Faculty Outreach, Extension, and Policy Awards

Agricultural and Applied Economics Association

Distinguished Extension Program/Individual or Group

2015 DMaP (Dairy Markets and Policy): Andrew Novakovic (member of the group award)
2013 Cornell Center for Behavioral Economics in Child Nutrition Programs: David R. Just, Brian Wansink, Kathryn Hoy, Sandra Cuellar, Adam Brumberg, Andrew Hanks, Erin Sharp
2006 Gerald White
1997 Nelson L. Bills
1994 Food Industry Management Home Study Program: George S. Hayward, Robert C. Nolan
1987 National Dairy Termination Program Committee: Andrew M. Novakovic, Wayne A. Knoblauch, George L. Casler, Harry M. Kaiser, Eddy L. LaDue, Stuart Smith, et al.
1984 Cornell Milk Diversion Program Committee: Wayne A. Knoblauch, William F. Lazarus, Robert A. Milligan, Andrew M. Novakovic, Loren W. Tauer, Walter C. Wasserman
1972 Edward A. Lutz

Agricultural and Applied Economics Association

Distinguished Policy Contribution

2008 Christopher Barrett
1979 Howard E. Conklin

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Career Accomplishments Award

2013 Timothy Mount
2006 Gerald White

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Cornell Cooperative Extension/Outreach Award

2008 Diversity and Pluralism Award for Multicultural Workforce Program: Thomas Maloney
2006 NY FarmNet Team: Racheal Bothwell, Steve Bulkley, Wayne Knoblauch, Karen Mastronardi, Steve Richards, Ed Staehr
1999 Cornell Program on Dairy Markets and Policy: Andrew M. Novakovic, Mark Stephenson, James Pratt, Craig Alexander (first recipients)

New York State Association of County Agricultural Agents

Cathy Wickswat Award

2015 Andrew Novakovic

Northeastern Agricultural and Resource Economics Association

Outstanding Public Service Through Economics Award

2007 Nelson Bills