Research Bulletins: 1990-1999

Research bulletins published by the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management are comprehensive research reports intended for professional peers. These bulletins represent completed work that is too long, too timely, or too applied for an academic journal. They must undergo at least two reviews prior to publication.


No. Title Author
99-01 Economics of Drip Irrigation for Juice Grape Vineyards in New York State Cuykendall, White, Shaffer, Lakso, Dunst
99-02 Employee Compensation and Satisfaction on Dairy Farms in the Northeast Fogleman, Milligan, Maloney, Knoblauch
99-03 Commodity Promotion Programs in the United States Vande Kamp, Kaiser
99-04 Optimal Temporal Policies in Fluid Milk Advertising Vande Kamp, Kaiser
99-05 Impact of Generic Milk Advertising on New York State Markets Chung, Kaiser
99-06 Impact of Generic Fluid Milk and Cheese Advertising on Dairy Markets, 1984-98 (see RB 99-12) Kaiser, Chiambalero
99-07 Analysis of the Global Competitiveness of Northeastern Food Firms: Experience and Interest in Foreign Activity Hagen, Santos
99-08 An Analysis of Economic Dimensions of the New York State Greenhouse Industry Uva
99-09 Management Strategies, Risk Considerations and Herd Size Analysis for Optimal Resource Allocation in Argentine Dairy Farms Berger, Knoblauch, Pratt
99-10 The New Dynamics of Produce Buying and Selling McLaughlin, Park, Perosio, Green
99-11 Dairy Farm Management, Business Summary, New York State, 1998 Knoblauch, Putnam, Karszes
99-12 Impact of Generic Fluid Milk and Cheese Advertising on Dairy Markets, 1984-1998 (revision of RB 99-06) Kaiser


No. Title Author
98-01 Optimal Voluntary “Green” Payment Programs To Limit Nitrate Contamination Under Price and Yield Risk Boisvert, Peterson
98-02 Advertising, Structural Change, and U.S. Non-Alcoholic Drink Demand Xiao, Kinnucan, Kaiser
98-03 Determinants of Temporal Variations in Advertising Effectiveness Chung, Kaiser
98-04 Impact of National Generic Dairy Advertising on Dairy Markets, 1984-97 Kaiser
98-05 Normative Estimates of Class I Prices Across U.S. Milk Markets Pratt, Bishop, Erba, Novakovic, Stephenson
98-06 Dairy Farm Management: Business Summary New York State 1997 Knoblauch, Putnam
98-07 Economics of Drip Irrigation for Apple Orchards in New York State Cuykendall, White
98-08 FreshTrack 1998: Marketing and Performance Benchmarks for the Fresh Produce Industry, with a Focus on People McLaughlin, Park, Perosio, Green
98-09 Structural and Marketing Changes in U.S. Retailing, 1987-1997. Foundation for the Future Weaver
98-10 Distribution of Gains from Research and Promotion in Multi-Stage Production Systems: Further Results Chung, Kaiser


No. Title Author
97-01 The Implications of Trade Liberalization for Federal Milk Marketing Orders Bishop, Novakovic
97-02 Information Needs of Agricultural Exporters: Results from a Focus Group Series Streeter, Bills, Maestro-Scherer, Neenan
97-03 An Analysis of Processing and Distribution Productivity and Costs in 35 Fluid Milk Plants Erba, Aplin, Stephenson
97-04 Cornell Commodity Promotion Research Program: Summary of Recent Research Projects Kaiser, Ferrero
97-05 The Economics of Replanting Generic Wine Grape Varieties in New York White, Shaffer, Pool, Lalor
97-06 An Economic Analysis of Generic Milk Advertising Impacts on Markets in New York State Lenz, Kaiser, Chung
97-07 An Econometric Analysis of the U.S. Kiwifruit Industry: Annual and Monthly Factors Hanawa, Willett, Tomek
97-08 Retail Logistics and Merchandising: Requirements in the Year 2000 McLaughlin, Perosio, Park
97-09 A Description of the Methods and Data Employed in the U.S. Dairy Sector Simulator, Version 97.3 Pratt, Bishop, Erba, Novakovic, Stephenson
97-10 Impact of National Generic Dairy Advertising on Dairy Markets, 1984-96 Kaiser
97-11 An Application of Experimental Economics to Agricultural Policies: The Case of U.S. Dairy Deregulation on Farm-Level Markets Doyon, Novakovic
97-12 Export Promotion and Import Demand for U.S. Red Meat in Selected Pacific Rim Countries Le, Kaiser, Tomek
97-13 Impact of Federal Marketing Orders on the Structure of Milk Markets in the United States Kawaguchi, Suzuki, Kaiser
97-14 Dairy Farm Management: Business Summary, New York State, 1996 Knoblauch, Putnam
97-15 FreshTrack 1997: Marketing and Performance Benchmarks for the Fresh Produce Industry McLaughlin, Park, Perosio
97-16 FreshTrack 1997: The Fresh Produce Wholesaling System: Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities McLaughlin, Park


No. Title Author
96-01 Generic Advertising Wearout: The Case of the New York City Fluid Milk Campaign Reberte, Kaiser, Lenz, Forker
96-02 Proceedings of the Annual Meeting S-216 Regional Project: Food Demand and Consumption Behavior Ranney
96-03 Annotated Bibliography of Generic Commodity Promotion Research (revised) Ferrero, Boon, Kaiser, Forker
96-04 Commodity Promotion Economics: A Symposium in Honor of Olan Forker’s Retirement Ferrero, Kaiser
96-05 The Magnitude of and Factors Influencing Product Losses in 141 Fluid Milk Plants in the United States Stephenson, Aplin, Erba, Mattison
96-06 The Role of the Supermarket Buyer McLaughlin, Perosio
96-07 Integrating Knowledge to Improve Dairy Farm Sustainability
96-08 A Descriptive Analysis of the Characteristics and Financial Performance of Dairy Farms in Michigan, New York, Ontario, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin Ford, Gardner, et al.
96-09 The Feasibility of a Mid-Hudson Valley Wholesale Fresh Product Facility: A Buyer Assessment Kreider, McLaughlin
96-10 Impact of National Generic Dairy Advertising on Dairy Markets, 1984-95 Kaiser
96-11 Dairy Farm Management Business Summary New York State, 1995 Smith, Knoblauch, Putnam
96-12 A Spatial Equilibrium Model for Imperfectly Competitive Milk Markets Kawaguchi, Suzuki, Kaiser
96-13 Developing a Farm Plan to Address Water Quality and Farm Business Objectives: A Framework for Planning Hanchar, Milligan, Knoblauch
96-13a Comparisons of Costs and Efficiencies Between Cooperative, Proprietary, and Captive Fluid Milk Processors: A Neural Network Approach
96-14 An Economic Analysis of Generic Egg Advertising in California, 1985-1995 Schmit, Reberte, Kaiser
96-15 An Ex Post Evaluation of Generic Egg Advertising in the U.S. Reberte, Schmit, Kaiser
96-16 Identifying Consumer Characteristics Associated with Japanese Preferences Towards Milk Products Watanabe, Suzuki, Kaiser
96-17 Distribution of Community Water Systems Across the United States with Emphasis on Size, Water Production, Ownership, and Treatment Boisvert, Schmit
96-18 Rural Utilities Service’s Water and Waste Disposal Loan and Grant Program and Its Contribution to Small Public Water System Improvements in New York State Boisvert, Schmit
96-19 A Theory of Nonprice Export Promotion with Application to USDA’s Subsidy Programs Kinnucan, Xiao
96-20 Assessing the Effectiveness of MPP Meat Advertising and Promotion in the Japanese Market Comeau, Mittelhammer, Wahl


No. Title Author
95-01 Supermarket Bakery Consumers: Attitudes, Preferences, Behaviors McLaughlin, Hawkes, Park, Perosio
95-02 The Economics of Converting Conventionally Managed Eastern Vineyards to Organic Management Practices White
95-03 Dairy Farm Management Business Summary New York State, 1994 Smith, Knoblauch, Putnam
95-04 Impact of Generic Fluid Milk Advertising on Whole, Lowfat, and Skim Milk Demand Kaiser, Roberte
95-04.1 An Analysis of Generic Dairy Promotion in the United States Kaiser
95-05 Mexico’s Dairy Sector in the 1990s: A Descriptive Analysis Nicholson
95-06 The Bioeconomics of Regulating Nitrates in Groundwater from Agricultural Production Through Taxes, Quantity Restrictions, and Pollution Permits Thomas, Boisvert


No. Title Author
94-01 Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Procurement Dynamics: The Role of the Supermarket Buyer McLaughlin, Perosio
94-02 Milk Hauling Cost Analysis Version 2.0 Pratt, Wasserman, Trerise
94-03 The Geographic Structure of Milk Hauling Cost and Efficiencies in New York State Erba, Pratt
94-04 Price Transmission Theory and Applications to Agroindustry: An Annotated Bibliography Schwartz, Willett
94-05 Decision Making in Membership Organizations: A Study of Fourteen U.S. Cooperatives Henehan, Anderson
94-06 Identifying a Reduced Set of Salient Attributes that Influence Consumers’ Choice Among Whole, Low-Fat, and Skim Milk for Beverage Use Miles, Schwager, Lenz
94-07 Dairy Farm Management Business Summary, New York State, 1993 Smith, Knoblauch, Putnam
94-08 The Effects of Time-of-Use Electricity Rates on New York Dairy Farms Schenkel, Boisvert


No. Title Author
93-01 Feed Grains and Meat Production in Venezuela Marrero, Kyle, Lee
93-02 A Survey of Economic Models of the Dairy Industry Kaiser, Blayney
93-03 Analysis of Generic Dairy Advertising Scenarios on Retail, Wholesale, and Farm Milk Markets Kaiser, Forker
93-04 Price Transmission Processes: A Study of Price Lags and Asymmetric Price Response Behavior for New York Red Delicious and McIntosh Apples Hansmire, Willett
93-05 A Survey of Recruitment and Selection Practices in Florist Crop Production Firms Maloney, Milligan, Petracek
93-06 Agricultural Diversity and Cash Receipt Variability of Individual States Tauer, Seleka
93-07 Valuation of Plant Variety Protection Certificates Lesser
93-08 Evaluating U.S. Generic Milk Advertising Effectiveness Using an Imperfect Competition Model Suzuki, Kaiser, Lenz, Forker
93-09 An Analysis of Alternatives to the Dairy Price Support Program Kaiser
93-10 Royalty Collection for Patented Livestock Lesser
93-11 Dairy Farm Management Business Summary, New York State, 1992 Smith, Knoblauch, Putnam
93-12 Supermarket Prices Redux Chi, Lesser
93-13 The Structure of the Milk Hauling Industry in New York and Pennsylvania Erba, Pratt, Wasserman
93-14 The Political Economy of a Crop Insurance Experiment Skees


No. Title Author
92-01 Comparison of the Economics of Cheddar Cheese Manufacture by Conventional and Milk Fractionation/Concentration Technologies: Part 5 Aplin, Barbano, Hurst
92-02 Comparison of the Economics of Cheddar Cheese Manufacture by Conventional and Milk Fractionation/Concentration Technologies: Part 5 Aplin, Barbano, Hurst
92-03 Credit Evaluation Procedures at Agricultural Banks in the Northeast and Eastern Corn Belt LaDue, Lee, S. Hanson, G. Hanson, Kohl
92-04 State of the New York Food Industry McLaughlin, Hawkes, Perosio, Russo
92-05 An Econometric Analysis of the U.S. Apple Industry Willett
92-06 Dairy Farm Management: Business Summary, New York State, 1991 Smith, Knoblauch, Putnam
92-07 The Changing Role of the Korean Food Store in New York City McLaughlin, Russo
92-08 Time-of-Use Rates and Electricity Costs of Representative New York Dairy Farms Boisvert, Bills, Middagh, Schenkel
92-09 Characteristics and Performance of New York Dairy Farms Jack, Knoblauch, Novakovic
92-10 A Survey of Human Resource Management Practices in Florist Crop Production Firms Maloney, Milligan
92-11 International Monetary Issues and Agricultural Development Schuh
92-12 New Product Procurement: A Summary of Buying Practices and Acceptance Criteria at U.S. Supermarket Chains Fredericks, McLaughlin


No. Title Author
91-01 The Feasibility of Producing and Marketing Fresh Vegetables in Central and Western New York Barnes, White
91-02 1991 Budget Guide: Estimated Prices for Crop Operating Inputs and Capital Investment Items Snyder
91-03 Meeting the Need: A Summary and Evaluation of NY FarmNet Brake, Phelan
91-04 U.S. Commodity Promotion Organizations: Objectives, Activities, and Evaluation Methods Lenz, Forker, Hurst
91-05 Dairy Farm Management: Business Summary, New York State, 1990 Smith, Knoblauch, Putnam
91-06 The Budgetary Implications of Reducing U.S. Income Inequality Through Income Transfer Programs Boisvert, Ranney
91-07 Annotated Bibliography of Generic Commodity Promotion Research (Revised) Hurst, Forker
91-08 Geographic Price Relationships Under Federal Milk Marketing Orders Novakovic, Pratt
91-09 Dairypert: An Expert Systems Approach for Improving Dairy Farm Management Practices and Assisting Technology Transfer Kalter, Skidmore
91-10 Measuring Hicksian Welfare Changes from Marshallian Demand Functions Dumagan, Mount


No. Title Author
90-01 Quarterly Northeast Farmland Values, 1985-1989 Tauer
90-02 A User’s Guide to Nempis: National Economic Milk Policy Impact Simulator Kaiser
90-03 1990 Budget Guide, Estimated Prices for Crop Operating Inputs and Capital Investment Items Snyder
90-04 Whey Powder and Whey Protein Concentrate Production Technology, Costs and Profitability Hurst, Aplin, Barbano
90-05 Potential Effect of Decoupling on the U.S. Rice Industry Watanabe, Stanton, Willett
90-06 Determination of Butter/Powder Plant Manufacturing Costs Utilizing an Economic Engineering Approach Stephenson, Novakovic
90-07 Field Crop Enterprise Budget Update, 1990 Cost and Return Projections and Grower Worksheets, New York State Snyder
90-08 An Economic Analysis of Freshwater Finfish Aquaculture in the Mid-Atlantic States Weld, Knoblauch, Regenstein
90-09 Agricultural Risk Modeling, Using Mathematical Programming Boisvert, McCarl
90-10 Organic Field Crop Production, A Review of the Economic Literature Knoblauch, Brown, Braster
90-11 Dairy Farm Management, Business Summary New York 1989 Smith, Knoblauch, Putnam
90-12 Strategic Directions in Supermarket Deli/Prepared Foods Allen, McLaughlin, Pierson
90-13 Evaluation of Wine Trails in New York State Henehan, White
90-14 List of Available Agricultural Economics Publications, July 1, 1989-June 30, 1990 Walker
90-15 A Social Accounting Matrix for Cameroon Gauthier, Kyle
90-16 An Analysis of Consumer Trends and Employee Training in the United States Supermarket Delicatessen Industry German, Hawkes