2020 Applied Economics & Management Employment Statistics

Benefits of a degree in Applied Economics and Management

Curious about your employment and salary potential with an undergraduate degree from Dyson? The Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management prepares students to succeed in the competitive job market of the future. View employment statistics detailing the salaries, locations, companies, industry sectors, and job functions of recent Applied Economics and Management program graduates, below.

Full-time employment statistics for Applied Economics majors

Dyson’s undergraduate Class of 2020 included 196 graduates. Of these graduates, 175 were seeking full-time employment and 93% accepted job offers within four months of graduation. The figures below represent information for Dyson graduates who accepted full-time job offers.

175 graduates
93% of those seeking a job accepted an offer within four months of graduation

Average base salary & bonus data for Applied Economics Majors

Dyson’s Class of 2020 AEM graduates earned, on average, $76,966 annually. US work-authorized graduates had a slightly higher than average base salary at $77,719, while those who were not US work-authorized earned $69,022.

The average bonus was $9,492 which includes signing bonus and relocation packages combined. US work-authorized graduates received a slightly higher bonus of $9,593, while graduates who were not US work-authorized received an average bonus of $8,402.

$76,966 average base salary
$9,492 average combined bonus (includes signing and relocation)

 Average base salary and distribution by industry for Applied economics Majors

Students who graduate from the Dyson School at Cornell work in various industries, from financial services and consulting to retail and healthcare. The table below shows the Class of 2020’s average base salary by industry.

 Industry  Average Base Salary Percent of Total Employed
 Financial Services $80,251 60%
 Consulting $73,632 16%
 Other* $68,500 8%
 Technology $66,000 6%
 Consumer Packaged Goods $61,050 4%
 Media/Entertainment $76,667 3%
 Retail $80,000 2%
 Healthcare/Pharma** $64,000 1%

*Other includes: Architecture/Construction, Education, Energy, Law/Legal, Manufacturing, Real Estate, and Transportation Services

**Healthcare/Pharma includes Products and Services

Average base salary and distribution by job function for Applied Economics majors

Students who graduate from the Dyson School at Cornell pursue careers in Finance, Consulting, and a variety of other job functions. The table below shows the average base salary by job function held by AEM graduates from the Class of 2020.

 Job Function Average Base Salary Percent of Total Employed
 Finance $66,500 62%
 Consulting $74,211 16%
 Marketing/Sales $63,411 9%
 Data Analytics $66,833 5%
 General Management $75,000 3%
 Accounting N/A 2%
 Economic Analysis/Research $80,000 1%
 Legal N/A 1%
 Other (not specified) $75,000 1%

Average base salary by U.S. region for Applied Economics Majors

Almost all of our graduates stay and work in the US with the Northeast region employing the majority of graduates with the second-highest average base salary. The West region has the highest average base salary, $3,113 more than the Northeast. The table below shows the full distribution of employed Dyson graduates across the country.

Globe Image
US Region Average Base Salary Percent of Total Employed
  Northeast $78,787 80%
  South $72,167 5%
  West $81,900 5%
  Mid-Atlantic $66,500 3%
  Midwest $62,000 2%
  Southwest $67,500 2%
Asia $54,733 2%
Canada N/A 1%

Applied Economics & Management Class of 2020: Top Employers

Applied Economics & Management graduates from Dyson often apply to some of the most competitive jobs in their industries. The following companies and organizations were the top hiring employers for 2020 Dyson AEM graduates seeking full-time jobs.

Barclays logo
Bloomberg logo
Citi logo
Ernst Young logo
Goldman Sachs logo
Guggenheim logo
Impendi Analytics Logo
JP Morgan Logo
Lazard logo
LOreal logo
Mckinsey logo
Morgan Stanley logo
Nomura logo

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