Faculty Research and Publication Awards

Academy of Management

Douglas Nigh Award, International Management Division

2015 – Sharon Poczter

Agricultural and Applied Economics Association

Outstanding Published Research

1975 – Olan D. Forker, Daniel I. Padberg
1970 – Erik Thorbecke
1968 – John W. Mellor
1962 – Bernard F. Stanton
1959 – Richard D. Aplin

Agricultural and Applied Economics Association

Publication of Enduring Quality

1997 – William G. Tomek,  K. L. Robinson
1989 – William G. Tomek, R. W. Gray
1986 – John W. Mellor
1978 – John W. Mellor

Agricultural and Applied Economics Association

Quality of Communication

2011 – David Just, Harry de Gorter
2006 – Christopher Barrett
1991 – Harry de Gorter
1990 – Kenneth L. Robinson
1986 – Randall Barker, Robert W. Herdt
1983 – Thomas T. Poleman

Agricultural and Applied Economics Association

Quality of Research Discovery

2014 – Christopher B. Barrett, David R. Just (with Marc Bellemare PhD ’06)
2012 – David Just (Honorable Mention)

American Journal of Agricultural Economics

Outstanding Article

2021 – Ariel Ortiz-Bobea
2012 – Christopher Barrett, David Just (with graduate student Kira Villa) (Honorable Mention)
2010 – David Just (with Travis Lybbert M.S. ’00, Ph.D. ’04)
2005 – Richard Boisvert (with Jeffrey Peterson M.S. ’97, Ph.D. ’00)
1981 – Willam G. Tomek

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Award for Outstanding Accomplishments in Applied Research

2014 – David Just

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Rising Star Faculty Award

2014 – Miguel Gómez

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Early Achievement Award

2015 – Shanjun Li

European Association of Agricultural Economists

Quality of Research Discovery

2014 – Christopher B. Barrett, David R. Just, Marc Bellemare

Humboldt Research Award

2007 – Arnab Basu, Nancy Chau

Reserve Bank of India

K.N. Raj Memorial Award

2013 – Ravi Kanbur

State University of New York (SUNY)

Chancellor’s Award for Scholarship and Creative Activities

2009 – Christopher Barrett
1996 – George J. Conneman

U.S. Agency for International Development

Science and Technology Pioneers Grand Prize

2013 – Christopher Barrett (team member)

World Food Prize

2001 – Per Pinstrup-Andersen

Recent Best Paper and Journal Article Awards

2015 – Miguel Gómez, International Journal of Wine Business Research, Highly Commended Paper
2014 – A. Weersink, S. Clark, Calum G. Turvey, R. Sarker, Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics, Publication of Enduring Quality
2014 – Shanjun Li, Utility Research Center Prize: Best Paper in Regulatory Economics
2014 – Shanjun Li, International Industrial Organization Society Best Paper in Regulatory Economics Award
2013 – Loren Tauer, U.S. Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Best Paper in Family Business Award
2009 – Harry Kaiser, Maurice Doyon, Virginia Simard, Kent D. Messer, and Lota D. Tamini, Canadian Agricultural Economics Society, Outstanding Journal Article
2008 – Edward Mabaya, Best Contributed Paper at the 46th Agricultural Economics Association of South Africa (AEASA) Annual Conference
2007 – Kai-Li Wang and Christopher Barrett, Western Agricultural Economics Association, Outstanding Journal Article
2006 – Hung-Hao Chang, Richard Boisvert, and David Blandford, Northeastern Agricultural and Resource Economics Association, Article of the Year
2003 – Christopher Barrett and Daniel C. Clay, Journal of Development Studies, Dudley Seers Prize
2002 – Yi-Nung Yang and Christopher Barrett, Taiwan Economic Inquiry, Best Study Prize