Dyson’s Distinguished Faculty

Through scholarship, mentorship, leadership, and entrepreneurship, Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management faculty make the world a better place. They hold patents, run startups, serve on nonprofit and government advisory boards, edit academic journals, speak at international conferences, consult organizations, and serve as subject matter experts to the mainstream media. These wide and varied work experiences lead to the faculty holding various awards and honors, including some faculty members who are members of the Academy of Science.

Applied Economics and Management Areas of Expertise

Dyson faculty members are widely published scholars, award-winning teachers, and industry-leading practitioners. 

Our faculty are supported by a dedicated, experienced research and outreach team. These professionals specialize in a range of academic subjects and contemporary business issues.

Excellence in Dyson: Delivering Real-World Experience and Making an Impact Near and Far

Dyson students benefit from the deep expertise and rich professional experience of scholars and practitioners involved with our Excellence in Dyson programs. These programs not only provide research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students but also open doors to internships, fellowships, and other hands-on learning opportunities as students get involved with pressing business and finance issues, near and far.

Food Industry Management Program (FIMP)

Dyson’s Food Industry Management Program (FIMP) is often referred to as the premier food industry education and research program in the US. The program involves three pillars: teaching, research, and outreach and executive education. Through these areas Dyson students are able to specialize in FIMP, the research in FIMP improves food system efficiency and performance, and outreach provides education for managers and executives in the food industry.

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NY FarmNet

NY FarmNet assists farmers in times of crisis, change, and opportunity. The program provides free, confidential, on-farm consulting to any farmer, farm family, or agribusiness employee in New York State. Additionally, as part of the program, there’s an 800 help-line available to farmers 24/7 to counsel them through any and all issues. NY FarmNet operates in teams of two—one-person specializing in financial consultation and the other in family consultation.

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Initiative on Responsible Finance (IRF)

This initiative brings together faculty members, students, and practitioners interested in responsible finance. IRF pursues and publishes scholarly research, develops courses, provides executive education, and leads industry outreach opportunities—all related to topics like impact investing, corporate sustainability, and environmental markets.

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Institute for Behavioral and Household Finance (IBHF)

Enabling and empowering individuals and households to make better investment and financial decisions is the driving force behind this institute. Scholarly research and community outreach efforts largely focus on behavioral and household finance topics, from tax and retirement policies to consumer finance regulation.

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Cornell Institute for China Economic Research (CICER)

A hub for Cornell’s expertise on China’s economy, this institute comprises 20+ faculty members from six schools. In addition to studying economic and social issues facing China, CICER offers research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students, hosts visiting scholars from China, and engages with policymakers around the world.


Cornell Tax School

The Cornell Tax Schools provides two-day annual income tax conferences each fall. The programs offered by the Cornell Tax School are targeted toward tax preparers, consultants, and attorneys who work with and prepare tax returns for individuals, small businesses, and farmers.

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Faculty Expertise: Cross-Industry Collaboration Matters

The SC Johnson College of Business is home to the Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, the Cornell Peter and Stephanie Nolan School of Hotel Administration, and the Johnson Graduate School of Management—this means as a Dyson student you benefit from the incredible depth and breadth of faculty expertise at three top-ranked business schools.

This cross-industry, cross-college collaboration is reminiscent of the interdisciplinary nature of business today. Being part of the larger college empowers you to explore areas beyond your chosen field of study. 

Our SC Johnson College of Business faculty area coordinators and their specialties:

  • Accounting: Robert Libby, Professor, SC Johnson College of Business
  • Applied Economics and Policy: Miguel Gómez, Professor, Dyson
  • Finance: Steve Carvell, Professor, Nolan School
  • Management and Organizations: Bruce Tracey, Professor, Nolan School
  • Marketing and Management Communication: Sachin Gupta, Professor, Johnson
  • Operations, Technology, and Information Management: Li Chen, Professor, Johnson
  • Strategy and Business Economics: Aija Leiponen, Professor, Dyson

Woman speaking into a micrphone.

Bringing Real-World Experience to Dyson

Dyson students benefit from the real-world experience of industry professionals who may serve as extension associates, professors of practice, or both.

A hallmark of land grant universities, extension faculty focus on regional business issues; Dyson associates are experts in small farms, direct marketing, and food industry and agribusiness management. Our professors of practice specialize in law, ethics, health care, corporate finance, sustainability, and entrepreneurship.


Explore Our Expertise

Dyson’s 100+ faculty members and research associates specialize in a wide range of academic disciplines and research areas. Find faculty experts by name or research interest:


Research Highlights: How We’re Making an Impact

At its heart, applied economics is about making better decisions—in business, in public policy, and in our personal lives. Every day, Dyson faculty members solve real-world problems through research. Read more about how we’re making an impact:

clear water pouring out of a large, rusty pipe.
May 2, 2023

Cornell Economist Coedits PNAS Issue Focused on Value of Clean Water

A special issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences advances the science of measuring the public benefit of clean water.

headshot of Ralph Christy.
February 21, 2023

Dyson Professor Ralph Christy Recognized for Achievements in Teaching and Outreach

Professor Christy was honored with the George Washington Carver Public Service Hall of Fame Award by the Professional Agricultural Workers Conference.

Couple decluttering personal belongings
February 16, 2023

Downsizing personal items can be just a snap away

A Cornell professor and her co-author learned, in a study involving hundreds of participants, that when individuals replace an item with a photo or memento, it satisfies the sense of ownership and makes downsizing easier.

College-Wide Collaboration & Connection

Dyson is one of three schools within the SC Johnson College of Business and is connected to the Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. College-wide collaboration and innovation results in exciting academic experiences for our students, unique community engagement opportunities, and ground-breaking interdisciplinary research that impacts organizations and individuals around the world.