Business for a Better World: Launch a Meaningful, Successful Career at Cornell Dyson 

At the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, career discovery and preparation are woven into your academic experience. 

From your first year at Cornell, you’ll find that seemingly everything—every course, every project, every off-campus opportunity—is preparing you for one thing: success in your chosen field. 

Along with the holistic professional development embedded into the applied economics and management (AEM) curriculum, you’ll find incredible support from the Dyson Career Services team, your faculty mentors, community partners, career-focused clubs, and a highly engaged alumni network.

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Dyson Career Services: Unrivaled Resources and Guidance

At Dyson, career services mean more than job search assistance. You’ll find career education and professional development opportunities of all kinds throughout your entire time at Cornell, from one-on-one coaching to on-campus job fairs and career-focused clubs. 

Dyson faculty and alumni have strong connections with companies and organizations from around the globe—and this undoubtedly strengthens our relationships with recruiters and employers. Our students are continually recruited by top employers in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. 

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What Can I Do With a Degree in Applied Economics and Management?

The breadth of Dyson’s applied economics and management curriculum—coupled with the depth you’ll get from your concentration area(s)—will prepare you for AEM careers in consulting, finance, technology, consumer packaged goods, agribusiness, and other industries.

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 Dyson Placement in Our Core Areas of Expertise

With Dyson’s deep expertise in finance, consulting, technology, consumer packaged goods, and agribusiness, it’s no surprise that many of our students land top positions in these fields.

Endless Opportunities: Applied Economics is Everywhere

After Dyson, jobs, and opportunities for applied economics and management majors go well beyond our core areas of industry expertise. A degree in applied economics and management prepares you for a myriad of career opportunities in industries of all kinds.

Education and Professional Development

Dyson graduates use their education to further the education of others. They teach or serve in administration roles at all kinds of institutions and academic centers, as well as work in leadership and training roles for a variety of organizations. Example positions include:

  • Assistant professor of economics at a private, liberal arts school
  • Assistant dean of academic excellence at a technical university
  • Executive director of school operations for a major metropolitan public school system
  • Public relations and social media manager for a school of fashion
  • Head of sustainable impact for an academic center dedicated to corporate social responsibility
  • Executive director for a college’s institute for international learning
  • Manager of business development for a major state university’s athletic properties
  • History and economics teacher at a private high school
  • Software migration coordinator for a major research institution

Health and Biotechnology

Healthcare has always been a hot career field for management majors, but the field is growing by leaps and bounds. With the explosion of biotechnology, the expansion of many major healthcare systems, and an increase in consumer health products, Dyson graduates have found health and biotech-related AEM careers such as:

  • Senior manager of finance for a major pharmaceutical company
  • Director of business analytics and insights for a major pharmaceutical company
  • Analytics product manager for a healthcare system
  • Senior associate director of marketing for a global pharmaceutical company
  • VP of operations/therapies business lead for a lab group
  • Senior marketing director for vaccines for a global pharmaceutical company
  • Associate brand manager for a product line of a major consumer healthcare brand
  • Assistant director of decisions support and value for a university medical center

Foundations, Nonprofits, and Government

Dyson alumni serve foundations and nonprofits in a variety of capacities including, finance, operations, marketing, and strategy. They also put their skills to work in local, state, national, and international governments in areas such as research, urban planning, and communications.

  • Managing partner for a healthcare funding organization
  • Research analyst for an international research and policy institute
  • VP of corporate strategy for an international trade association
  • Foreign service officer for an Asia-based ministry of foreign affairs
  • Chief technology officer for one of the largest cities in the United States
  • Assistant city manager in the Los Angeles metro area
  • Senior project manager for a major U.S. city
  • Associate for strategic initiatives for a mass transit authority
  • Data analytics and risk management program manager for a national security organization

Hospitality and Real Estate

Hotels, restaurants, travel companies, and real estate are fertile grounds for Dyson graduates. With our ties to the Cornell Peter and Stephanie Nolan School of Hotel Administration at the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business, our students have the advantage of taking courses or even minoring in real estate.

  • Director, retail services
  • Senior transportation planner
  • Partner and managing director
  • Director of transactions, asset management, and upscale development
  • Director, real estate investments
  • Hotels and hospitality investment sales
  • Agricultural technology analyst
  • Director of reservations
  • Marketing and customer analytics manager

Entrepreneurship and Other Opportunities

After Dyson, career opportunities are seemingly endless. Many graduates go into business themselves as founders of companies offering products and services ranging from virtual reality and recycling to comfy shoes and distilled spirits. Others take on important roles in a variety of industries, from streaming entertainment to e-commerce. Here are just a few examples that demonstrate the breadth of AEM careers.

  • Director of integrated marketing, events, and production for a major television network
  • Director of corporate buying for a major grocery chain
  • Chief merchandising officer for an international home decor company
  • Director of strategic initiatives for an audiobook publisher
  • Marketing director for shopper marketing for a national bakery
  • Channel marketing manager for a major yogurt brand
  • Global risk manager for an appliance manufacturer
  • Senior director of business development for a national news organization
  • VP of human resources for a consumer wellness brand
  • E-commerce operations manager for a major lifestyle brand
  • Manager of pricing for a major truck leasing company



AEM Career Success: Applied Economics and Management Salary & Dyson Placement Data

Earning a degree from Dyson is more than an elite education in applied economics and management—it’s your ticket to a professionally rewarding, personally fulfilling career. Our annual employment report showcases the many types of AEM careers our graduates pursue, including applied economics and management degree salary data.


Dyson Placement: Our Graduates Start and Grow Careers with Leading Organizations

Dyson AEM graduates start and grow their careers with some of the most recognizable names in financial services, banking, consulting, technology, and agribusiness. It’s not uncommon for stellar Dyson students to get recruited before they even graduate.

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Dyson Career Services: Professional Development, Start to Finish

It’s never too early to think about potential AEM careers or even your Dyson internship. As part of the larger Office of Student Services and Advising, the Dyson Career Services team is ready to help you with your professional development starting on day one.

Academic advising goes hand-in-hand with career development, too. As you discover your chosen career path, the student services team and even your faculty mentors can help you choose the right AEM classes, elective courses, and experiential learning opportunities, like the Dyson summer internship program. The Grand Challenges program, a Dyson requirement, also helps prepare you for the collaboration and fast-paced working environment waiting for you post-graduation.

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Inside the Center: At Your (Career) Service

While professional development happens all over campus, the heartbeat of career education at Dyson is found in Warren Hall. Our career center offers services to first-year students, graduating seniors, and all Dyson Cornellians in between.

Schedule an appointment or drop into the center to:

  • Meet with a career coach to explore academic and employment options related to your interests and abilities 
  • Build a personal career search plan with the help of our coaching team
  • Practice your interviewing skills
  • Research employers and organizations
  • Find an alumni advisor
  • Get assistance writing your resume or cover letter
  • … and much more.

Find us at:

Office: Warren Hall B65

Phone: 607-255-7048


A Dyson Degree is in Demand: What Recruiters Are Saying

There are many benefits to a Dyson degree, and perhaps one of the biggest values is name recognition. But that reputation doesn’t happen on its own: time and again employers rave about the level of skill, work ethic, and collaborative nature of Dyson students.

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“We find that Dyson offers a strong, collaborative experience for students, one that aligns well with SC Johnson’s company ethos. The experience and knowledge from these diverse-background students drive our undergraduate finance internship program, working on impactful projects, and lead to beginning a successful finance career within our Finance Rotation Program.” –Travis Whitcomb, Manager, Financial Planning & Analysis, SC Johnson

A Dyson Degree is in Demand: What Recruiters Are Saying

There are many benefits to a Dyson degree, and perhaps one of the biggest values is name recognition. But that reputation doesn’t happen on its own: time and again employers rave about the level of skill, work ethic, and collaborative nature of Dyson students.

Kate Naldony ’06

Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management
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Biography for Kate Naldony ’06

“The Dyson program prepared me for the real-world business challenges ahead. In addition to the rich classroom experience, the campus life, programming, and extracurriculars allowed me to build soft skills for tough situations.” – Kate Naldony ’06, CEO at Bandier

Stephanie Evans ’10

Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management
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Biography for Stephanie Evans ’10

“The analytic rigor of the Dyson program allowed me to differentiate myself when I launched my career in fashion retail post-graduation, quickly identifying product trends and opportunities. Today, as an entrepreneur, I find myself utilizing a lot of the things I picked up and learned from the core business courses, from Accounting to Marketing.” – Stephanie Evans ’10, Founder of Pamoja, Sr. Product Manager at Tapestry

Kristina Anderson ’03

Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management
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Biography for Kristina Anderson ’03

“The opportunity to apply core economics principles differentiates the Dyson experience. Learning and applying finance, business statistics, and economics principles to class projects and case studies was directly translatable to my first job as a management consultant.” – Kristina Anderson ’03, Director of Commerce Partnerships, Google

Marc Silberman ’12

Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management
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Biography for Marc Silberman ’12

“Dyson provided me with a broad and practical foundation for my career, which began in investment banking and has since taken me into the (crazy) world of startups and venture capital. At Dyson, I learned not only the essentials like reading and understanding financial statements but also how to thrive in team-oriented environments. As I've progressed through my career, my connections to Dyson classmates have become even more important as I've sought to build new networks, break into new industries, and explore new ideas.” – Marc Silberman ’12, Partner at Comcast Ventures


Career Connections: Dyson Alumni Love Providing Professional Guidance to Fellow Cornellians

The continued success of our distinguished Dyson alumni creates connections and opportunities for current students. Whether they serve on an academic program advisory council, visit classes for a guest speaking engagement, or post openings to the Dyson jobs board, many of our alumni have strong ties to campus. 

We’ve Got Your Back: Continued Career Services for Dyson Alumni 

Dyson career services don’t end when you graduate. Whether you’re looking for a new opportunity a year or two down the road, are experiencing a mid-career transition, or are relocating and would like to develop a professional network in your new locale, we’re here to help.

If you graduated in the past five years…

Dyson graduates from the past five years can continue to use all of the tools, resources, and services available to current undergraduate and graduate students, such as:

  • Dyson and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) alumni job postings
  • Resume and cover letter assistance
  • Career workshops, on-campus or online
  • Networking tips
  • One-on-one career coaching

If you graduated more than five years ago…

SC Johnson College offers a suite of services for alumni of its three schools: Dyson, the Nolan School, and Johnson, including:

  • One-on-one strategic career coaching
  • Exclusive research tools through the Johnson Management Library
  • Exclusive access to alumni-affiliated executive search firms
  • Career action groups
  • Access to additional career search databases and communities

More to Explore: Access to College-Wide Career Management Expertise

Dyson students, especially those with varied interests, also benefit from the expertise of professional development and career management professionals from across the college of business, CALS, and Cornell University. 

Warren Hall, home to Dyson Career Services, is also where you’ll access college of business resources.

Here’s where to find additional, broader services:


Cornell Career Services

Office: 103 Barnes Hall


Application and Admissions Overview: How to Apply to Dyson

Is a career in applied economics and management right for you? We invite you to learn more about the admissions requirements and application process at the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management. 


Join the Dyson Community and Prepare for In-Demand AEM Careers

If you’re ready to take on society’s most pressing issues, to innovate the next big thing, to lead a diverse team of colleagues, or to provide strategic direction to organizations in need—we encourage you to apply to Dyson today.