Expand Your Experience at Cornell: Double Major Across Colleges

The relationship between the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business, the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, and the Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) allows students from one college to pursue a second major from within the other.

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For CALS students, the business acumen, networking opportunities, and real-world learning experiences that come with a double major in applied economics and management (AEM) can be incredibly valuable.

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A Dyson student with professional interests in agribusiness, biotechnology, sustainability, or another field related to the natural and social sciences may find a perfect second major at CALS.


What is Applied Economics and Management & Why Double Major in It?

Data. Decision-making. Day-to-day business operations. A foundation in applied economics and management opens up possibilities of all kinds, no matter where your career path might take you. This is especially the case when you add an AEM major to your existing CALS course of study.

Dyson’s interdisciplinary, customizable curriculum—which includes immersive learning experiences and a choice of concentrations—will prepare you to succeed in an array of industries, sectors, and specialties.


Dyson Double Major Overview: Degree Requirements

To pursue a double major in AEM, you must be a full-time Cornell CALS student in good standing and have demonstrated proficiency in math, economics, and statistics. Additionally, you should be able to articulate how the AEM major aligns with your current academic and career goals.

Here’s a closer look at the requirements for a double major in applied economics and management at Dyson:

Note: In order to qualify for admission into the AEM major, students must compete microeconomics, calculus, and statistics courses at Cornell before they matriculate into Dyson. Students may use AP or IB credits to replace one of those course requirements for their Dyson application, but that AP or IB credit will not count toward graduation requirements.

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Eligibility Criteria: When ISN’T the AEM Double Major a Fit?

There are a few exceptions to who may declare a double major in applied economics and management at Dyson. 

CALS students who fit one or more of the following conditions are ineligible to double major in AEM:

  • Transfer students 
  • Current juniors and seniors 
  • Global and Public Health Sciences (GPHS) majors

If you do not qualify for the AEM double major, consider adding a business minor, particularly the Dyson Business Minor for Life Sciences.

How to Double Major in AEM at Cornell Dyson

If you are a current first-year or sophomore student at CALS and are interested in declaring a double major in AEM, here are your next steps:


Confirm Your Eligibility

Double-check that you meet the minimum requirements for admission as a Dyson double major. These are outlined earlier on this page.


Meet with Your Advisor

If you’re unclear about the admissions requirements or want to have a larger conversation about how a double major in applied economics and management fits into your overall academic plan, we encourage you to meet with your academic advisor.


Complete Your Internal Transfer Application by May 1

Access the online internal transfer application from the Cornell University Undergraduate Admissions Office. (Note: The application won’t open until the spring semester application period in late March or early April. When filling out the application, check the box that indicates your interest in a double major.) Be sure to explain why the AEM major is a good fit for your personal and professional goals.


Await Your Admissions Decision

You will be contacted by email regarding your application status in June. Remember: Admission as a Dyson double major is competitive.

If you have any admissions-related questions during the application process, you may contact dyson_admissions@cornell.edu for assistance.


Studying AEM at Dyson? Double Major at CALS!

Unlock professional opportunities you didn’t even know existed as you “apply” your applied economics and management education to a complementary field.

Pairing your AEM degree with a second major from CALS can boost your knowledge—and your career potential. Whether you’re interested in leading a social enterprise dedicated to sustainability, want to take your financial or logistical skills into the biotech sector, or simply want to dive deeper into human (or animal) nature, consider double majoring at CALS in an area such as:

  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Biology and Society
  • Biometry and Statistics
  • Communication
  • Environment and Sustainability
  • Food Science
  • Global Development
  • Information Science