Working Papers: 1988-1999

Working papers (WP) published by the Dyson School are journal-article-length research papers. They are used to share research results in a timely fashion and garner input from professional peers prior to anticipated publication in professional journals.


1999 Working Papers
No. Title Author
99-01 Does Food Aid Stabilize Food Availability Barrett
99-02 What Difference Do Polarization Measures Make? An Application to China Kanbur, Zhang
99-03 Valuing Electricity Assets in Deregulated Markets: A Real Options Model with Mean Reversion and Jumps Ethier
99-04 Income Distribution Implications of Globalization and Liberalization in Africa Kanbur
99-05 International Public Goods and the Case for Foreign Aid Jayaraman, Kanbur
99-06 A Framework for Thinking Through Reduced Aid Dependence in Africa Kanbur
99-07 On Improving Econometric Analyses of Generic Advertising Impacts Tomek, Kaiser
99-08 Productivity of Dairy Production in Individual States Tauer, Lordkipanidze
99-09 The Economics of Oil Palm Production in Chiapas, Mexico Wolff
99-10 Non-Market Valuation Techniques: The State of the Art Rose
99-11 Measuring the Risks of New York Dairy Producers Schmit, Boisvert, Tauer
99-12 The Timing Option in Futures Contracts and Price Behavior at Contract Maturity Hranaiova, Tomek
99-13 World Oil: The Growing Case for International Policy Chapman, Khanna
99-14 Why Is Inequality Back on the Agenda? Kanbur, Lustig
99-15 Cornell University’s Entrepreneurship Education and Outreach Program, Evaluation and Proposal Schlough, Streeter
99-16 The Potential Role of Microfinance Institutions in Mobilizing Savings: Lessons from Kenya and Uganda Gudz
99-17 Price Behavior in Emerging Stock Markets: Cases of Poland and Slovakia Hranaiova
99-18 The Demand for Food in a Wealthier, More Populous World Poleman
99-19 Elasticities of Demand for Imported Meats in Russia Soshnin, Tomek, de Gorter
99-20 Spicing Up India’s Pepper Industry: An Economic Analysis Koizumi
99-21 Locating Tropical Biodiversity Conversation Amid Weak Institutions Barrett, Brandon, Gibson, Lybbert
99-22 Is Bioprospecting a Viable Strategy for Conserving Tropical Ecosystems? Barrett, Lybbert
99-23 Factor and Product Market Tradability and Equilibrium in Pacific Rim Pork Industries Barrett, Li, Bailey
99-24 The Evolution of Thinking About Poverty: Exploring the Interactions Kanbur, Squire
99-25 Demand for Visitation to U.S. National Park Areas: Entrance Fees and Individual Area Attributes Ngure, Chapman
99-26 The Private Provision of Public Goods: Tests of a Provision Point Mechanism for Funding Green Power Programs (revised) Rose, Clark, Poe, Rondeau, Schulze
99-27 Public Forest Land Allocation: A Dynamic Spatial Perspective on Environmental Timber Management Rose
99-28 Life Insurance Funding of Buy-Sell Arrangements in Small Businesses Tauer
99-29 Multifunctionality and Optimal Environmental Policies for Agriculture in an Open Economy Peterson, Boisvert, de Gorter
99-30 Non-parametric Tests of Consumer Behavior in Transition Economies Mekhtiev, Boisvert
99-31 Explaining the Adoption and Disadoption of Sustainable Agriculture: The Case of Cover Crops in Northern Honduras Neill, Lee


1998 Working Papers
No. Title Author
98-01 Wilderness: Options to Preserve, Extract or Develop Conrad
98-02 Food Demand in China: Lessons from Guangdong Province Zhang, Mount, Boisvert
98-03 The Empirical Impact of Bovine Somatotropin on a Group of New York Dairy Farms Stefanides, Tauer
98-04 Angola: Current Situation and Future Prospects for the Macroeconomy Kyle
98-05 Redirecting Energy Policy in the U.S.A. to Address Global Warming Mount
98-06 The Shoreham Deal: A View from Upstate Mount
98-07 Effects of Amendments to the Safe Drinking Water Act on Local Government Finance and Rural Residents in New York Tsao, Schmit, Boisvert
98-08 Estimates of Individual Dairy Farm Supply Elasticities Tauer
98-09 The Kyoto Protocol, Cafe Standards, and Gasoline Taxes Agras, Chapman
98-10 Which Regional Inequality? The Evolution of Rural-Urban and Inland-Coastal Inequality in China, 1983-1995 Kanbur, Zhang
98-11 Fishery Management: The Consequences of Honest Mistakes in a Stochastic Environment Conrad, Lopez, Bjorndal
98-12 Constraining Phosphorus in Surface Water: Dairy Farm Resource Use and Profitability Hanchar, Knoblauch, Milligan
98-13 Income Distribution and Development Kanbur
98-14 Non-Linear Utility Pricing and Targeting the Poor Kanbur, Tarkiainen, Tuomala
98-15 Smallholder Technical Efficiency with Stochastic Exogenous Production Conditions Sherlund, Barrett, Adesina
98-16 Agricultural Land Use in Northwest Uzbekistan: A Linear Programming Model for Mapping Agricultural Incentives Chabot, Kyle


1997 Working Papers
No. Title Author
97-01 Climate Policy and Petroleum Depletion Khanna, Chapman
97-02 Demand Systems for Energy Forecasting: Practical Considerations for Estimating a Generalized Logit Model Weng, Mount
97-03 Estimating Individual Farm Supply and Demand Elasticities Using Nonparametric Production Analysis Stefanides, Tauer
97-04 A Monthly Cycle in Food Expenditure and Intake by Participants in the U.S. Food Stamp Program Wilde, Ranney
97-05 Success in Maximizing Profits and Reasons for Profit Deviation on Dairy Farms Tauer, Stefanides
97-06 A Comparative Analysis of Economic Development of Angola and Mozambique Kyle
97-07 Is There an Environmental Kuznets Curve for Energy: An Econometric Analysis Agras, Chapman
97-08 Nonrenewability in Forest Rotations: Implications for Economic Ecosystem Sustainability Erickson, Chapman, Fahey, Christ
97-09 The Private Provision of Public Goods: Tests of a Provision Point Mechanism for Funding Green Power Programs Rose, Clark, Poe, Rondeau, Schulze
97-10 Ecotourism Demand and Differential Pricing of National Park Entrance Fees in Costa Rica Chase, Lee, Schulze, Anderson
97-11 Farmer Participation in Reforestation Incentive Programs in Costa Rica Thacher, Lee, Schelhas
97-12 Crop Budgets for the Western Region of Uzbekistan Chabot, Kyle
97-13 Agriculture in the Republic of Karakalpakstan and Khorezm Oblast of Uzbekistan Kyle, Chabot
97-14 Global Hunger: The Methodologies Underlying the Official Estimates Poleman
97-15 Can Hypothetical Questions Reveal True Values? A Laboratory Comparison of Dichotomous Choice and Open-Ended Contingent Values with Auction Values Balistreri, McClelland, Poe, Schulze
97-16 Effective Incentives and Chickpea Competitiveness in India Rao, Kyle
97-17 Trust in Japanese Interfirm Relations: Institutional Sanctions Matter Hagen, Choe
97-18 Introducting Recursive Partitioning to Agricultural Credit Scoring Novak, LaDue
97-19 The Bioeconomics of Marine Sanctuaries Conrad
97-20 Voluntary Revelation of the Demand for Public Goods Using a Provision Point Mechanism Rondeau, Schulze, Poe
97-21 Can Hypothetical Questions Predict Actual Participation in Public Programs? A Field Validity Test Using a Provision Point Mechanism Poe, Clark, Schulze
97-22 Valuation of Groundwater Quality: Contingent Values, Public Policy Needs, and Damage Functions Poe
97-23 A Critical Overview of the Economic Structure of Integrated Assessment Models of Climate Change Khanna, Chapman
97-24 An Exploration of the Differences in National Growth: Some Implications for Future Environmental Policy Khanna, Mount, Chapman
97-25 A Comparison of Hypothetical Phone and Mail Contingent Valuation Responses for Green Pricing Electricity Programs Ethier, Poe, Schulze


1996 Working Papers
No. Title Author
96-01 The Politics of Underinvestment in Agricultural Research de Gorter, Swinnen
96-02 Analyzing Environmental Policy with Pollution Abatement Versus Output Reduction: An Application to U.S. Agriculture Schamel, de Gorter
96-03 Climate Change Effects in a Macroeconomic Context for Low Income Countries Kyle, Sampath
96-04 Redesigning Environmental Strategies to Reduce the Cost of Meeting Urban Air Pollution Standards Dorris, Mount
96-05 Economic Growth, Trade and the Environment: An Econometric Evaluation of the Environmental Kuznets Curve Suri, Chapman
96-06 Taxation and Participation in Federal Easement Programs: Evidence from the 1992 Pilot Wetlands Reserve Program Poe
96-07 Commodity Futures Prices as Forecasts Tomek
96-08 Old-Growth Forest and Jobs Conrad
96-09 The Economic Threshold with a Stochastic Pest Population: An Application to the European Red Mite Saphores, Conrad
96-10 Competitive Electricity Markets in New York State: Empirical Impacts of Industry Restructuring Ethier, Mount
96-11 Do Participants in Well Water Testing Programs Update Their Exposure and Health Risk Perceptions? Poe, van Es, VandenBerg, Bishop
96-12 A Hedonic Approach to Estimating Operation and Maintenance Costs for New York Municipal Water Systems Schmit, Boisvert
96-13 Productivity of Dairy Farms Measured by Non-Parametric Malmquist Indices Tauer
96-14 A Unique Measure of the Welfare Effects of Price Support Programs for Corn on Family-Farm Households by Size Distribution Seleka, de Gorter
96-15 Economies of Size in Water Treatment vs. Diseconomies of Dispersion for Small Public Water Systems Boisvert, Schmit
96-16 Developing a Demand Revealing Market Criterion for Contingent Valuation Validity Tests Rondeau, Poe, Schulze
96-17 The G-3 Free Trade Agreement: Member Countries’ Agricultural Policies and Its Agricultural Provisions Arguello, Kyle
96-18 The G-3 Free Trade Agreement: A Preliminary Empirical Assessment Arguello, Kyle
96-19 Penn State – Cornell Integrated Assessment Model Barron, Chapman, Kasting, Khanna, Rose, Schultz
96-20 The Impact of Economic Development on Redistributive and Public Research Policies in Agriculture de Gorter, Swinnen
96-21 Policy Implications of Ranking Distributions of Nitrate Runoff and Leaching by Farm, Region, and Soil Productivity Boisvert, Regmi, Schmit
96-22 Conditions for Requiring Separate Green Payments Policies Under Asymmetric Information Peterson, Boisvert


1995 Working Papers
No. Title Author
95-01 Assessing the Accuracy of Benefits Transfers: Evidence from a Multi-State Contingent Valuation Study of Groundwater Quality VandenBerg, Poe, Powell
95-02 Measuring the Differences in E(WTP) When Dichotomous Choice Contingent Valuation Responses Are Not Independent Poe, Welsh, Champ
95-03 Timber Extraction in the Brazilian Amazon: Trends in International and Domestic Markets Stone
95-04 Econometric Relationships for Estimating and Ranking Distributions of Nitrate Leaching from Corn Production Boisvert, Regmi, Schmit
95-05 Modeling the Effects of Climate Change on Grain Production in the U.S.: An Experimental Design Approach Li, Mount, Kaiser, Riha, Wilks, Sampath
95-06 Estimating the Organizational Costs of Managing the Farm Tauer
95-07 Global Hunger: The Methodologies Underlying the Myth Poleman
95-08 On the Option Value of Old-Growth Timber: The Case of the Headwaters Forest Conrad
95-09 Global Warming: When to Bite the Bullet Conrad
95-10 Recent Trends in Food Availability and Nutritional Well-Being Poleman
95-11 Time Preference, Abatement Costs, and International Climate Policy: An Appraisal of IPCC 1995 Khanna, Chapman
95-12 Inequality and the Politics of Redistribution and Public Good Investments Swinnen, de Gorter
95-13 The Kuznets Versus the Marx Patter in Modern Economic Growth: A Perspective from the Japanese Experience Hayami, Ogasahara
95-14 A New Algorithm for Computing Compensated Income from Ordinary Demand Functions Dumagan, Mount
95-15 Endogenous Commodity Policies and the Social Benefits from Public Research Expenditures Swinnen, de Gorter
95-16 Climate Change and Grain Production in the United States: Comparing Agro-Climatic and Economic Effects Li, Mount, Kaiser
95-17 Optimal “Green” Payments to Meet Chance Constraints on Nitrate Leaching Under Price and Yield Risk Peterson, Boisvert


1994 Working Papers
No. Title Author
94-01 Income and Dietary Change: International Comparisons Using Purchasing-Power-Parity Conversions Poleman, Thomas
94-02 Meeting Clean Air Standards for Acid Rain and Urban Ozone: Implications for Electric Utilities in New York State Czerwinski, Minsker, Mount
94-03 Economic Evaluation of Residential Solar Electricity in Developing Countries Chapman, Erickson
94-04 Fishing in Stochastic Waters Schamel, Conrad
94-05 Implementing the Convolutions Approach: A Companion to “Measuring the Difference (X-Y) of Simulated Distributions: A Convolutions Approach” Poe, Welsh, Lossin
94-06 Can Price Supports Negate the Social Gains from Public Research Expenditures in Agriculture? de Gorter, Swinnen
94-07 Bioeconomics of Regulating Nitrates in Groundwater: Taxes, Quantity Restrictions, and Pollution Permits Thomas, Boisvert
94-08 Rethinking Contracts for Purchasing Power: The Economic Advantages of Dispatchability Dorris, Mount
94-09 Structural Adjustment and Agricultural Export Response in Latin America Markussen, Lee
94-10 Population: Past Growth and Future Control Poleman
94-11 Environment and Trade: A Review of the Literature Agras, Suri, Chapman
94-12 Development of Angola’s Agricultural Sector Kyle
94-13 Efficiency, Technology, and Productivity Changes on Individual Dairy Farms Tauer
94-14 Using Variational Equalities to Solve Spatial Price Equilibrium Models with Ad Valorem Tariffs and Activity Analysis Nicholson, Bishop, Nagurney


1993 Working Papers
No. Title Author
93-01 Empirical Analysis of Agricultural Commodity Prices: A Viewpoint Tomek, Myers
93-02 Imperfect Competition Model and Deregulation: U.S. Dairy Policy Suzuki, Kaiser, Lenz, Forker
93-03 A Convolutions Approach to Measuring the Differences in Simulated Distributions: Application to Dichotomous Choice Contingent Valuation Poe, Lossin, Welsh
93-04 Overshooting Agricultural Prices: Evidence from Brazil Burnquist, Kyle
93-05 Dynamic Aggregate Milk Supply Response with Biological Constraints on Dairy Herd Size Sun, Forker, Kaiser
93-06 Measurement of Generic Milk Promotion Effectiveness Using an Imperfect Competition Model Suzuki, Lenz, Kaiser, Kobayashi, Forker
93-07 A Spatial Model of Forest Conversion Using a Geographic Information System Stone
93-08 Exchange Rate Reform and Its Effects on Ecuador’s Traditional Agricultural Export Sector Bejarano, Lee, Greene
93-09 Processed Sweet Potato: Responding to Kenya’s Urban Food Needs Gakonyo
93-10 Estimating Consumer Energy Demand Using International Data: Theoretical and Policy Implications Rothman, Hong, Mount
93-11 Monitored Retrievable Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel in Indian Country: Liability, Sovereignty, and Socioeconomics Erickson, Chapman, Johnny
93-12 Urban Influences on Farmland Use in New York State Hirschl, Bills
93-13 An Empirical Evaluation of Incremental Conditional Damages and Benefits Poe, Bishop


1992 Working Pages
No. Title Author
92-01 A Theory of Competition Between Politicians for Political Support Swinnen
92-02 Negotiating a Response to Climate Change: The Role of Biological Emissions Drennen, Chapman
92-03 Environment, Income, and Development in Southern Africa Chapman
92-04 Data Requirements for Energy Forecasting Mount
92-05 Oil Shocks and the Demand for Electricity Kokkelenberg, Mount
92-06 The Effects of Carbon Taxes on Economic Growth and Structure: Will Developing Countries Join a Global Agreement? Kyle
92-07 Climate Change, Sustainable Economic Systems, and Welfare Mount
92-08 Welfare Effects of Improving End-Use Efficiency: Theory and Application to Residential Electricity Demand Dumagan, Mount
92-09 The Value of Segmenting the Milk Market into bST-Produced and Non-bST-Produced Milk Tauer
92-10 World Oil: Hotelling Depletion, or Accelerating Use Chapman
92-11 Incorporating Demographic Variables into Demand Systems for Food: Theory and Practice Peterson, Mount
92-12 U.S. Dairy Policy Alternatives Under Bovine Somatotropin Wang, Boisvert, Kaiser


1991 Working Pages
No. Title Author
91-01 Departmental Rankings by AJAE Publication Rates Streeter, Kaiser
91-02 Stock Pollutants and Risky Accumulation Conrad
91-03 Influence of Agricultural Lending Policies on Commercial Bank Loan Volume LaDue, Thurgood
91-04 Viability in Soybean Futures Prices: Economic and Econometric Issues Streeter, Tomek
91-05 A Critical Analysis of Climate Change Policy Research Rothman, Chapman
91-06 Global Properties of Well-Behaved Demand Systems: A Generalized Logit Model Specification Dumagan, Mount
91-07 Measuring the Welfare Effects of Carbon Penalties: Theory and Applications to Household Energy Demand Dumagan, Mount
91-08 Economic Strategies for Coevolution: Parks, Buffer Zones, and Biodiversity Conrad
91-09 Economics and Resumption of Commercial Whaling Conrad, Bjorndal
91-10 A Bioeconomic Analysis of the Northern Anchovy Conrad
91-11 A Positive Theory of Agricultural Protection Swinnen
91-12 What Role for Leucaena Leucocephala in Meeting Kenya’s Fuelwood Demand: A Bioeconomic Model Stone, Kyle, Conrad
91-13 Rural Household Data Collection in Developing Countries: Designing Instruments and Methods for Collecting Time Allocation Data Leones
91-14 Rural Household Data Collection in Developing Countries: Designing Instruments and Methods for Collecting Consumption and Expenditure Data Levin
91-15 Rural Household Data Collection in Developing Countries: Designing Instruments and Methods for Collecting Health and Nutrition Data Low
91-16 Rural Household Data Collection in Developing Countries: Designing Instruments and Methods for Collecting Time Allocation Data Leones
91-17 Rural Household Data Collection in Developing Countries: Designing Instruments and Methods for Collecting Farm Production Data Rozelle
91-18 Rural Household Data Collection in Developing Countries: Designing Instruments and Methods for Collecting Off-Farm Income Data Leones, Rozelle
91-19 Rural Household Data Collection in Developing Countries: Preparing the Data for Analysis Randolph
91-20 Clean Power Supply Through Cogeneration Dorris, Mount


1990 Working Pages
No. Title Author
90-01 Estimation of Global SO2 Emissions: An Economist’s Perspective McClive
90-02 Farm Production Risk and Reliance On Off-Farm Income Kyle
90-03 Global Properties of the Logit, Translog and Almost Ideal Demand Systems Dumagan, Mount
90-04 An Exhaustible Resource Extraction Licensing Scheme Yielding Increasing Government Revenue Jefferson
90-05 Measuring Total Factor Productivity, Technical Change and the Rate of Returns to Research and Development Nguyen, Kokkelenberg
90-06 Clean Power Supply Through Cogeneration. This working paper is missing or was not published Dorris, Mount
90-07 Mozambique in the 1980’s: Economic Reform and Armed Conflict Kyle
90-08 National Factor Markets and the Macroeconomic Context for Environmental Destruction in the Brazilian Amazon Kyle
90-09 Pitfalls in the Measurement of Real Exchange Rate Effects on Agriculture Kyle
90-10 Policy Analysis in an Imperfectly Competitive Market: A Conjectural Variations Model for the Food Manufacturing Industry Maier
90-11 Control in A Dynamic Economy: Modeling the Behavior of the Chinese Village Leader Rozelle, Boisvert
90-12 Demographic and Income Distribution Factors in Demand Systems for Food. This working paper is missing or was not published Mount, Peterson
90-13 Welfare Impacts of Generic Certificates on U.S. Corn Producers Miller, Karszes
90-14 A Bioeconomic Model of the Pacific Whiting Conrad
90-15 Optimal Depletion of Non-Renewable Resources Under Linear Homogeneous Stock-Dependent Cost Jefferson
90-16 The Economics of a Stock Pollutant: Aldicarb on Long Island Conrad, Olson
90-17 Productive and Predatory Public Policies: Research Expenditures and Producer Subsidies in Agriculture de Gorter, Nielson, Rausser


1989 Working Pages
No. Title Author
89-01 Resource Economics: Five Easy Pieces Conrad
89-02 Optimal Dairy Policy with Bovine Somatotropin Tauer, Kaiser
89-03 Environmental Standards and International Trade in Automobiles and Copper: The Case for A Social Tariff Chapman
89-04 Optimal Fluid Milk Advertising in New York State: A Control Model Liu, Forker
89-05 A Bioeconomic Model of the Harp Seal in the Northwest Atlantic Conrad, Bjørndal
89-06 A Money Metric Measure of Welfare Change From Multiple Price and Income Changes Dumagan
89-07 The Strategic Role of Supermarket Buyer Intermediaries in New Product Selection: Implications for Systemwide Efficiency McLaughlin, Rao
89-08 Estimating Parameters in a Dynamic Open-Access Model with Application to the Flemish Cap Groundfishery Gomersall
89-09 The Dynamic Effects of Agricultural Subsidy Programs in the United States de Gorter
89-10 Estimating Sources of Fluctuations in the Australian Wool Market: An Application of VAR Methods Myers, Piggott, Tomek
89-11 An Analysis of Alternate Micro Level Models of Investment Behavior LaDue, Miller, Kwiatkowski
89-12 The Impact of Modern Biotechnology on Developing Countries: Some Emerging Issues Barker


1988 Working Pages
No. Title Author
88-01 Pollution Control and Resource Management Conrad
88-02 Pollution Control with Risk of Irreversible Accumulation Conrad
88-03 Methods for Setting Agricultural Research Priorities: Report of a Bellagio Conference Barker
88-04 The Eternity Problem in the Economics of Nuclear Waste Storage: Centralized or On-Site? Chapman
88-05 In Search of Optimal Control Models for Generic Commodity Promotion Liu, Forker
88-06 Changing Conditions and Emerging Issues for Agriculture Production in the Northeast White
88-07 Modeling the Decision to Add New Products by Channel Intermediaries Rao, McLaughlin
88-08 Public Policy Implications of the Role of Channel Intermediaries in New Product Acceptance McLaughlin, Rao
88-09 Empirical Implications of Reconciling the Behavioral Assumptions in Dual Models of Production Driscoll, Boisvert
88-10 The Economic Impact of Future Biological Nitrogen Fixation Technologies Tauer
88-11 Estimating Endogenous Switching Systems for Government Interventions: The Case of the Dairy Sector Liu, Kaiser, Forker, Mount
88-12 Credit Assessment Models for Farm Borrowers: A Logit Analysis Miller, LaDue
88-13 The Economics of Sustainable Agricultural Systems in Developing Countries Barker, Chapman