Double Major

Students with another major in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) may apply to double major in Applied Economics and Management (AEM). See exceptions below. Double majors must meet all of the graduation requirements for both majors.

  • Current Global and Public Health Sciences (GPHS) majors are not eligible to double major.
  • A student who has transferred to Cornell University from another university or college is not eligible to double major in AEM.
  • Requests to double major in AEM are accepted from qualified Cornell students at the end of spring semester of freshman or sophomore year only. Current juniors and seniors are not eligible to apply to double major in AEM.

Minimum Requirements

  • Cornell GPA of at least 2.75 (this is a minimum; an over-3.3 GPA is more competitive)
  • Applicants should maintain a full-time (12-credit minimum) schedule and be in good standing in their current major
  • Successful completion of ECON 1110 or AP/IB credit accepted by Cornell (note: successful applicants usually have a B+ or better); ECON 1120 is strongly recommended
  • Successful completion of one of the following calculus courses or AP/IB credit accepted by Cornell (note: successful applicants usually have a B+ or better)

While AP and IB credit will be accepted for entrance into the AEM major, students will be required to complete microeconomics, calculus, and statistics courses at Cornell prior to graduation.

Note: While meeting or exceeding the above criteria will increase your competitiveness, it does not ensure approval to double major in AEM.

If you wish to explore additional courses that will prepare you to double major in AEM, consider taking:

  • AEM 2300 (cross-listed as ECON 2300): International Trade and Finance
  • ECON 1120 (not needed if you have AP credit): Introductory Macroeconomics
  • ECON 3130: Statistics and Probability
  • ECON 3140: Econometrics
  • ILRST 3110: Probability Models and Inference for the Social Sciences

Please note that courses in management, marketing, accounting, and finance that are offered as part of the University Minor in Business do not fulfill AEM major requirements and therefore are not recommended for students intending to double major in AEM.

In addition to coursework, the decision to add AEM as a double major is based on qualitative factors such as work experience, leadership positions, internships, and the student’s ability to explain why the AEM major is a good fit for them. Please be aware that not all students who request to add AEM as a double major will be invited into the program.

How to Request AEM as a Double Major

  1. Meet the minimum requirements for admission as a double major.
  2. Complete the Online Internal Transfer Application
    The application is available here on the Cornell University Undergraduate Admissions site.  Please check the box on the application that indicates your interest in Double Major.
  3. Consider Meeting with an Advisor
    If you have questions about adding AEM as a double major, you are encouraged to request a conversation with an advisor in Dyson Student Services by emailing Please be prepared with specific questions and your intended academic plan.
  4. You will be contacted by email regarding your acceptance into the double major
    Note: Requests to add AEM as a double major are considered only at the end of spring semester freshman or sophomore year. The deadline to submit the application is May 1. 

Questions? Please email

Student Spotlight

Haoxuan Wang '15

Sean Wang

Bronx, New York



What Makes Dyson Special?

From taking Professor Grossman's Business Law class and TAing Professor Curtis's Finance course, to interacting with my many diverse and motivated colleagues in the Dyson program, I have had an unparalleled academic exposure to an education in finance and have matured greatly as a person and a to-be business professional. I cannot thank the Dyson program enough for its support through the process of when I decided to double major in Biological Sciences and AEM; I definitely could not have made it through without the guiding hand of my professors and the comaraderie of my fellow students.