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Jianwei (Jerry) Xing

Jianwei Xing
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Anticipated Degree and Concentration

Ph.D., Environmental, Energy, and Resource Economics, with a focus on empirical industrial organization

Current Research Focus

I am working on research projects on electric vehicles (EVs). The electrification of the transportation sector through the diffusion of plug-in electric vehicles offers a drastic pathway to reduce local air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and the dependence on foreign oil. However, as a new technology, EVs still face significant barriers to wider adoption, including high purchase cost, limited driving range, long charging time, and the lack of charging stations. My research mainly studies the interdependence between EV adoption and the charging station deployment, and how we can more effectively subsidize the EV market (through tax credits, rebates and other non-monetary incentives) to overcome those barriers and speed up the diffusion process.