Vicki Bogan

Vicki Bogan

Associate Professor

201K Warren Hall



Areas of Expertise

  • Applied Microeconomics
  • Behavioral Finance
  • Finance
  • Financial Economics

Graduate Fields

  • Applied Economics and Management
  • Economics


  • Doctorate Brown University, 2004
  • Master's Degree Brown University, 2000
  • MBA The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, 1995
  • Bachelor of Science Brown University, 1991

Research Focus

Within the field of financial economics, most basic theoretical models that describe investment decision making are predicated on two primary assumptions: i) there are no market frictions and ii) all agents are rational. However, when we consider how these models describe and are applied in the real world, we know that these fundamental assumptions do not necessarily hold. The core of my research explores how deviations from these two assumptions affect investment decision making behavior with the goal of shedding light on how to enable finance models to better explain observed behavior.

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Awards and Honors

  • SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching (2014) SUNY
  • Outstanding Educators Award (2013) Merrill Presidential Scholars Program, Cornell University
  • Outstanding Educator Award (2012) Merrill Presidential Scholars Program, Cornell University
  • DITE Fellow (2011) National Science Foundation

Selected Publications

Journal Publications


  • AEM 4230: Contemporary Topics in Behavioral Finance
  • AEM 4260: Fixed-Income Securities
  • AEM 4620: Advanced Financial Modeling and Analysis