As a vital part of Cornell’s legacy as New York’s land-grant university, the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management has since its inception played an important outreach role in translating the expertise and research insights of the university to practical applications in New York, the U.S., and the world.

The Dyson School’s original home within the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) underscores, embodies, and symbolizes its ties to the university’s land-grant mission, often historically viewed in terms of extension efforts to leverage academic expertise for the benefit of agricultural practices. In addition, economics and business management have always been a critical piece of the school’s outreach efforts.

Today, as part of both CALS and the SC Johnson College of Business, Dyson is uniquely positioned to bring both the full legacy of Cornell’s land-grant mission and the university’s broad-ranging business expertise to bear, through academic collaboration and cooperative outreach, with the ultimate aim of devising and implementing applied solutions to social and business challenges—from local to global.

Dyson’s outreach activities are grounded in sharing research outcomes and insights with practitioners and policy-makers. We seek to create and disseminate knowledge that leads to practical, applied outcomes, both through direct implementation by those for whom the knowledge is most directly relevant, and through the formulation of policy, guidelines, and best practices that create opportunities and introduce solutions more broadly.

Through extension activities—particularly those planned and implemented through the Cooperative Extension system—we connect specific areas of expertise and guidance with relevant clienteles to yield practical benefits that bolster their livelihoods and benefit society as a whole. Through executive, continuing, and professional and adult education, we offer non-degree programs at varying tiers of formality and structure to meet the evolving needs of specific types of professionals or, where applicable, members of the general public.

We offer a variety of resources and publications that detail and report on our outreach activities. We invite you to explore this living body of knowledge and learn more about Dyson’s commitment to practical solutions through applied research and outreach.