Extension Bulletins

Extension bulletins (E.B.) published by the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management are publications intended for practitioners and decision-makers. They may discuss results of applied research or provide information from a scholarly perspective.

Most recent extension bulletins are provided free of charge in PDF format (linked from the publication number).

All newly created PDFs on this website are accessible. If you need further accommodations, contact the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business Accessibility Team.


No. Title Author
2024-01 Dairy Manufacturing Capacity and Milk Production:  Results from Discussions and Interviews Wolf
2024-02 Foreign Ownership and Leasehold of Agricultural Land in New York Wang, Zhang


No. Title Author
2023-01 Six Year Trends Analysis 2021 Karszes, Augello
2023-02 How New Farmers Adapted to New Farm Labor Overtime Requirements Stup, Higgins, Karszes, Rickard and Wolf
2023-03 Examination of Impact of Changes of
Minimum Wage and Overtime Thresholds
to New York State Berry Farmers
Severson, Park, and Gomez
2023-04 2022 New York Berry Price Information Park
2023-05 Controlling Pests and Diseases Using Mesotunnels:  Understanding Organic Cucurbit Crop Growers’
Preferences and Choices
Cheng, Zhang and Gleason
2023-06 No paper
2023-07 Glossary of Terms Associated With
the DFBS
Karszes, Augello
2023-08 DFBS New York State, 2022 Karszes, Augello
2023-09 No paper
2023-10 Organic Dairy Margin Coverage: Is the application
2023-11 On the Use of Whole-Farm Revenue Protection by Specialty Crop Producers in New York State Astill, Higgins, Raszap
Skorbiansky, and Rickard
2023-12 Six Year Trend Analysis 2022 Karszes, Augello


No. Title Author
2022-01 Six Year Trend Report DFBS 2020 V.1 Karszes, Augello
2022-02 Starting an AG-Business? A Pre-Planning Guide Richards
2022-03 Business Transfer Guide – Senior Generation Richards
2022-04 Business Transfer Guide – Junior Generation Richards
2022-05 Doing Business Together – A Joint Business Agreement Guide Richards
2022-06 Estate Planning For Farm Families Richards
2022-07 Using Farm Assets for Retirement Richards
2022-08 The Economic Contributions of Agriculture to the Northern New York Economy: Jefferson, Lewis, Oswego, and St. Lawrence counties, 2019 & 2020 Schmit, Liu
2022-09 2020 Farm Comp Benchmark Stup, Smith, Karszes
2022-10 Progress of the Dairy Farm Report, Selected Financial and Production Factors, New York, 2021 Karszes, Augello
2022-11 Dairy Business Summary New York State 2019 Karszes, Augello
2022-12 An Investigation of Marketing Channels and Suggested Methodology for Channel Assessment for Hemp Products LeRoux, Schmit, Van
2022-13 Specialty Mushroom Grower Survey Report Park, Gabriel, Rangajaran


No. Title Author
2021-01 Six Year Trend Analysis 2019 – New York State Dairy Farms – Selected Financial & Production Factors Karszes, Augello
2021-02 Central NY Farmland Cash Rental Rate Survey Findings Ifft, Tommell
2021-03 2020 New York Berry Price Information Yang, Park, Gomez
2021-04 The Economic Contributions of Agriculture to the New York State Economy: 2019 Schmit
2021-05 Hired Labor on New York State Dairy Farms: Cost, Efficiency & Change for 2011 through 2020 Karszes, Wolf
2021-06 Effects of NY Overtime Laws on Agricultural Production Costs and Competitiveness Wolf, Stup, Karszes
2021-07 Dairy Farm Business Summary New York State, 2020 Karszes, Augello


No. Title Author
2020-01 Cost of Establishment and Production of V. Vinifera Grapes in the Finger Lakes Region of New York – 2019 Davis, Gómez, Moss, Walter-Peterson
2020-02 Cost of Establishment and Production of Cold Hardy Grapes in the Chautauqua Region of New York – 2019 Davis, Gómez, Moss, Martin, Walter-Peterson
2020-03 Regional Grass Fed Beef Supply Chain Kalaitzandonakes, Gómez, Peters
2020-04 Business Tools for NYS Berry Growers Williams, Kalaitzandonakes, Gómez
2020-05 Progress of the Dairy Farm Report Karszes, Hill, Knoblauch
2020-06 Sensitivity Analysis of Profits for V. Vinifera Grapes in the Finger Lakes Region of New York – 2019 Davis, Gomez
2020-07 Dairy Business Summary New York State 2018 Karszes, Hill, Christmas, Knoblauch
2020-08 Dairy Replacement Program:  Cost & Analysis Summer 2019 Karszes, Hill
2020-09 NY FarmNet 2019 Program Evaluation Parseghian, Downes
2020-10 Six Year Trends: Bulletin 2018 DFBS Karszes, Skellie
2020-11 Cost of Establishment and Production Concord Grapes Davis, Gomez, Martin
2020-12 Eastern Broccoli Production Enterprise Budgets 2020 Davis, Gomez
2020-13 Enterprise tool for Eastern United States Vineyard Management Davis, Gomez
2020-14 The Covid-19 Shopper: Online Shopping Park, Brumberg, Yonezawa
2020-15 The Covid-19 Shopper: Shopping Habits during Covid-19 Park, Brumberg, Yonezawa
2020-16 The Covid-19 Shopper: Food Preparation Changes Park, Brumberg, Yonezawa
2020-17 Potential Economic Benefits of Using Certified Clean Hop Plants vs. Hop Stunt Viroid Disease Davis, Gomez, Twomey