management (MIM). When you spend a semester (or more) at one of our partner schools, you will:

  • Hone your language and communication skills.
  • Boost your cultural competency and self-awareness.
  • Interact with classmates, faculty, and corporate partners.
  • Experience academic life on an international college campus.
  • Explore international points of interest and enjoy the local cuisine.
  • Make important professional connections and lasting friendships.

In Their Words: Hear from a CEMS Student

Our students and alumni credit the CEMS MIM curriculum for broadening their cross-cultural collaboration and understanding.

Headshot of Axel Létondot.

“I’ve learned how to handle multiple projects and how to work with two international teams of talented individuals. [CEMS MIM] has taught me to [how to] work over multiple time zones and handle different work cultures.” —Axel Létondot MPS/CEMS MIM ’21

Headshot of Daniela Hernandez.

“One of the most impactful aspects of the CEMS MIM is its student-centered approach. CEMS is made for and by the students. It is designed with us in mind and driven by our active involvement and participation, making it a highly engaging and fulfilling experience for us.” —Daniela Hernandez MPS/CEMS MIM ’23

CEMS Curriculum Overview: What and How You’ll Learn

During your 16 months in Ithaca and abroad, you’ll complete course requirements—including a capstone project and an international internship—for two distinct academic credentials:

MPS in AEM Courses

Your MPS in AEM coursework covers quantitative/computational methods, global citizenship, and management communication; it also includes a team-based, problem-solving capstone project. You’ll also choose from one of six industry-focused concentrations: 

  • Behavioral finance
  • Behavioral marketing
  • Business of food
  • International and developmental economics
  • Sustainable business and economic policy
  • Technology management

CEMS MIM Courses

Developed in collaboration with partner schools around the world, the CEMS MIM curriculum is contemporary, real-world-ready, and immersive. In addition to ongoing language training and a required international internship, the academic plan consists of:

  • Block Seminar
  • Global Strategy
  • Global Leadership
  • Global Citizenship
  • Skills Seminars
  • Global Business Projects

Additionally, you’ll get to choose from a range of elective courses offered by your host school.

Headshot of Stephen Shu.

Our Academic Director: Meet Professor Stephen Shu

“Cornell takes great pride in being the sole US academic member of the esteemed CEMS school network. We are honored to contribute to the cultivation of the next generation of global leaders who are committed to enhancing both societal well-being and business excellence.” —Stephen Shu

As a CEMS student, you’ll have close interaction with your faculty members, including Shu, who has a PhD in behavioral finance from City University of London, an MBA from the University of Chicago, and bachelor’s and master’s degrees in electrical engineering from Cornell University. He has more than three decades of industry experience and is perhaps most recognized for helping to incubate some of the first behavioral economics initiatives around the world in the commercial sector. Prior to his work in behavioral economics, he ran the global carrier business consulting practice for Nortel and worked as a management consultant at PRTM, which was acquired by PwC.

A World of Possibility: Careers after CEMS

Armed with two graduate-level credentials—the MPS in AEM and the CEMS MIM—you’ll be ready to take the lead in sectors and business functions of all kinds.


Are employed or continuing their studies


Have worked outside their home country


Work for multinational corporations

Source: CEMS graduate profile, 2023

You’ll not only have access to the Dyson School’s career management services; you’ll also have access to a range of resources from CEMS, including a career center, a global employer directory, international career fairs, and a CV database.



How to Apply: CEMS MIM Admissions Criteria

If you’re a curious, ambitious global citizen with an undergraduate background in business (such as a business minor) and meet all of the other admissions criteria for the MPS in Applied Economics and Management degree program, you might also be a good fit for the CEMS MIM.

To apply, you’ll need to complete your application for admission, submit a video interview and letters of recommendation, and rank the international schools for your study abroad placement. We look forward to learning more about your career goals—and how a MIM degree will help you reach them.

See CEMS MIM Admissions Requirements


Cost of Attendance: Financing Your MPS and CEMS MIM

The tuition rate for the 2023-24 academic year is $32,602 per semester, and most students complete the MPS in Applied Economics and Management with the CEMS MIM in three semesters. 

MPS in AEM students typically fund their tuition and expenses with a combination of federal and private student loans and other financial aid options. For more information on tuition and the costs of attendance, see the Cornell Graduate School page on costs and funding.


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Master in International Management: FAQs

Applying to graduate school comes with lots of questions, and the CEMS MIM opportunity has many unique factors. We’re here to help you make the most informed decision possible, starting with this FAQ. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, please reach out to our admissions team.

Next Steps: Applying to the Dyson School and CEMS

Ready to expand your international business career opportunities with both an MPS in AEM from the Dyson School and a MIM from CEMS? We encourage you to begin your application today. 

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