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2019 Agricultural and Food Business Outlook Conference

January 18, 2019, Cornell University, Stocking Hall

Jie Li and Miguel Gomez

Situation and Outlook Report of Wine, Grapes & Ornamentals

Jie Li

Research Associate, Dyson School

Miguel Gomez

Associate Professor, Horticultural Business Marketing and Management Program, Dyson School​

Download PowerPoint Presentation of Situation and Outlook Report of Wine, Grapes & Ornamentals 

Michele Lefebvre and Giovanni Sogari

An Overview of Geographical Indications in the Wine and Food Sector

Michele Lefebvre, RDN, CDN

Director, Nutrition Mgt, Cornell Dining

Download PowerPoint Presentation of Mushrooms in Food Service

Giovanni Sogari

Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Food and Drug, University of Parma
Visiting Scholar, Dyson School

Download PowerPoint Presentation on Consumers’ acceptance of a meat-mushroom burger and the role of information 

Bradley Rickard

Situation and Outlook Report for Fruits and Vegetables

Florine Livat

Terrorism and Wine Tourism: The Recent Case of France