Working Papers: 2000-2009

Working papers (WP) published by the Dyson School are journal-article-length research papers. They are used to share research results in a timely fashion and garner input from professional peers prior to anticipated publication in professional journals.


2009 Working Papers
No. Title Author
09-01 Product Differentiation and Market Segmentation in Applesauce: Using a Choice Experiment to Assess the Value of Organic, Local, and Nutrition Attributes James, Rickard, Rossman
09-02 Why Might History Matter for Development Policy? Kanbur
09-03 Poverty and Distribution: Twenty Years Ago and Now Kanbur
09-04 Q-Squared in Policy: The Use of Qualitative and Quantitative Methods of Poverty Analysis in Decision-Making Shaffer, Kanbur, Hang, Aryeetey
09-05 The Co-Evolution of the Washington Consensus and the Economic Development Discourse Kanbur
09-06 A Typical Scene: Five Exposures to Poverty Kanbur
09-07 Intergenerationalities: Some Educational Questions on Quality, Quantity and Opportunity Kanbur
09-08 Investment Decisions and Offspring Gender Bogan
09-09 Serving Member Interests in Changing Markets: A Case Study of Pro-Fac Cooperative Henehan, Schmit
09-10 Monetary Policy Challenges for Emerging Market Economies Hammond, Kanbur, Prasad
09-11 Conceptualizing Informality: Regulation and Enforcement Kanbur
09-12 Towards a Genuine Sustainability Standard for Biofuel Production de Gorter, Tsur
09-13 An Empirical Evaluation of New Socialist Countryside Development in China Guo, Yu, Schmit, Henehan, Li
09-14 Evaluating Marketing Channel Options for Small-Scale Fruit and Vegetable Producer LeRoux, Schmit, Roth, Streeter
09-15 Altering Milk Components Produced by the Dairy Cow: Estimation by a Multiple Output Distance Function Cho, Nakane, Tauer
09-16 Detecting Technological Heterogeneity in New York Dairy Farms Corral, Alvarez, Tauer
09-17 Economic Impacts of Soybean Rust on the U.S. Soybean Sector Gómez, Nunez, Onal
09-18 Beyond theTipping Point: A Multidisciplinary Perspective on Urbanization and Development Beall, Guha-Khasnobis, Kanbur
09-19 Informal Sector and Social Policy. Compendium of Personal and Technical Reflections Bali, Basu, Bery, Bhorat, Carré, Chen, Fields, Kanbur, Levy, Lund, Unni, Valodia
09-20 The Impact of Age on the Ability to Perform Under Pressure: Golfers on the PGA Tour Fried, Tauer
09-21 A Study of Market-Wide Short-Selling Restrictions Charoenrook, Daouk
09-22 Conditional Skewness of Aggregate Market Returns Charoenrook, Daouk
09-23 Is Unlevered Firm Volatility Asymmetric? Daouk, Ng
09-24 When No Law Is Better Than a Good Law Bhattacharya, Daouk
09-25 Cashew Production in Guinea Bissau Kyle
09-26 The Macroeconomic Context for Trade in Guinea Bissau Kyle
09-27 Transport, Electricity, and Communications Priorities in Guinea Bissau Kyle
09-28 A Market Experiment on Trade Promotion Budget and Allocation Gómez, Rao, Yuan
09-29 Do Retail Coffee Prices Increase Faster Than They Fall? Asymmetric Price Transmission in France, Germany and the United States Gómez, Koerner
09-30 Middlemen, Non-Profits, and Poverty Chau, Goto, Kanbur
09-31 Equity Within and Between Nations Kanbur, Spence
09-32 Understanding the Entrepreneur: An Index of Entrepreneurial Success Fried, Tauer
09-33 The Conservation Reserve Program, Off-Farm Work, and Farm Household Technical Efficiencies Chang, Boisvert
09-34 Does Participation in the Conservation Reserve Program and/or Off-Farm Work Affect the Level and Distribution of Farm Household Income? Chang, Boisvert


2008 Working Papers
No. Title Author
08-01 The Impact of Ethanol Plants on Cropland Values in the Great Plains Henderson, Gloy
08-02 Revenue-Recycling and the Efficiency and Spatial Distributional Impacts of Development Taxes Bento
08-03 Globalization, Growth and Distribution: Framing the Questions Kanbur
08-04 Poverty Dynamics: Measurement and Understanding from an Interdisciplinary Perspective Addison, Hulme, Kanbur
08-05 Poverty Effects of the Minimum Wage: The Role of Household Employment Composition Fields, Han, Kanbur
08-06 Conceptualizing Economic Marginalization Kanbur
08-07 Attacking Poverty: What Is the Value Added of a Human Rights Approach Kanbur
08-08 Estimation of Treatment Effects of recombinant Bovine Somatotropin Using Matching Samples Tauer
08-09 Microfinance Institutions: Does Capital Structure Matter? Bogan
08-10 Are Higher 529 College Savings Plan Fees Linked to Greater State Tax Incentives? Bogan
08-11 Empirical Analysis of Stanchion and Parlor Milking Cost on New York Dairy Farms Katsumata, Tauer
08-12 Social Preferences and Voting: An Exploration Using a Novel Preference Revealing Mechanism Messer, Poe, Rondeau, Schulze, Vossler
08-13 The Value of Private Risk Versus the Value of Public Risk: An Experimental Analysis of the Johannesson et al. Conjecture Messer, Poe, Schulze
08-14 Ethanol Plant Investment Using Net Present Value and Real Options Analyses Schmit, Luo, Tauer
08-15 Cornell-SEWA-WIEGO 2008 Dialogue: Ahmedabad and Delhi Compendium of Personal and Technical Notes Bali, Basu, Bhorat, Kanbur, et al.
08-16 Dairy Farm Management Adjustments to Biofuels-Induced Changes in Agricultural Markets Schmit, Boisvert, Enahoro, Chase
08-17 China’s Growth Strategies Headey, Kanbur, Zhang
08-18 Regional Inequality in China: An Overview Fan, Kanbur, Zhang
08-19 Do Investors Learn about Analyst Accuracy? Chang, Daouk, Wang
08-20 Labor Market Competitiveness and Poverty Goto
08-21 The Optimal Minimum Wage for Poverty Minimization Goto
08-22 Measuring the Effects of the Clean Air Act Amendments on Ambient PM(10) Concentrations: Critical Importance of a Spatially Disaggregated Analysis Auffhammer, Bento, Lowe
08-23 Domestic Support Reform? A Closer Look at the EU Policies Applied to Processed Fruits and Vegetables Rickard, Sumner
08-24 Import Demand for Horticultural Commodities in Developed and Emerging Countries Rickard, St. Pierre, Becker


2007 Working Papers
No. Title Author
07-01 Poverty, Inequality and Conflict Kanbur
07-02 Poverty, Relative to the Ability to Eradicate It: An Index of Poverty Reduction Failure Kanbur, Mukherjee
07-03 Should Egalitarians Expropriate Philanthropists Dasgupta, Kanbur
07-04 The Impact of Generic Fluid Milk and Cheese Advertising on Regulated Dairy Product Markets: A System Dynamics Analysis Nicholson, Kaiser
07-05 Oil, Growth and Political Development in Angola Kyle
07-06 Farm Inefficiency Resulting from the Missing Management Input Byma, Tauer
07-07 This working paper was deleted from the series.
07-08 Community and Class Antagonism Dasgupta, Kanbur
07-09 Development Disagreements and Water Privatization: Bridging the Divide Kanbur
07-10 Biofuel Demands: Their Implications for Feed Prices Schmit, Verteramo, Tomek
07-11 Quantifying Sources of Dairy Farm Business Risk and Implications for Management Strategies Chang, Schmit, Boisvert, Tauer
07-12 The Impact of the Market Information Service on Pricing Efficiency and Maize Price Transmission in Uganda Mugoya, Christy, Mabaya
07-13 The Welfare Economics of an Excise-Tax Exemption for Biofuels and the Interaction Effects with Farm Subsidies de Gorter, Just
07-14 Shadow Pricing Market Access: A Trade Benefit Function Approach Chau, Färe
07-15 Trade Restrictiveness and Pollution Chau, Färe
07-16 Agri-environmental Programs in the U.S. and the EU: Lessons from Germany and New York State Haaren, Bills
07-17 Measuring the Effects of Environmental Regulations: The Critical Importance of a Spatially Disaggregated Analysis Auffhamm, Bento, Lowe
07-18 Measuring the Welfare Effects of Slum Improvement Programs: The Case of Mumbai Takeuchi, Cropper, Bento
07-19 Distributional and Efficiency Impacts of Increased U.S. Gasoline Taxes Bento, Goulder, Jacobsen, von Haefen
07-20 The Law of Unintended Consequences: How the U.S. Biofuel Tax Credit with a Mandate Subsidizes Oil Consumption and Has No Impact on Ethanol Consumption de Gorter, Just
07-21 The Economics of U.S. Ethanol Import Tariffs with a Consumption Mandate and Tax Credit de Gorter, Just


2006 Working Papers
No. Title Author
06-01 Terrorism and Residential Preferences: Evidence in New York State Kay, Geisler, Bills
06-02 Epistemology, Normative Theory and Poverty Analysis: Implications for Q-Squared in Practice Kanbur, Shaffer
06-03 Poverty and Well-Being in Post-Apartheid South Africa: An Overview of Data, Outcomes and Policy Bhorat, Kanbur
06-04 Ghana’s Economy at Half Century: An Overview of Stability, Growth and Poverty Aryeetey, Kanbur
06-05 What’s Social Policy Got to Do with Economic Growth? Kanbur
06-06 Beyond Formality and Informality Guha-Khasnobis, Kanbur, Ostrom
06-07 Partial Identification of Poverty Measures with Contaminated and Corrupted Data Chavez-Martin del Campo
06-08 On the Design of an Optimal Transfer Schedule with Time Inconsistent Preferences Chavez-Martin del Campo
06-09 Does Conditionality Generate Heterogeneity and Regressivity in Program Impacts? The Progresa Experience Chavez-Martin del Campo
06-10 Stock Market Participation and the Internet Bogan
06-11 Bubbles or Convenience Yields? A Theoretical Explanation with Evidence from Technology Company Equity Carve-Outs Bogan
06-12 What Drives Merger Decision Making Behavior? Don’t Seek, Don’t Find, and Don’t Change Your Mind Bogan, Just
06-13 Oil Revenue, Non-Oil Trade and Poverty Alleviation in Angola Kyle
06-14 A Theory of Employment Guarantees: Contestability, Credibility, and Distributional Concerns Basu, Chau, Kanbur
06-15 Governance and Development in Karnataka Eds. Kadekodi, Kanbur, Rao
06-16 Membership Based Organizations of the Poor: Concepts, Experience, and Policy Chen, Jhabvala, Kanbur, Richards
06-17 Trade Policy Reforms in the Cereals Sector of the SADC Region: Implications on Food Security Mutambatsere
06-18 Integration and Equilibrium of Maize Markets in Southern Africa: A SADC Sub-regional Assessment Mutambatsere, Mabaya, Christy
06-19 Capital Flows to Africa: An Analysis of the Structure of Official and Private Capital Flows Mhlanga, Christy
06-20 Oil Windfalls in Sub-Saharan Africa: Economic Implications for Local Production, Wages, and Market Equilibrium Slaibi, Kyle
06-21 Fair Trade: Is It Really Better for Workers? A Case Study of Kaisa Grass Baskets in Bangladesh Poe, Kyle
06-22 Exploring Voting Anomalies Using a Demand Revealing Random Price Voting Mechanism Messer, Poe, Rondeau, Schulze,Vossler
06-23 Historical and Spatial Analysis of High-Value Crops Production in the U.S. Cheng, Bills, Francis


2005 Working Papers
No. Title Author
05-01 Pareto’s Revenge Kanbur
05-02 Reforming the Formula: A Modest Proposal for Introducing Development Outcomes in IDA Allocation Procedures Kanbur
05-03 Poverty, Inequality and Development: Micro- and Macro Perspectives and Linkages Janvry, Kanbur
05-04 Loss Aversion and Reference Points in Contracts Just, Wu
05-05 Distributional Implications of the Internet: Can Price Discrimination Improve Farmers’ Welfare? D. Just, R. Just
05-06 Behavior, Production and Competition Just, Zilberman
05-07 Context and Voluntary Contributions: An Experimental Analysis of Communication, Voting, and Status Quo Bias Messer, Kaiser, Schulze
05-08 Capital Market Governance: How Do Security Laws Affect Market Performance? Daouk, Lee, Ng
05-09 The Complex Links between Governance and Biodiversity Barrett, Gibson, Hoffman, McCubbins
05-10 An Ordered Tobit Model of Market Participation: Evidence from Kenya and Ethiopia Bellemare, Barrett
05-11 Household Livestock Marketing Behavior Among Northern Kenyan and Southern Ethiopian Pastoralists Barrett, Bellemare, Osterloh
05-12 U.S. Dairy Farm Cost Efficiency Tauer, Mishra
05-13 Turning a Blind Eye: Costly Enforcement, Credible Commitment and Minimum Wage Laws Basu, Chau, Kanbur
05-14 Examining the Effects of Deregulation on Retail Electricity Prices Taber,Chapman, Mount
05-15 Evolution of the Stock of Red Seabream in the Strait of Gibraltar: DEA Malmquist Index and Stochastic Frontier Analysis Espino, Fried, Garcia del Hoyo, Tauer
05-16 The Development of Development Thinking Kanbur
05-17 Characterizing Distribution of Class III Milk Prices: Implications for Risk Management Wang, Tomek
05-18 Minimum Wages and Poverty Fields, Kanbur
05-19 Oil Revenue, the Real Exchange Rate, and Sectoral Distortion in Angola Kyle
05-20 Membership Based Organizing of Poor Women: Reflections After a Dialogue Program with Sewa in Gujarat, India, January 2005 Editors: Chen, Jhabvala, Kanbur, Mirani, Osner, Richards
05-21 A Framework for Scaling Up Poverty Reduction, With Illustrations from South Asia Devarajan, Kanbur
05-22 Oil and Politics in Angola Kyle
05-23 Spatial Inequality and Development: Overview of UNU-WIDER Project Kanbur, Venables
05-24 New Directions in Development Economics: Theory or Empirics? Banerjee, Bardhan, Basu, Kanbur (ed.), Mookherjee
05-25 A Strategy for Agricultural Development in Angola Kyle
05-26 The Politics of Oil and the Aftermath of Civil War in Angola Kyle
05-27 An Econometric Evaluation of a Geopolitical Theory of Oil Price Behavior Slaibi,Chapman, Daouk


2004 Working Papers
No. Title Author
04-01 The African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM): An Assessment of Concept and Design Kanbur
04-02 Growth, Inequality, and Poverty: Some Hard Questions Kanbur
04-03 The Costs and Returns of Agricultural Credit Delivery Gloy, Gunderson, LaDue
04-04 Moral Hazard, Income Taxation, and Prospect Theory Kanbur, Pirttila, Tuomala
04-05 Resettlement and Development Moving from Rehabilitation to Growth in Mozambique and Angola Kyle
04-06 Reality and Analysis: Personal and Technical Reflections on the Working Lives of Six Women Basu, Bhatt, Chau, et al.
04-07 Commodity Prices and Unit Root Tests Wang, Tomek
04-08 Credit Risk Migration Experienced by Agricultural Lenders Gloy, LaDue, Gunderson
04-09 And Never the Twain Shall Meet? An Exchange on the Strengths and Weaknesses of Anthropology and Economics in Analyzing the Commons Kanbur, Riles
04-10 Conceptual Ferment in Poverty and Inequality: The View from Economics and Sociology Grusky, Kanbur
04-11 Non-Welfarist Optimal Taxation and Behavioral Public Economics Kanbur, Pirttila, Tuomala
04-12 When to Get In and Out of Dairy Farming: A Real Option Analysis Tauer
04-13 A Real Options Analysis of Coffee Planting in Vietnam Luong, Tauer
04-14 The Transition from Stabilization to Growth: How and Why to Move Beyond Exchange-Based Stabilization in Angola Kyle
04-15 The Persian Gulf, Global Oil Resources, and International Security Duane Chapman, Khanna
04-16 The Fourth Gulf War: Persion Gulf Oil and Global Security Duane Chapman, Khanna


2003 Working Papers
No. Title Author
03-01 Expected Utility Calibration for Continuous Distributions Just, Peterson
03-02 Major Ideas in the History of Agricultural Finance and Farm Management Barry, Stanton
03-03 Does Corruption Increase Emerging Market Bond Spreads? Ciocchini, Durbin, Ng
03-04 The World Price of Earnings Opacity Bhattacharya, Daouk, Welker
03-05 Switching Asymmetric GARCH and Options on a Volatility Index Daouk, Guo
03-06 Impacts of Changing Agri-Environmental Policy on Countryside Conservation Gross, Bills
03-07 Value-Added Ag-Based Economic Development: A Panacea or False Promise? Part One of a Two-Part Companion Series: What is Value-Added and How Do We Study It? Streeter, Bills
03-08 Value-Added Ag-Based Economic Development: A Panacea or False Promise? Part Two of a Two-Part Companion Series: What Should We Expect of Value-Added Activities? Streeter, Bills
03-09 Would U.S. Economic Policy Pass Muster with the World Bank and IMF Kyle
03-10 Do Changes in Customer Satisfaction Lead to Changes in Sales Performance in Food Retailing? Gómez, McLaughlin, Wittink
03-11 Premature Mortality and Poverty Measurement Kanbur, Mukherjee
03-12 Joseph Stiglitz and Economics for an Imperfect World Arnott, Greenwald, Kanbur, Nalebuff
03-13 An Asset Risk Theory of Share Tenancy Bellemare, Barrett
03-14 Context-Dependent Biodiversity Conservation Management Regimes: Theory and Simulations Gjertsen, Barrett
03-15 The Economics of Poverty and the Poverty of Economics: A Christian Perspective Barrett
03-16 Food-for-Work for Poverty Reduction and the Promotion of Sustainable Land Use: Can It Work? Holden, Barrett, Hagos
03-17 An Asset Risk Model of Reverse Tenancy Bellemare, Barrett
03-18 Macroeconomic Shocks, Human Capital, and Productive Efficiency: Evidence from West African Farmers Barrett, Sherlund, Adesina
03-19 Better Technology, Better Plots, or Better Farmers? Identifying Changes in Productivity and Risk Among Malagasy Rice Farmers Barrett, Moser, Barison, McHugh
03-20 The Complex Dynamics of Smallholder Technology Adoption: The Case of SRI in Madagascar Moser, Barrett
03-21 Educational Investments in a Spatially Varied Economy Mude, Barrett, McPeak, Doss
03-22 Does Resource Commercialization Induce Local Conservation? A Cautionary Tale from Southwestern Morocco Lybert, Barrett, Narjisse
03-23 Organizational Knowledge and Innovation in Business Services Leiponen
03-24 The Choice of Organizational Form for Collaborative Innovation Leiponen
03-25 Bridging Communal Divides: Separation, Patronage, Integration Dasgupta, Kanbur
03-26 The Policy Significance of Inequality Decompositions Kanbur
03-27 Transmission of Shocks Through International Lending of Commercial Banks to LDCs Shimokawa, Kyle
03-28 Can the Small Dairy Farm Remain Competitive in U.S. Agriculture? Tauer, Mishra
03-29 The Impact of recombinant bovine Somatotropin on Dairy Farm Profits: A Switching Regression Analysis Tauer
03-30 Rural Poverty Dynamics: Development Policy Implications Barrett
03-31 Endogenous Technical Progress and Spillovers in a Vertically-Linked Model of Economic Geography Lybbert
03-32 The Cost and Benefit of Listeria Monocytogenes Food Safety Measures Ivanek, Grohn, Tauer, Wiedmann
03-33 Consistent Estimation of Longitudinal Censored Demand Systems: An Application to Transition Country Data Meyerhoefer, Ranney, Sahn
03-34 On Footloose Industries, Asymmetric Information, and Wage Bargaining Chau, Kanbur
03-35 Spatial Inequality in Education and Health Care in China Zhang, Kanbur
03-36 Migration Selectivity and the Evolution of Spatial Inequality Kanbur, Rapoport
03-37 Community and Anti-Poverty Targeting Dasgupta, Kanbur
03-38 Spatial Inequality and Development Kanbur, Venables
03-39 The Economics of International Aid Kanbur
03-40 Global Oil Resources and the Persian Gulf: Security and Democracy Duane Chapman
03-41 Foreign Production: The Weak Link in Tests of the Internationalization Process Model Hagen, Hennart
03-42 Fractal Poverty Traps Barrett, Swallow
03-43 Food-for-Work for Poverty Reduction and the Promotion of Sustainable Land Use: Can It Work? Holden, Barrett, Hagos
03-44 Dynamic Poverty Traps and Rural Livelihoods Barrett, Swallow
03-45 Poverty Traps and Safety Nets Barrett


2002 Working Papers
No. Title Author
02-01 The New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD): An Initial Commentary Kanbur
02-02 University-Wide Entrepreneurship Education Alternatives Models and Current Trends Streeter, Jaquette, Hovis
02-03 Portugal and the Curse of Riches: Macro Distortions and Underdevelopment in Colonial Times Kyle
02-04 Dutch Disease in Säo Tomé E Príncipe: Policy Options for the Coming Oil Boom Kyle
02-05 A Note on Public Goods Dependency Kanbur, Pottebaum
02-06 Exploitation of Child Labor and the Dynamics of Debt Bondage Basu, Chau
02-07 The Political Economy of Long-Run Growth in Angola: Everyone Wants Oil and Diamonds but They Can Make Life Difficult Kyle
02-08 Household-Level Impacts of Dairy Cow Ownership in Coastal Kenya Nicholson, Thornton, Muinga
02-09 Conceptual Challenges in Poverty and Inequality: One Development Economist’s Perspective Kanbur
02-10 Understanding the Evolution of Inequality During Transition: The Optimal Income Taxation Framework Kanbur, Tuomala
02-11 Exploring the Sources of Skill-Biased Technical Change: A Firm Performance Perspective Leiponen
02-12 The International CAPM When Expected Returns Are Time-Varying Ng
02-13 The Sovereign Ceiling and Emerging Market Corporate Bond Spreads Ng
02-14 Corruption and International Valuation: Does Virtue Pay? Ng
02-15 Male Wages and Female Welfare: Private Markets, Public Goods, and Intrahousehold Inequality Ghosh, Kanbur
02-16 How Workers Get Poor Because Capitalists Get Rich: A General Equilibrium Model of Labor Supply, Community, and the Class Distribution of Income Dasgupta, Kanbur
02-17 IFI’s and IPG’s: Operational Implications for the World Bank Kanbur
02-18 Education, Empowerment, and Gender Inequalities Kanbur
02-19 The Andean Price Band System: Effects on Prices, Protection and Producer Welfare Villoria, Lee
02-20 Achieving Efficiency and Equity in Irrigation Management: An Optimization Model of the El Angel Watershed, Carchi, Ecuador Lee, Boisvert, et al.
02-21 Population Growth and Poverty Measurement Chakravarty, Kanbur, Mukherjee
02-22 Do Healthier Diets Cost More? Ranney, McNamara
02-23 Effects of Food and Health Spending Patterns on the Health of the Elderly Gómez, Ranney
02-24 Subsidized Vehicle Acquisition and Earned Income in the Transition from Welfare to Work Lucas, Nicholson
02-25 Management of National Parks in Developing Countries: A Proposal for an International Park Service Chapman
02-26 Causes and Consequences of Food Retailing Innovation in Developing Countries: Supermarkets in Vietnam Hagen
02-27 Are Joint Venture with Local Firms an Efficient Way to Enter a Culturally Distant Market? The Case of Japanese Entry into the United States Francois, Roehl, Hagen
02-28 The Shadow Economy in Post-Soviet Tajikistan Kyle
02-29 Market Efficiency, Competition, and Communication in Electric Power Markets: Experimental Results Chapman et‹al.
02-30 An Incentive Compatible Self-Compliant Pollution Policy under Asymmetric Information on Both Risk Attitudes and Technology Peterson, Boisvert
02-31 Samuelson Machines and the Optimal Public-Private Mix Kanbur, Clark
02-32 Stable Partnerships, Matching, and Local Public Goods Kanbur, Clark
02-33 An Exchange on the Compensation Principle in Resettlement Cernea, Kanbur
02-34 Making the Decision to Merge: A Case Study of U.S. Dairy Cooperatives Henehan
02-35 An Experimental Test of Ambient-Based Mechanisms for Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Vossler, Poe, Schulze, Segerson
02-36 Globalization and Economic Reform as Seen from the Ground: SEWA’s Experience in India Jhabvala, Kanbur
02-37 Conceptualizing RFI’s versus GFI’s Kanbur
02-38 Social Identity and Manipulative Interhousehold Transfers Among East African Pastoralists Huysentruyt, Barrett, McPeak
02-39 Food Aid and Commercial International Food Trade Barrett
02-40 Decomposing Producer Price Risk; A Policy Analysis Tool with an Application to Northern Kenyan Livestock Markets Barrett, Luseno
02-41 A New Look at the Trade Volume Effects of Real Exchange Rate Risk Wang, Barrett
02-42 Bayes’ Estimates of the Double Hurdle Model in the Presence of Fixed Costs Holloway, Barrett, Ehui
02-43 Food Aid Effectiveness: “It’s the Targeting, Stupid!” Barrett
02-44 Stochastic Wealth Dynamics and Risk Management Among a Poor Population Lybbert, Barrett, Desta, Coppock
02-45 Agriculture and Rural Development: Lessons for Christian Groups Combating Persistent Poverty Barrett, Brown
02-46 Does Resource Commercialization Induce Local Conservation? A Cautionary Tale from Southwestern Morocco Lybbert, Barrett, Desta, Coppock


2001 Working Papers
No. Title Author
01-01 Cooperation Among Competitors: The Japanese Super-Premium Cold Chain Hayashi, Hagen
01-02 The Role of Curvature in Estimating Accurate Dual Functions Tauer
01-03 Cross-Border Externalities, International Public Goods and Their Implications for Aid Agencies Kanbur
01-04 Fifty Years of Regional Inequality in China: A Journey Through Revolution, Reform and Openness ( Kanbur, Zhang
01-05 Qual-Quant: Qualitative and Quantitative Poverty Appraisal: Complementarities, Tensions and the Way Forward Kanbur (ed.)
01-06 Income Enhancing and Risk Management Properties of Marketing Practices Peterson, Tomek
01-07 The Adoption of International Labor Standards Conventions: Who, What, and Why? Chau, Kanbur
01-08 On Obnoxious Markets Kanbur
01-09 Measuring the Shadow Economy in Bulgaria Kyle, Warner
01-10 Rural Poverty and the Landed Elite: South Asian Experience Revisited Hirashima
01-11 Incentives, Inequality and the Allocation of Aid When Conditionality Doesn’t Work: An Optimal Nonlinear Taxation Approach Kanbur, Tuomala
01-12 Supporting Public Goods with Voluntary Programs: Non-Residential Demand for Green Power Fowlie, Wiser, Chapman
01-13 Designing Nonpoint Source Pollution Policies with Limited Information about Both Risk Attitudes and Production Technology Peterson, Boisvert
01-14 An Economic Evaluation of the New Agricultural Trade Negotiations: A Nonlinear Imperfectly Competitive Spatial Equilibrium Approach Kaiser, Suzuki, Maeda
01-15 Market Access Rivalry and Eco-Labeling Standards: Are Eco-Labels Non-tariff Barriers in Disguise? Basu, Chau
01-16 Disentangling the Consequences of Direct Payment Schemes in Agriculture on Fixed Costs, Exit Decision and Output Chau, deGorter
01-17 Measuring the Effects of Eliminating State Trading Enterprises on the World Wheat Sector Maeda, Suzuki, Kaiser
01-18 Does Specification Error Explain the Discrepancy Between Open-Ended and Dichotomous Choice Contingent Valuation Responses? A Comment on “Monte Carlo Benchmarks for Discrete Valuation Methods” by Ju-Chin Huang and V. Kerry Smith Poe, Vossler
01-19 Economics, Social Science, and Development Kanbur
01-20 The Determination of Girls’ Educational Enrollment in Ghana Johnson, Kyle
01-21 Payment Certainty in Discrete Choice Contingent Valuation Responses: Results from a Field Validity Test Ethier, Poe, Vossler, Welsh
01-22 A Review of the New Undisclosed Conventional Crude Oil Resource Estimates and their Economic and Environmental Implications Chapman
01-23 Civil War, Public Goods and the Social Wealth of Nations Pottebaum, Kanbur
01-24 Class, Community, Inequality Dasgupta, Kanbur
01-25 Heterogeneous Constraints, Incentives, and Income Diversification Strategies in Rural Africa Barrett, Bezuneh, Clay, Reardon


2000 Working Papers
No. Title Author
00-01 Bambi’s Revenge Rondeau, Conrad
00-02 Stochastic Water Quality: The Timing and Option Value of Treatment Conrad, Lopez
00-03 Global Habitat Protection: Limitations of Development Interventions and the Role for a Permanent International Habitat Reserve Ferraro
00-04 Guaranteed Manufactured Without Child Labor Basu, Chau, Grote
00-05 On Measuring Household Food Vulnerability: Case Evidence from Northern Mali Christiaensen, Boisvert
00-06 Determining the Optimal Amount of Nitrogen to Apply to Corn Using the Box-Cox Functional Form Tauer
00-07 An Economic Analysis of Aspects of Petroleum and Military Security in the Persian Gulf Chapman, Khanna
00-08 Detecting Other-Regarding Behavior with Virtual Players Ferraro, Rondeau, Poe
00-09 The Impact of bST on Farm Profits Tauer
00-10 Timber Harvest Adjacency Economies, Hunting, Species Protection, and Old Growth Value: Seeking the Optimum Rose,Chapman
00-11 Measuring the Degree of Price Discrimination for Export Subsidies Generated by State Trading Enterprises Suzuki, Kaiser
00-12 Putting the “Farmer First”: Returns to Labor and Sustainability in Agroecological Analysis Lee, Ruben
00-13 A Vector Autoregression Analysis of Bulgarian Inflation Kyle, Tzvetan
00-14 Forecasting Industrial Sales in Bulgaria: A Leading Indicator Approach Kyle, Tsalinski
00-15 Analyzing Future Growth in Angola: A Simple Macroeconomic Framework Kyle
00-16 The Race to the Bottom, from the Bottom Chau, Kanbur
00-17 Commodity Price Behavior: A Rational Expectations Storage Model for Corn Peterson, Tomek
00-18 Optimal Land Conversion at the Rural-Urban Fringe with Positive and Negative Agricultural Externalities Peterson, Boisvert
00-19 Asset, Activity, and Income Diversification Among African Agriculturalists: Some Practical Issues Barrett, Reardon