Faculty Fellows, Distinguished Members and Presidents

Agricultural and Applied Economics Association

Year Fellow
2010 Christopher Barrett
2006 Prabhu Pingali
2000 Per Pinstrup-Andersen
1989 William G. Tomek
1987 Daniel G. Sisler
1983 Bernard F. Stanton
1980 John W. Mellor
1979 Kenneth L. Robinson
1966 Forrest F. Hill
1958 William I. Myers


2006 Per Pinstrup-Andersen
1997 Ralph Christy
1986 William G. Tomek
1979 Bernard F. Stanton
1951 Forrest F. Hill
1934 William I. Myers
1913 George F. Warren

Agricultural and Resource Economics Review

Year Fellow
2013 Richard Boisvert (inaugural year)
2013 Harry Kaiser (inaugural year)
2013 Todd Schmit (inaugural year)
2013 Loren Tauer (inaugural year)

American Academy for the Advancement of Science

Year Fellow
2014 Carla Gomes

Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence

Year Fellow
2008 Carla Gomes

Human Development and Capability Association

Year President
2016-18 Ravi Kanbur

Northeastern Agricultural and Resource Economics Association

Year Distinguished Member Award
2009 Harry Kaiser
2003 Harry Kaiser
2001 David Lee
1994 Olan Forker
1993 Loren W. Tauer
1985 Bernard Stanton
1982 Lee Day

Northeastern Agricultural and Resource Economics Association

Year Honorary Life Member
2015 Richard N. Boisvert
1996 Olan D. Forker
1993 Bernard F. Stanton
1989 Lee M. Day
1984 Howard E. Conklin
1978 Edward A. Lutz
1972 Stanley W. Warren

Northeastern Agricultural and Resource Economics Association

Year President
2006 Harry Kaiser
2000 Loren Tauer
1996 David Lee
1991 Olan Forker
1983 Lee Day

Society for the Study of Economic Inequality

Year President
2013-15 Ravi Kanbur