Staff Papers: 1990-1999

Staff papers (SP) are typically short papers that represent preliminary research results, discuss works or ideas in progress, stimulate new thinking, or otherwise are less formal treatments of a subject than would be published in a research or extension bulletin.


1999 Staff Papers
No. Title Author
99-01 Employee Compensation and Job Satisfaction on Dairy Farms in the Northeast Fogleman, Milligan, Maloney, Knoblauch
99-02 Grape Purchasing and Disease Management Strategies for Premium Wine Grapes Hefetz, White
99-03 Documenting the Status of Dairy Manure Management in New York: Current Practices and Willingness to Participate in Voluntary Programs Poe, Bills, Bellows, Crosscombe, Koelsch, Kreher, Wright
99-04 Agriculture in Sao Tome e Principe: Policy and Investment Options Kyle
99-05 An Economic Analysis of Petroleum and Military Security in the Persian Gulf Chapman, Khanna
99-06 An Evaluation of Nutrient Management Planning and Impacts: French Creek Watershed, Chautauqua County, New York Santos, Knoblauch, Gross


1998 Staff Papers
No. Title Author
98-01 Agricultural Districts: Lessons from New York Bills, Cosgrove
98-02 Horticultural Marketing in Zimbabwe: Margins, Price Transmission, and Spatial Market Integration Guvheya, Mabaya, Christy
98-03 Considerations for Group Action in Marketing Specialty Crops Produced in the NYC Watershed Henehan, Brandoff


1997 Staff Papers
No. Title Author
97-01 Delivering Assistance to U.S. Agricultural Exporters: Observations from the Front Lines Jenni
97-02 Extra-Market Values and Conflicting Agricultural Environmental Policies Poe
97-03 Transforming Agriculture and the National Economy in Taiwan: Lee Teng-Hui and the Joint Commission on Rural Reconstruction (JCRR) Wilde
97-04 Assessing the Implications of IPR on Plant and Animal Agriculture Lesser
97-05 The New York State Hispanic Population: A Description and Evaluation of the Mexican Descent Group Figueroa
97-06 Strategic Perspectives on Agricultural Finance LaDue
97-07 Climate Policy and Petroleum Depletion in an Optimal Growth Framework Khanna, Chapman


1996 Staff Papers
No. Title Author
96-01 Farmland Preservation: Agricultural Districts, Right-to-Farm Laws and Related Legislation Bills
96-02 The Effect of Increased Trade on the U.S. Fruit Sector Figueroa
96-03 The Competitiveness of Mexican and Caribbean Basin Horticultural Products in the U.S. Market Figueroa
96-04 International Treaties and Other Legal and Economic Issues Relating to the Ownership and Use of Genetic Resources Lesser
96-05 Agricultural and Farmland Protection Planning: A Case Study in Orange County, New York Joyce, Bills
96-06 U.S. Dairy Sector Simulator: A Spatially Disaggregated Model of the U.S. Dairy Industry Pratt, Novakovic, Stephenson, Bishop, Erba
96-07 Farm-Retail Price Spreads in a Changing Economy Tomek


1995 Staff Papers
No. Title Author
95-01 Factors Related to the Adoption of rBST Among a Population of Farmers in Ontario County, New York Lyson, Tauer, Welsh
95-02 Alternatives to 50-50 Partnership Arrangements LaDue
95-03 Cooperation Works! An Evaluation of an Interactive Video Teleconference Henehan, Campbell
95-04 The Role of Farm Vision and Mission in Constructing Whole Farm Plans to Improve Water Quality Milligan
95-05 Price Transmission and Price Integration in Food Retail Markets: The Case of Kinshasa (Zaire) Minten, Kyle
95-06 The Impace of International Prices and Exchange Rates on Domestic Food Prices in Zaire Minten, Kyle
95-07 The Effect of Distance and Road Quality on Food Prices, Marketing Margins, and Traders’ Wages: Evidence from Zaire Minten, Kyle
95-08 The Urban Poor and the Payday: The Pay of the Day Matters, But So Does the Day of that Pay Minten
95-09 Asymmetry in Wholesale-Retail Food Price Transmission in an African Metropolitan Area: The Case of Kinshasa (Zaire) Minten, Kyle
95-10 Farm Lending Program Challenges for the Farm Service Agency LaDue
95-11 Intellectual Property Protection for Indonesia Lesser
95-12 Tax Traps and Opportunities Associated with Family Farm Transfers Smith
95-12a Future of the Grape Industry: An Eastern Perspective White
95-13 Regional Impact of Change in Dairy Trade Policies on the Northeast U.S. and Central Canada Dairy Sectors Doyon, Pratt, Novakovic


1994 Staff Papers
No. Title Author
94-01 Agricultural Diversity and Case Receipt Variability for Individual States Tauer, Seleka
94-02 Apartheid and Elephants: The Kruger National Park in a New South Africa, An Essay Chapman
94-03 Private Strategies and Public Policies: The Economics of Information and the Economic Organization of Markets Christy
94-04 The Impact of Lag Determination on Price Relationships in the U.S. Broiler Industry Bernard, Willett
94-05 Age and Farmer Productivity Tauer
94-06 Using a Joint-Input, Multi-Product Formulation to Improve Spatial Price Equilibrium Models Bishop, Pratt, Novakovic
94-07 Do New York Dairy Farmers Maximize Profits? Tauer
94-08 Financial Analysis of Agricultural Businesses: Ten Do’s and Don’ts LaDue
94-09 U.S. Vegetable Exports to North America: Trends and Constraints to Market Analysis Figueroa
94-10 STARS: Segment Targeting at Retail Stores Hawkes, McLaughlin
94-11 Capital Assets: Issues and Recommendations for the Farm Financial Standards Task Force LaDue
94-12 Public Involvement Is Absolutely Necessary for Markets to Be Efficient: An Overview Forker
94-13 Why Lend to Agriculture LaDue


1993 Staff Papers
No. Title Author
93-01 Managing Transboundary Water Conflicts: The United States and Its Boundary Commissions Allee, Dworsky, Utton
93-02 Segmenting the Milk Market into bST-Produced and Non-bST-Produced Milk Tauer
93-03 “Economic Correctness” and Agricultural Economics Christy
93-04 The Effectiveness of Concept Mapping as a Teaching Tool: Evidence from Courses in Applied Economics Willett, Kaiser, Streeter, Beissner
93-05 An Analysis of the Effects of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (IRCA) on Seasonal Agricultural Service (SAS) Crops in New York State Figueroa
93-06 The Skills and Training Needed by Farm Management Researchers in the Future Tauer
93-07 Consumer Preferences for Non-Conventionally Grown Produce Underhill, Figueroa
93-08 Farmer Productivity at Various Ages Tauer
93-09 Nonparametric Technical Efficiency with N Firms and M Inputs: A Simulation Tauer, Hanchar
93-10 Pesticide Use and Produce Quality: Evaluating the Role of Private Sector Institutions Figueroa
93-11 Prior Information, General Information, and Specific Information in the Contingent Valuation of Environmental Risks: The Case of Nitrates in Groundwater Poe, Bishop
93-12 Characteristics of Small Business Succeeding in the Next Century Milligan
93-13 Financial Management on Large Dairy Farms LaDue
93-14 Incorporating Price Regulation in Causality Tests for Dairy Markets Emerick, Willett, Novakovic
93-15 Dynamics of Price Changes: Implications for Agricultural Futures Markets Tomek
93-16 The Effect of Selected Farm Characteristics on Dairy Farm Profitability: A Logistical Regression Analysis Jack
93-17 Analyzing the Impacts of the Proposed North American Free Trade Agreement on European-North American Dairy Trade Using a Joint-Input, Multi-Product Approach Bishop, Pratt, Novakovic
93-18 Photovoltaic Technology: Markets, Economics, and Development Erickson, Chapman
93-19 The Effect of Deferred Taxes on Market Value Balance Sheets LaDue
93-20 Solar Power and Climate Change Policy in Developing Countries Drennen, Erickson, Chapman
93-21 Overview of the New York State Vegetable Industry Figueroa
93-22 Partnership Agreements and Inter-Generational Transfer: Opportunities for Agricultural Banks LaDue
93-23 Regulatory, Efficiency, and Management Issues Affecting Rural Financial Markets LaDue, Allen


1992 Staff Papers
No. Title Author
92-01 Some Thoughts on Replication in Empirical Econometrics Tomek
92-02 An Overview of NEMPIS: National Economic Milk Policy Impact Simulator Kaiser
92-03 Milk Quality Incentives for Dairy Farm Employees: A Motivational Approach Maloney
92-04 An Integrated Approach to Modeling Price Volatility in the Live Cattle Futures Market Evans, Streeter, Hudson
92-05 Studies of Land and Agricultural Problems in Taiwan: An Annotated Bibliography Chen
92-06 Environment, NAFTA, and New York Chapman
92-07 Organizational Structure: Does It Hinder or Promote Management Decisions Milligan
92-08 Knowing the Numbers Is the Key LaDue
92-09 From Ecology to Economics: The Case Against CO2 Fertilization Erickson
92-10 Rates and Patterns of Change in New York Dairy Farm Numbers and Productivity Smith
92-11 An Economic Analysis of the U.S. Honey Industry: Survey Sample and Mailing Willett
92-12 An Economic Analysis of the U.S. Honey Industry: Data Documentation Willett
92-13 An Economic Analysis of the U.S. Honey Industry: Data Summary Willett
92-14 An Economic Analysis of the U.S. Honey Industry: Econometric Model Willett
92-15 Sustainable Development and Economic Growth in the Amazon Rainforest Nogueira, Kyle
92-16 Modifications in Intellectual Property Rights Law and Effects on Agricultural Research Lesser
92-17 The Cost of Producing Milk as a Management Tool LaDue
92-18 The Inefficiency and Unfairness of Tradable CO2 Permits Erickson
92-19 Environmental Costs and NAFTA Chapman
92-20 Capital Asset Issues for the Farm Financial Standards Task Force LaDue


1991 Staff Papers
No. Title Author
91-01 Biological Emissions and North-South Politics Drennen, Chapman
91-02 Equitable Patent Legislation for Developing Countries Lesser
91-03 How Not to Farm Together LaDue, Crispell
91-04 Honey Industry Survey: An Update Willett
91-05 Environmental Protection Through Local Land Use Controls Allee
91-06 Farm Structure: Concept and Definition Stanton
91-07 Recognizing the Effects of Government Programs in Developing Cost and Returns Statements Stanton
91-08 Price Formation and the Transmission of Prices Across Levels of Dairy Markets Novakovic
91-09 Outlook for New York Farm Milk Prices With or Without an Emergency Order Novakovic
91-10 The Impact of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (IRCA) on Farm Labor Contracting Figueroa
91-11 Principles of Institutionalist Research Methodology Cohen
91-12 Bulgaria—A Long and Winding Road to Democracy and a Market Economy: The Special Problems of Agriculture Petkov, Dichev
91-13 Note: No publication was issued with this number.
91-14 Needed Reforms in the Harmonization of U.S. Patent Law Lesser
91-15 Time-of-Use Pricing for Electric Power: Implications for the New York Dairy Sector, A Preliminary Analysis Middagh
91-16 The Causes of Economic Inefficiencies in New York Dairy Farms Thomas, Tauer
91-17 Role of the Non-Profit Private Sector in Rural Land Conservation: Results from a Survey in the Northeastern United States Bills, Weir
91-18 Concept Maps: A Tool for Teachers and Learners Streeter
91-19 What Can Be Learned from Calculating Value-Added? Stanton
91-20 Northeast Dairy Cooperative Financial Performance, 1984-1990 Henehan, Anderson
91-21 Urban Agriculture in the United States Bills
91-22 Effects of Housing Costs and Home Sales on Local Government Revenues and Services Allee
91-23 Current Outlook for Dairy Farming, Dairy Products, and Agricultural Policy in the United States Novakovic, Bills, Jack
91-24 Government Influence on the Supply of Commercial Inventories of American Cheese Pratt, Novakovic
91-25 Role of the Non-Profit Private Sector in Rural Land Conservation: Results from a Survey in the Northeastern United States (Revised) Bills, Weir


1990 Staff Papers
No. Title Author
90-01 Ex-ante Economic Assessment of Agriculture Biotechnology Tauer
90-02 Dairy Policy for the 1990 Farm Bill: Statement to the U.S. House Subcommittee on LIvestock, Dairy, and Poultry Novakovic
90-03 Breaking the Incrementalist Trap: Achieving Unified Management of the Great Lakes Ecosystem Allee, Dworsky
90-04 Dairy Policy Issues and Options for the 1990 Farm Bill Novakovic
90-05 Firm Level Agricultural Data Collected and Managed at the State Level Casler
90-06 Tax Policy and Business Fixed Investment During the Regan Era Bischoff, Kokkelenberg, Terregrossa
90-07 The Effect of Technology on the U.S. Grain Sector Forker
90-08 Changes in Farm Size and Structure in American Agriculture in the Twentieth Century Stanton
90-09 Optimal Agricultural Policy with Biotechnology: Bovine Somatotropin and the Dairy Sector Tauer, Kaiser
90-10 How Diversified Is Your State’s Agriculture Tauer
90-11 Bovine Somatotropin and Milk Production: Potential Impacts for the U.S. Kaiser
90-12 The Potential for Structural Change in the Northeast Dairy Manufacturing Sector Stephenson, Novakovic, Pratt
90-13 Disaster Planning in the Dairy Industry: Conceptual Issues and a Spatial Modelling Approach Keniston, Pratt, Stephenson, Novakovic
90-14 Farm Financial Standards Task Force: Progress and Recommendations LaDue
90-15 A Conceptual Framework for the Management of Farm Businesses Milligan, Hutt
90-16 Modeling the U.S. Dairy Sector with Government Intervention Liu, Kaiser, Mount, Forker
90-17 Policy Education Programs for Extension’s Solid Waste Initiative Allee
90-18 Social Security Tax and Benefit Issues, Questions and Answers for Farmers and Workers Smith
90-19 Debt-For-Nature Swaps and the Environment in Africa Kyle
90-20 Advertising and Promotion Investment: What Is the Right Level? Forker
90-21 Use of Firm Level Agricultural Data Collected and Managed at the State Level for Studying Farm Size Issues Casler
90-22 Recent Trends in Food Availability and Nutritional Well-Being Poleman