Extension Bulletins

Extension bulletins (E.B.) published by the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management are publications intended for practitioners and decision-makers. They may discuss results of applied research or provide information from a scholarly perspective.

Most recent extension bulletins are provided free of charge in pdf format (linked from the publication number). If not, copies can be ordered from the Dyson School for a minimal charge.

All newly created PDFs on this website are accessible, for an accommodation for these PDFs please contact SC Johnson College Accessibility Team


No. Title Author
2021-01 Six Year Trend Analysis 2019 – New York State Dairy Farms – Selected Financial & Production Factors Karszes, Augello
2021-02 Central NY Farmland Cash Rental Rate Survey Findings Ifft, Tommell
2021-03 2020 New York Berry Price Information Yang, Park, Gomez
2021-04 The Economic Contributions of Agriculture to the New York State Economy: 2019 Schmit
2021-05 Hired Labor on New York State Dairy Farms: Cost, Efficiency & Change for 2011 through 2020 Karszes, Wolf


No. Title Author
2020-01 Cost of Establishment and Production of V. Vinifera Grapes in the Finger Lakes Region of New York – 2019 Davis, Gómez, Moss, Walter-Peterson
2020-02 Cost of Establishment and Production of Cold Hardy Grapes in the Chautauqua Region of New York – 2019 Davis, Gómez, Moss, Martin, Walter-Peterson
2020-03 Regional Grass Fed Beef Supply Chain Kalaitzandonakes, Gómez, Peters
2020-04 Business Tools for NYS Berry Growers Williams, Kalaitzandonakes, Gómez
2020-05 Progress of the Dairy Farm Report Karszes, Hill, Knoblauch
2020-06 Sensitivity Analysis of Profits for V. Vinifera Grapes in the Finger Lakes Region of New York – 2019 Davis, Gomez
2020-07 Dairy Business Summary New York State 2018 Karszes, Hill, Christmas, Knoblauch
2020-08 Dairy Replacement Program:  Cost & Analysis Summer 2019 Karszes, Hill
2020-09 NY FarmNet 2019 Program Evaluation Parseghian, Downes
2020-10 Six Year Trends: Bulletin 2018 DFBS Karszes, Skellie
2020-11 Cost of Establishment and Production Concord Grapes Davis, Gomez, Martin
2020-12 Eastern Broccoli Production Enterprise Budgets 2020 Davis, Gomez
2020-13 Enterprise tool for Eastern United States Vineyard Management Davis, Gomez
2020-14 The Covid-19 Shopper: Online Shopping Park, Brumberg, Yonezawa
2020-15 The Covid-19 Shopper: Shopping Habits during Covid-19 Park, Brumberg, Yonezawa
2020-16 The Covid-19 Shopper: Food Preparation Changes Park, Brumberg, Yonezawa
2020-17 Potential Economic Benefits of Using Certified Clean Hop Plants vs. Hop Stunt Viroid Disease Davis, Gomez, Twomey