AEM Undergraduate Core Requirements

To learn more about each core course requirement for the Applied Economics and Management undergraduate degree, click on Cornell’s Class Roster, the Courses of Study site, or the course code number linked next to each required course. All courses are 3 credit hours unless otherwise noted.

Current students should refer to the Dyson Office of Student Services and Advising to learn specifics about degree requirements, as they are subject to change over time.

Management & Economics Requirements

* Note: For students concentrating in environmental, energy, and resource economics, ECON 3030 is required instead of AEM 2600.

** Note: AEM 3200 and AEM 3230 are optional for the following three concentrations: applied economics; environmental, energy, and resource economics; and international trade and development.

Quantitative Methods Requirements

  • AEM 2100: Introductory Statistics
  • MATH 1110: Calculus I or MATH 1120: Calculus II
  • AEM 2010: Spreadsheet Modeling (AEM majors only)

At least 3 elective credits from the following:

Applied Economics Requirements

At least 6 credits; must come from two of the four categories below. Courses used to fulfill a quantitative methods requirement or a concentration requirement or elective cannot also be counted toward a core applied economics requirement, unless that concentration is environmental, energy, and resource economics.

Environmental, Energy, and Resource Economics

Economic Analysis

International Trade and Development

  • AEM 2300: International Trade and Finance
  • AEM 2350: Introduction to the Economics of Development
  • AEM 4300: International Trade Policy
  • AEM 4420: Emerging Markets
  • AEM 4350: The Political Economy of the WTO
  • AEM 4420: Emerging Markets
  • AEM 4450: Toward a Sustainable Global Food System: Food Policy for Developing Countries
  • AEM 4485: Economics of Food and Malnutrition
  • AEM 4545: International Finance and Macroeconomics

Food and Agricultural Economics

 Grand Challenges Curriculum

  • Grand Challenges Written Expression Course (2nd year)
  • Grand Challenges Pre-Project Immersion Course (3rd year)
  • Grand Challenges Project Course (4th year)