Research Bulletins: 1958-1969

Research bulletins published by the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management are comprehensive research reports intended for professional peers. These bulletins represent completed work that is too long, too timely, or too applied for an academic journal. They must undergo at least two reviews prior to publication.


No. Title Author
69-287 Concentrated Feedingstuffs for Livestock in Denmark Weightman
69-294 A Computerized Farm Cost Accounting System Harsh
69-298 The Effects of New York State Administered Outdoor Recreation Expenditures on the Distribution of Personal Income Shabman, Kalter
69-303 Sixty Years of Change in Farm Businesses Lines
69-304 Dairy Farm Management Business Summary New York 1968 Bratton
1969 Farm Cost Account Instructions and Code Manual Kearl, Snyder


No. Title Author
68-242 Type of Farming in New York Warren


No research bulletins are currently available for 1967.


No. Title Author
66-188 Free-Stall-Barn, Herringbone-Parlor, High-Silage-Feeding Dairy Chore Systems Comparisons and Analysis LaDue
66-192 An Economic Study of Commercial Dairy Farms Central Plain Region, New York 1963-64 Cunningham
66-210 Overhead Costs from Farm Cost Accounts, 42 Farms 1965 Kearl, Snyder
66-211 Field Crops Costs and Returns from Farm Cost Accounts, 42 Farms 1965 Kearl, Snyder
66-212 Cash Crops and Fruits Costs and Returns from Farm Cost Accounts, 42 Farms, 1965 Kearl, Snyder
66-213 Livestock Costs and Returns from Farm Cost Accounts, 42 Farms 1965 Kearl, Snyder


No. Title Author
65-175 1964 Dairy Farm Management Workbook Bratton


No. Title Author
64-142 A Look at Economics in the Production of Christmas Trees in New York State Linton
64-148 1963 Dairy Farm Management Workbook Shapley, Bratton


No. Title Author
63-117 Enterprise Costs and Returns on A Market Garden Farm Kearl, Foster, Hayes
63-118 Cost and Returns on Snap Bean Production, 57 Farms, New York 1962 Kearl, Foster
63-122 Free Stall Housing in New York State, Practices and Problems Converting Loose Housing Building New Barns Nott
63-123 Economic Considerations in Raising Dairy Replacements Jack
63-124 Changes in the Relationship Between Top and Average Yields of Selected Commodities in New York Robinson, Hope


No. Title Author
62-82 Milking Parlors with Stanchion Barns, An Economic Appraisal Fox, Stanton
62-85 Causes of Variation on Costs and Returns in the Production of Strawberries, Long Island and Western New York, 1961 Linton, Dominick Jr.
62-88 An Economic Study of Commercial Dairy Farms Oneida-Mohawk Region, New York 1959-60 Cunningham
62-91 Summary and Analysis of 1961 Dairy Farm Businesses Casler, Bratton
62-100 Livestock Costs and Returns from Farm Cost Accounts, 39 Farms, 1961 Kearl
62-105 Costs and Physical Inputs in Producing Red Tart Cherries, 58 Western New York Farms, 1961 Myszkowski, Jr.
62-106 Economics of Red Currant Production in Western New York, 1962 Sanborn
62-120 Summary and Analysis of 1962 Dairy Farm Businesses Shapley, Bratton


No. Title Author
61-59 Costs and Returns in Producing Spring Spinach for Processing 1960 Williams
61-61 Costs and Returns in Producing Peaches, 1960 Williams
61-63 Costs and Use of Labor in Harvesting Apples for Fresh Market, Hudson Valley, New York, 1959 and 1960 Travis, Stanton
61-71 Carrots, Costs and Returns in Producing for Processing, 1960 Williams
61-77 Livestock Costs and Returns from Farm Cost Accounts, 39 Farms, 1960 Kearl


No. Title Author
60-37 Letters to Dairymen, to Report an Economic Study of Commercial Dairy Farms Located in the Plateau Region of New York, 1957-58 Cunningham
60-39 Costs and Returns in Producing Pears, 1959 Williams, Curvey, Kearl
60-41 Costs in Producing Potatoes on Long Island 1959 Curvey
60-45 Relation of Yield and Cost, New York Cost Account Farms, 1954-58 Panogiotis, Boeck, Stanton, Kearl
60-70 1960 Dairy Farms Business Summaries Bratton


No. Title Author
59-17 Variability in Apple Production Costs and Returns, 178 Western New York Fruit Farms, 1956, 1957 Stanton, Dominick, Jr., Fan
59-20 Costs and Returns in Producing Red Kidney Beans, 1958 Pincock
59-29 Operation of Heat Driers on 27 New York Farms, 1957 Conneman, Bratton
59-92 1959 Dairy Farm Business Summaries


No. Title Author
58-02 Operation of Hay Conditioners on 91 New York Farms 1957 Conneman, Bratton
58-03 The Irrigation of High Value Crops in New York, A Summary of Experimental Results and Discussion of the Economics of Irrigation Penny
58-10 Pipeline Milking Systems for New York Dairy Farms, Investment, Operating Costs, and Farmer Experience Mason, Stanton
58-11 Costs and Returns in Raising Dairy Heifers Cunningham
58-25 1958 Dairy Farm Business Summaries Bratton