Research Bulletins: 2000-2009

Research bulletins published by the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management are comprehensive research reports intended for professional peers. These bulletins represent completed work that is too long, too timely, or too applied for an academic journal. They must undergo at least two reviews prior to publication.


No. Title Author
09-01 Dairy Farm Management Business Summary, New York State, 2008 Knoblauch, Putnam, Karszes, Anderson


No. Title Author
08-01 The New York State Agricultural Immigration and Human Resource Management Issues Study Maloney, Bills
08-02 100 Years of Dairy Farming: Town of Dryden, Tompkins County, New York Stanton, Conneman, Crispell, Hoskins, Smith
08-03 Dairy Farm Management Business Summary, New York State, 2007 Knoblauch, Putnam, Karszes, Murray, Moag


No. Title Author
07-01 Dairy Farm Management Business Summary, New York State, 2006 Knoblauch, Putnam, Karszes


No. Title Author
06-01 An Economic Analysis of Generic Fluid Milk Advertising in Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritime Provinces Kaiser, Cranfield, Doyon
06-02 Ecosystem Values and Surface Water Protection: Basic Research on the Contingent Valuation Method Messer, Platt, Poe, Rondeau, Schulze, Vossler
06-03 Farm Savings Accounts for Specialty Crop Growers Gloy, Cheng
06-04 2007 Farm Bill: Policy Options and Consequences for Northeast Specialty Crops Industries, Small Farms, and Sustainability Programs Bills, Gloy, Uva, White, Cheng
06-05 Measuring the Impacts of Generic Fluid Milk and Dairy Marketing Kaiser, Dong
06-06 Dairy Farm Management Business Summary, New York State, 2005 Knoblauch, Putnam, Karszes
06-07 Financial Performance and Other Characteristics of On-Farm Dairy Processing Enterprises in New York, Vermont and Wisconsin Nicholson, Stephenson


No. Title Author
05-01 The Profitability of Agricultural Lending Relationships LaDue, Gloy, Cuykendall
05-02 Survey of Hispanic Workers in New York State Maloney, Grusenmeyer
05-03 Dairy Farm Management Business Summary, New York State, 2004 Knoblauch, Putnam, Karzes


No. Title Author
04-01 Assignment of New Products Under Classified Pricing: A Conceptual Dynamic Model of Class Assignment Outcomes Nicholson, Stephenson, Novakovic
04-02 The Dairy Case Management Program: Does It Mooove More Milk? A Case Study of the Northwestern Hudson Valley Market Schmit, Kaiser, Chung
04-03 Status Quo Bias and Voluntary Contributions: Can Lab Experiments Parallel Real World Outcomes for Generic Advertising? Messer, Kaiser, Schulze
04-04 Optimal Seasonal Allocation of Generic Dairy Advertising Expenditures Schmit, Kaiser
04-05 Sweet Corn Marketing Channels in New York State: A New York Sweet Corn Grower Survey Uva
04-06 Marketing and Merchandising Practices for Fresh Sweet Corn in Supermarkets: Challenges and Opportunities for the New York State Fresh Sweet Corn Industry Cuellar, Uva
04-07 The Coupon Report: A Study of Coupon Discount Methods Park, Gomez
04-08 Dairy Market Impacts of US Milk Protein Imports and Trade Policy Alternatives Bishop, Nicholson
04-09 Agricultural Finance Markets in Transition Gloy
04-10 Consumer Preferences and Marketing Opportunities for Premium “Tree-Ripened Peaches in New York State Uva, Cuellar, Cheng
04-11 Impact of Generic Milk Advertising on New York State Markets Kaiser, Wang, Schmit
04-12 Optimal Institutional Mechanisms for Funding Generic Advertising: An Experimental Analysis Messer, Schmit, Kaiser
04-13 Dairy Farm Management Business Summary, New York State, 2003 Knoblauch, Putnam, Karszes


No. Title Author
03-01 Future Structure of the Dairy Industry: Historical Trends, Projections, and Issues LaDue, Gloy, Cuykendall
03-02 Fruit Consumption, Dietary Guidelines, and Agricultural Production in New York State: Implications for Local Food Economies Peters, Bills, Wilkins, Smith
03-03 Dairy Farm Management Business Summary, New York State, 2002 Knoblauch, Putnam, Karzes
03-04 Coupon Redemption and Its Effect on Household Cheese Purchases Dong, Kaiser
03-05 Price and Quality Effects of Generic Advertising: The Case of Norwegian Salmon Myrland, Dong, Kaiser
03-06 Estimation of a Censored AIDS Model: A Simulated Amemiya-Tobin Approach Dong, Kaiser
03-07 Modeling the Household Purchasing Process Using a Panel Data Tobit Model Dong, Kaiser, Chung
03-08 Estimation of Censored LA/AIDS Model with Endogenous Unit Values Dong, Kaiser, Myrland
03-09 A Note on Elasticity Estimation of Censored Demand Dong, Kaiser
03-10 Analysis of Risk Management Practices of Specialty Crop Producers in New York: Implications for Crop Insurance White, Uva, Cheng
03-11 Dairy Cow Ownership and Child Nutritional Status in Kenya Nicholson, Mwangi, Staal, Thornton


No. Title Author
02-01 What Successful Small Farmers Say: A Series of Reports on a Survey of Successful Small Farm Operators Cuykendall, LaDue, Smith
02-02 Impact of Generic Milk Advertising on New York State Markets Kaiser, Chung
02-03 An Analysis of Vegetable Farms’ Direct Marketing Activities in New York State Uva
02-04 Marketing Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Imports in the United States: Status, Challenges, and Opportunities Cuellar
02-05 Relationship Between Partial and Total Responses to Advertising with Application to U.S. Meats Kinnucan, Myrland
02-06 Measuring the Impacts of Generic Fluid Milk and Cheese Advertising: A Time-Varying Parameter Application Schmit, Kaiser
02-07 Vegetable Consumption, Dietary Guidelines and Agricultural Production in New York State—Implications for Local Food Economies Peters, Bills, et al.
02-08 Rural, Suburban and Urban Single Mothers’ AFDC and FSP Participation and Labor Supply: Lessons for Welfare Reform Ranney
02-09 Financial Management Practices of New York Dairy Farms Gloy, LaDue, Youngblood
02-10 Needs of Agriculture Educators for Training, Resources, and Professional Development in Business Management and Marketing Schlough, Streeter
02-11 Dairy Farm Management Business Summary: New York State, 2001 Knoblauch, Putnam, Karszes
02-12 Prospects for the Market for Locally Grown Organic Food in the Northeast U.S. Conner


No. Title Author
01-01 Identifying the Extensive and Intensive Effects of Generic Advertising on the Household Demand for Fluid Milk and Cheese Schmit, Chung, Dong, Kaiser, Gould
01-02 Information Technology and Credit Scoring at Agricultural Banks in the Northeast and Eastern Corn Belt LaDue, Cuykendall, Stokes
01-03 Community Collaboration Among Small Business Support Organizations: Attributes of Effectiveness Schlough, Streeter
01-04 Measuring the Effects of Eliminating State Trading Enterprises on the World Wheat Sector Kaiser, Maeda, Suzuki
01-05 Supply Chain Management in the Produce Industry Perosio, Cuellar, Park
01-06 Dairy Farm Management: Business Summary, New York State, 2000 Knoblauch, Putnam, Karszes


No. Title Author
00-01 Advanced Degrees Conferred at Cornell University During the Twentieth Century with Major Fields in Agricultural Economics Stanton
00-02 Impact of Generic Fluid Milk and Cheese Advertising on Dairy Markets, 1984-99 Kaiser
00-03 Business Summary New York State, 1999 Knoblauch, Putnam, Karszes
00-04 The Decision to Enter Consumer Direct Initiatives by Supermarket Companies K. Park, J. Park
00-05 A Multimarketing Analysis of Cashew Production in Mozambique Kyle, Negiz