Staff Papers: 1980-1989

Staff papers (SP) are typically short papers that represent preliminary research results, discuss works or ideas in progress, stimulate new thinking, or otherwise are less formal treatments of a subject than would be published in a research or extension bulletin.


1989 Staff papers
No. Title Author
89-01 Using Strategic Planning to Formulate Future Business Opportunities White
89-17 An Analysis of Change in Milk Production Per Cow by State, 1950-87 Weersink, Tauer
89-22 The Distributional Impacts of Technical Change on the U.S. Dairy Sector Weersink, Tauer
89-23 Input Aggregation and Firm Efficiency Thomas, Tauer


1988 Staff papers
No. Title Author
88-01 The U.S. Honey Industry: An Economic Analysis Willett
88-02 An Overview of the 1987 Farm Management and Energy Survey Kelleher, Bills
88-03 The Impact of the Dairy Termination Program on Land Use in New York Simler, Bills, Kaiser
88-04 What Needs to be Done to Remain Competitive in Milk Production? Stanton
88-05 Undergraduate Education in Agricultural Economics at Cornell University, Challenges and Lessons McLaughlin
88-06 The Impact of the Tax Reform Act of 1986 and 1987 New York Tax Laws on Leasing of Farm Assets Casler
88-07 Concerning the Final Report of the National Commission on Dairy Policy: Statement to the U.S. Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry Novakovic
88-08 Classification and Integration of Sector Accounts in Agriculture Stanton
88-09 An Analysis of the Effects of Field Operations Management on New York Dairy Farms Johnson, Milligan
88-10 Concerning the Final Report of the National Commission on Dairy Policy: Statement to the U.S. House Subcommittee on Livestock, Dairy, and Poultry Novakovic
88-11 Rail Regulatory Reform and Changing Interregional Competitiveness in the Feed Grain Industry Schmeltz, Lee
88-12 Food, Population, and Employment: The Malthusian Prospect Two Centuries Later Poleman
88-13 Marketing – Agriculture’s New Frontier Figueroa
88-14 Quota Rents and Subsidies: The Case of U.S. Cheese Import Quotas Hornig, Boisvert, Blandford
88-15 Information for Evaluating Land Retention Programs: The Agricultural District Approach Bills, Boisvert
88-16 Farmland Use in an Urban Environment: Status, Trends and Policy Issues Bills
88-17 Approaches to Defining and Classifying Farms Stanton, Bills
88-18 Some Aspects of Italian Wine Economics, An Overview of the 1980’s Segré
88-19 Developing A Spatially Referenced Soil Quality Database for Land Use Research Kelleher, Bills
88-20 Robert Smock and the Diffusion of Controlled Atmosphere Technology in the U.S. Apple Industry, 1940-1960 Love
88-21 A Bioeconomic Model of Pollution and Resource Management Conrad
88-22 Economics and the Risk from Low Level Radioactive Waste Conrad
88-23 Italian Wine in the U.S. Market, A Case Study of Cantine Riunite Segré, White
88-24 Utilizing a Geographic Information System to Develop an Agricultural Land Use Database Kelleher, Bills


1987 Staff papers
No. Title Author
87-01 The Impact of the Introduction of a Futures Market on the Supply of Lumber Meyer, Tomek
87-02 Electronic Information – The Public/Private Sector Interface Streeter
87-03 The National School Lunch Program: Effects of Recent Legislation on Participation in New York State Zucchino, Ranney
87-04 Economic Implications of Reactor Decommissioning for Spent Fuel Disposal Chapman
87-05 Competitiveness of Northeast Milk Producers in the National Market Stanton
87-06 Suggested Strategies for Developing Agriculture in Bolivia Conklin
87-07 The Importance of Non-Farm Income on Farm Family Income Inequality in New York Boisvert, Ranney
87-08 Resource Depletion, Agricultural Research, and Development Chapman, Barker
87-09 Effects of Futures and Options Trading on Farm Incomes Tomek
87-10 A Preliminary Analysis of the Impact of the Tax Reform Act of 1986 on Taxes Paid by Dairy Farmers Casler
87-11 Some Thoughts on a Bailout of the Farm Credit System LaDue
87-12 A Note on Measuring Technical Efficiency Tauer
87-13 Transfrontier Pollution: Cooperative and Noncooperative Solutions Conrad, Scott
87-14 Bioeconomics and the Bowhead Whale Conrad
87-15 Key Policy Issues in the Farm Use of Chemicals: Where Are We and Where Do We Go From Here? Allee
87-16 Can We Have Both Successful Farmers and Clean Groundwater on Long Island? Baker
87-17 The Numerical Analysis of Monopolistically Competitive Markets: The Case of A New York Fresh Apple Packer Starbird, Milligan
87-18 Economic Changes from the Use of Biotechnology in Production Agriculture Tauer
87-19 An Exploratory Modeling of the Decision Process of New Product Selection by Supermarket Buyers McLaughlin, Rao
87-20 Multifactor Productivity Growth in U.S. Food Manufacturing Lee, Maier, Lynch
87-21 An Empirical Analysis of Congressional Voting on Farm Bill Legislation Lee, Tkachyk
87-22 Cash Versus Accrual Accounting Information for Dairy Farm Management Lazarus
87-23 Profitability of Mergers in Food Manufacturing Rozelle
87-24 Economics, Mathematical Models, and Environmental Policy Conrad
87-25 The Economic Significance of Pollution Control and Worker Safety Costs for World Copper Trade Chapman
87-26 Becoming an Effective Money Manager – Seven Steps to Successful Financial Management White


1986 Staff papers
No. Title Author
86-01 Resource Development and Environmental Risk Conrad
86-02 Patent and Technology Transfer Issues in Biotechnology Magrath
86-03 Options for Farm Families Facing Critical Decisions Brake, Shephard
86-04 The Importance of Household Size in Explaining Low-Fat and Whole Milk Expenditures in the U.S. Laraki, Ranney
86-05 Modeling the Spatial Organization of the Northeast Dairy Industry Novakovic, Pratt
86-06 The Supply of Commercial Storage for American Cheese Pratt, Novakovic, Alexander
86-07 Why New York Grape Growers Need to Increase Yields White
86-08 A Model to Explain Participation in New York’s Agricultural Districts and Use-Value Assessment Program Boisvert, Bills
86-09 A Monte Carlo Experiment Demonstrating Specification Bias in Translog Cost Systems Driscoll, Boisvert
86-10 Risk Preference and Long-Run Performance of the Dairy Farm Tauer
86-11 Working on Fisher’s Problem with Computer Algebra Chapman
86-12 Local Finance and Policy for Groundwater Protection Allee
86-13 An Appraisal of Composite Forecasting Methods Park, Tomek
86-14 Product Allocation of Generic Advertising Funds: A Sales Maximization Approach With An Application to Milk and Cheese in New York City Kinnucan
86-15 New York Milk Supply with Bovine Growth Hormone Magrath, Tauer
86-16 An Economic Analysis of the Star Accelerated Lambing System Snyder, Milligan
86-17 A Note on the Optimal Hedge Ratio: A Revisit Liu, Roe
86-18 Support For Local Governments in Groundwater Protection Allee
86-19 A Perspective on the Financial Situation in Agriculture Brake
86-20 Measuring Productivity Changes in U.S. Food Manufacturing, 1959-1082 Lee
86-21 Mandatory Supply Management Programs in Canada and Europe Kaiser
86-22 This staff paper is missing or was never published
86-23 The Magnuson Fisheries Conservation and Management Act: An Economic Assessment of the First 10 Years Conrad
86-24 Modeling the Linkage Between Domestic and International Markets Blandford
86-25 River Basin Management Allee
86-26 Adjustments in the Dairy Sector: The 1986 to 1988 Economic Outlook Novakovic
86-27 Comparative Statements on Production Costs and Competitiveness in Agricultural Commodities Stanton
86-28 Experimental Price Variability and Consumer Response: Tracking Potato Sales With Scanners McLaughlin, Lesser
86-29 A Forecast for the Grocery Industry in the 1990s McLaughlin, Hawkes
86-30 Agricultural Districts and Use-Value Assessment: The New York Experience in Farmland Retention Bills, Boisvert
86-31 Our Interdependent World Economy and Agricultural Trade Blandford


1985 Staff papers
No. Title Author
85-01 Evolution and Change in New York Agriculture Stanton
85-02 Sample Partitioning Bias in Estimating the Effects of the Food Stamp Program Ranney
85-03 Structural Changes and the Rural Society, Town of Dryden and Tompkins County, New York, 1925-1980 Bratton
85-04 An Analysis of Alternative Levels of Milk Support Prices Through 1990 Novakovic
85-05 The Role of Alternative Risk Programming Models in Empirical Research Boisvert
85-06 Some Issues Concerning Dairy Policy in 1985 Novakovic
85-07 Financial and Economic Analysis of Water Projects Allee
85-08 The 1985 Farm Bill: The Political Process and Some Possible Outcomes Robinson
85-09 The Public Power Act of 1985 Chapman
85-10 Twenty Years of Structure, Cost and Performance Changes in U.S. Food Chains McLaughlin, Hawkes
85-11 Risk Preferences Necessary to Choose Life Insurance Funding of Buy-Sell Arrangements Tauer
85-12 Successful Dairy Farm Debt Management Strategies Kauffman, Tauer
85-13 Criteria for and Evaluation of Selected On-Farm Computer Accounting Software Milligan, Kent, Knoblauch
85-14 Analysis of Automated Grain Feeding Systems on Dairy Farms in New York State Kelleher, Milligan
85-15 The Impact of Bovine Growth Hormone on the New York Dairy Sector: An Example Using Sector Linear Programming Tauer
85-16 The Economic Implications of Bovine Growth Hormone on Dairy Farm Profitability Milligan, Kalter
85-17 Alternative Approaches to Market Share Analysis: An Application to the International Poultry Market Durham, Lee
85-18 Cropland Lease Arrangements and Soil Erosion in the U.S. Bills
85-19 Local Government and Groundwater Quality Management Allee, Powell
85-20 Alternative Incentives to Encourage Desirable Irrigation Projects Under the Small Reclamation Projects Act Loan Program Allee
85-21 Limits on Price Analysis Tomek
85-22 The Economic Impact of bGH on the New York State Dairy Sector: Comparative Static Results Magrath, Tauer
85-23 Projecting Adoption Rates: Application of an Ex Ante Procedure to Biotechnology Projects Lesser, Magrath, Kalter
85-24 Global Pollution and International Trade Chapman
85-25 International Agriculture Trade From A Common Market Perspective Blandford
85-26 Factors Affecting the Location of the U.S. Biotechnology Industry Magrath
85-27 Five Myths About Financing Dairy Farm Businesses LaDue
85-28 Dairy Management Practices and New York Dairy Farm Incomes 1984 Bratton, Williams
85-29 This staff paper is missing or was never published
85-30 On the Evaluation of Government Programs to Reduce Environmental Risk Conrad
85-31 The Dynamics of an Open Access Fishery Bjorndal, Conrad
85-32 An Analysis of the Impact of President Reagan’s Tax Proposals on Taxes Paid by Dairy Farmers Casler
85-33 Analysis of Leading Alternative Dairy Price Support Program Proposals Novakovic
85-34 Comparison of Farm Businesses of Registered and Grade Herds, New York, 1984 Bratton, Williams
85-35 New York Dairy Industry Overview Knoblauch, Putnam


1984 Staff papers
No. Title Author
84-12 The Structure of Tax Incentives for Regulated Electric Utilities Chapman
84-15 An Empirical Allocation of Dairy Farm Partnership Income to Capital, Labor, and Management Tauer
84-22 Regional Journal Contributions of Recent Graduates Tauer, Tauer
84-104 The Philippine Rice Program-Lessons for Agricultural Development Barker


1983 Staff papers
No. Title Author
83-01 Decomposing the Induced Income Changes in Input-Output Models Boisvert
83-02 Gen3-A Simulation Model for Resource Policy Evaluation Tyner, Kalter, Baker, Broderick
83-03 Risk, Information and the Development of Marine Resources Conrad
83-04 The Financial Model in the Advanced Utility Simulation Model Cole, Chapman
83-05 The Solid Standards Issue Boynton
83-06 Reflections on Criteria and Strategies for Choosing Among Dairy Price Support Proposals Novakovic
83-07 Some Economic Issues and Trends in Production and Export Marketing of Vegetables in Turkey Bulbul, Unsal, Forker
83-08 Bioeconomics and the Harvest of Two Competing Specie Conrad, Castro
83-09 The Efficiency of the Farmer at Various Ages Tauer
83-10 Economic Viability of Investing in Alternative Part-Time Cow-Calf Farms in the Northeastern United States Milligan, Nowak, Knoblauch, Fox
83-11 Alternative Solutions to the Dairy Problem and the Role of the Agricultural Economist in Policy Formation and Analysis Novakovic
83-12 Decision Analysis As A Tool for Selecting Evaluation Schemes Alley, Conrad
83-13 Estimating Demand Irreversibility Under Large Price Changes Using Experimental Data Lesser, Roller
83-14 Incidence of Rivalry in Pesticide Advertising Boynton, Schiferl
83-15 Wages, Productivity, and Prices: Defining the Structure of Food Price Inflation Lee
83-16 Is Crop Rotation Feasible? A Linear Programming Model of Scallion Farms in the Central Highlands of Ecuador Warner
83-17 The Glenn Tax in New York Younger
83-18 An Application of Ordinary and General Stochastic Dominance Criteria in Ordering Risky Marketing Strategies for Corn Producers Greenhall
83-19 The Outlook for Fruit in the Northeast, 1983-84 White
83-20 Farm Credit and Interest Rate Situation and Outlook Brake
83-21 Acid Rain, Nuclear Power, and Regulatory Economics Chapman
83-22 Geographic Information Systems in Policy Research: Examples from an Evolving System Heimlich, Bills, Ogg
83-23 Toward the Next Generation of Dairy Policy Novakovic, Boynton
83-24 Food Stamp Program Participation and Cash Equivalent Benefits Ranney
83-25 Maximizing the Use of the Farm Produced Forages Milligan
83-26 A Detailed Summary of the Dairy Production Stabilization Act of 1983 (a.k.a. The Compromise Bill) Novakovic
83-27 A Social Tariff: Global Wage and Pollution Standards Chapman


1982 Staff papers
No. Title Author
82-01 The Impact of Research and Education on New York Farmers and Consumers: From the Perspective of the Social Sciences Stanton
82-02 Incentive Plans for Use on Dairy Farms Bratton
82-03 An Overview of Dairy Policy Options Novakovic
82-04 The Effectiveness of Generic Versus Brand Advertising For Manufactured Milk Products – The Case of Yogurt Hall, Folk
82-05 Demographic Versus Media Advertising Effects on Milk Demand: The Case of the New York City Market Kinnucan
82-06 An Analysis of the Impact of Deregulating the Pricing of Reconstituted Milk Under Federal Milk Marketing Orders Novakovic, Aplin
82-07 Procedures for Vehicle Routing Problems With An Application to Milk Assembly in New York Sehulster, Pratt, Novakovic
82-08 Price Formation – Theory and Practice Forker
82-09 The Urban/Rural Interface and the Preservation of Farming Conklin
82-10 The Involvement of Cornell’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences in Rural Land Use Policy Conklin
82-11 Utilization of the Resource Base New York’s Rural Areas in Transition Conklin
82-12 It is Possible to Preserve Farming Conklin
82-13 A Demand Analysis of Bob Calves for Veal and Feeder Calf Uses in the Northeast Lesser, Bindlish
82-14 Effects of Changes in Crop Reports and Market News on the Northeast Lesser
82-15 Fishery Management: The Case of Tuna in the Eastern Tropical Atlantic Adu-Asamoah, Conrad
82-16 Assessing the Regional Economic Impact of New Biomass Energy Development Batista, Boisvert, Kalter
82-17 Farm Numbers and Their Implications for Economic Analysis Stanton
82-18 Cyclical Aspects of Adjustment to Corn Price Instability Offutt
82-19 A Programming Approach to Financing Public Education Colburn, Boisvert
82-20 Economics of Size in Dairy Farm Adjustment to Water Quality Constraints Heimlich
82-21 The Pricing of Publicly Controlled Natural Resources: A General Equilibrium Approach Hertel
82-22 This staff paper is missing or was never published
82-23 Structural Linkages Between Agriculture and the Rest of the Economy: An Evaluation of Sectoral and Macroeconomic Models Vellituni
82-24 The European Economic Community’s Vegetable Oil Tax Proposal: A Case Study of Trade Conflict Taylor
82-25 An Empirical Analysis of Dairy Farm Reinvestment Versus Tax-Deferred Plans for Retirement Income Tauer
82-26 Sources and Control of Agricultural Groundwater Contamination Otter Creek-Dry Creek, Cortland County, NY Heimlich
82-27 Stochastic Simulation of Buffer-Stock Stabilization Policies in the World Cocoa Market Alba, Brambila, Spathis, Vellutini
82-28 Implications of the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1982 for the Dairy Industry with Special Reference to the Cheese Subsector Novakovic
82-29 Lectures on Bioeconomics and the Management of Renewable Resources Conrad
82-30 Summary of Agricultural Water Management Program Accomplishments, 1976-1982 Geohring
82-31 Evaluating Food Warehouse Efficiency Using Residual Analysis Roller, Lesser
82-32 Is Leasing a Viable Alternative LaDue
82-33 World Wheat Price Variability: Changes in it’s Magnitude and Source Blandford, Schwartz


1981 Staff Papers
No. Title Author
81-01 Food Price Reporting” Evaluation and Opportunities for Consumers Lesser
81-02 Vertical Exchange Relationships and {Performance in the Great Lakes Yellow Perch Industry Lesser
81-03 Management of a Multiple Cohort Fishery: The Hard Clam in Great South Bay Conrad
81-04 Forest Management and Nontimber Attributes: A Graphical Approach Conrad
81-05 The Economic of Small Scale Alcohol Production Casler
81-06 Alcohol Fuels: Some Agricultural and Energy Issues Casler
81-07 Milk Prices- Where Are We Headed? Novakovic
81-08 Possibilities for Keeping Farm Land in Farming in New York Conklin
81-09 Food, Population, and Employment: The Economic and Political Context of World Hunger Poleman
81-10 The Upper Delaware-An Experiment in Partnership Management Allee
81-11 Food Security and the International Wheat Agreements Callear, Blandford
81-12 Sequential Sampling for Pest Management Fohner
81-13 Impact of New Procedures for Estimating Agricultural Use Values in New York Bills, Boisvert
81-14 Energy and Employment Implications of Foreign Trade Opportunities in the Northeast Alba, Blandford, Boisvert
81-15 Marketing Alternatives for Northeastern Dairy Beef and Feeder Calves Lesser
81-16 Profitability of Feeding Dairy Steers to Feeder and Slaughter Weight on Northeast Dairy Farms Milligan, Nowak, Knoblauch
81-17 Feeding and Management Strategies for Producing Beef from Holstein Steers on Northeast Dairy Farms Fox, Nowak
81-18 Dairy Promotion Research at Cornell: What Have We Learned? Kinnucan
81-19 An Evaluation of Alternative Indicators of Commodity Instability Offutt, Blandford
81-20 The Impact of Structural Change on Potential Instability in the World Wheat Market Schwartz, Blandford
81-21 Estimating the Effect of Government Programs on the Supply of Wheat in the United States Neenan, Blandford
81-22 Predicting the Direct Benefits of a Food Price Reporting or Preference Changing Program Lesser, Bryant
81-23 The Outlook For Fruit in the Northeast White
81-24 Farm Credit and Interest Rate Situation and Outlook Brake
81-25 Explaining Productivity Differences in Grocery Warehouses Lesser, Roller
81-26 The 1981 Tax Act and the Economics of Coal and Nuclear Power Chapman
81-27 The Feasibility of Ethanol Production From Cheese Whey and Fruit Pomace in New York State Gabler, Kalter, Boisvert, Walker, Pellerin, Rao, Hang
81-28 Affiliated Shareholding, Management, and Debt in the Petroleum Industry: Efficiency or Monopoly Objectives? Chapman
81-29 Financial Reorganization of the Farm Business (Short of Bankruptcy) Brake
81-30 Employment Implications of Exporting Processed U.S. Agricultural Products Blandford, Boisvert


1980 Staff papers
No. Title Author
80-05 The Optimal Separation of Farm Taxable Income Between Two Consecutive Tax Years Tauer