Working Papers: 2010-2019

Working papers (WP) published by the Dyson School are journal-article-length research papers. They are used to share research results in a timely fashion and garner input from professional peers prior to anticipated publication in professional journals.

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2019 Working Papers
No. Title Author
19-01 Minimum Wages and Labor Supply in an Emerging Market: The Case of Mauritius Asmal, Bhorat, Kanbur, Ranzani, Paci
19-03 Inequality in a Global Perspective Kanbur
19-04 Village in the City: Residential Segregation in Urbanizing India Bharathi, Malghan, Rahman
19-05 A Narrative on Two Weaknesses of the Tri for Research Purposes Khanna
19-06 Management and Leadership Succession Lessons Learned
from Large Farm Businesses in Former East Germany
19-07 Promoting Education Under Distortionary Taxation: Equality of Opportunity Versus Welfarism Haaparanta, Kanbur, Paukkeri, Pirttila, Tuomala
19-08 The Index Ecosystem and the Commitment to Development Index Kanbur
19-09 In Praise of Snapshots Kanbur
19-10 Using the Alternative minimum tax to estimate the elasticity of taxable income for higher income taxpayers Abbas
19-11 Short-term and long-term effects of trade liberalization Lin
19-12 A Review of Economic Studies on Pathogen-Tested Plant Materials and Clean Plant Programs for Specialty Crops Yeh, Park, Gomez, Fuchs


2018 Working Papers
No. Title Author
18-01 Political Activism as a Determinant of Clientelistic Transfers: Evidence from an Indian Public Works Program Chau, Liu, Soundararajan
18-02 Gunnar Myrdal and Asian Drama in Context Kanbur
18-03 On the Volume of Redistribution: Across Income Levels and Across Groups Kanbur
18-04 Employer Power, Labor Saving Technical Change, and Inequality Chau, Kanbur
18-05 Exploring the Feasibility of Rural Broadband Cooperatives: The NEW New Deal? Schmit, Severson
18-06 The Compatibility of Farmland Sales and Opinion Survey Data Bigelow, Ifft, Kuethe
18-07 Spatial Segregation, Multi-scale Diversity, and Public Goods Bharathi, Malghan, Mishra, Rahman
18-08 Isolated by Caste: Neighbourhood-Scale Residential Segregation in Indian Metros Bharathi, Malghan, Rahman
18-09 Measuring Unfair Inequality: Reconciling Equality of Opportunity and Freedom from Poverty Hufe, Kanbur, Peichl
18-10 Inequality and the Openness of Borders Kanbur
18-11 Migrants, Towns, Poverty and Jobs: Insights from Tanzania Christiaensen, De Weerdt, Ingelaere, Kanbur
18-12 More Heat than Light: Census-scale Evidence for the Relationship between Ethnic Diversity and Economic Development as a Statistical Artifact Bharathi, Malghan, Rahman
18-13 Sustainable Development Goals and Measurement of Economic and Social Progress Kanbur, Patel, Stiglitz
18-14 Commercialization of a Demand-Enhancing Innovation by a Public University Akhundjanov, Gallardo, McCluskey, Rickard
18-15 The Past, Present and Future of Economic Development Chau, Kanbur
18-16 Public Goods, and Nested Subnational Units: Diversity, Segregation, or Hierarchy? Bharathi, Malghan, Mishra, Rahman


2017 Working Papers
No. Title Author
17-01 Structural Transformation and Income Distribution: Kuznets and Beyond Kanbur
17-02 Secondary Towns and Poverty Reduction: Refocusing the Urbanization Agenda Christiaensen, Kanbur
17-03 An Evaluation of the Feedback Loops in the Poverty Focus of World Bank Operations Fardoust, Kanbur, Luo, Sundberg
17-04 No paper
17-05 A Supply Chain Impacts of Vegetable Demand Growth: The Case of Cabbage in the U.S. Yeh, Nishi, Gómez
17-06 The Great Chinese Inequality Turn Around Kanbur, Wang, Zhang
17-07 Inequality Indices as Tests of Fairness Kanbur, Snell
17-08 Farmer Productivity by Age Over Eight U.S. Census Years Tauer
17-09 Sub-Saharan Africa’s Manufacturing Sector: Building Complexity Bhorat, Kanbur, Rooney, Steenkamp
17-10 What is the World Bank Good For? Global Public Good and Global Institutions Kanbur
17-11 The Digital Revolution and Targeting Public Expenditure for Poverty Reduction Kanbur
17-12 Citizenship, Migration and Opportunity Kanbur
17-13 Why Secondary Towns Can Be Important for Poverty Reduction – A Migrant’s Perspective Ingelaere, Christiaensen, De Weerdt, Kanbur
17-14 Too Much to Eat It All: How Package Size Impacts Food Waste Petit, Lunardo, Rickard
17-15 Can Machine Learning Improve Prediction? An Application with Farm Survey Data Ifft, Kuhns, Patrick


2016 Working Papers
No. Title Author
16-01 Specification of Spatial-Dynamic Externalities and Implications for Strategic Behavior in Disease Control Atallah, Gómez, Conrad
16-02 Of Consequentialism, its Critics, and the Critics of its Critics Kanbur
16-03 Enforcement Matters: The Effective Regulation of Labor Ronconi, Kanbur
16-04 Assessment of New York’s Pollution Discharge Elimination Permits for CAFO’s: A Regional Analysis Enahoro, Schmit, Boisvert
16-05 Capability, Opportunity, Outcome—and Equality Kanbur
16-06 W. Arthur Lewis and the Roots of Ghanaian Economic Policy Kanbur
16-07 Economics and Economic Policy Kanbur
16-08 Using Unobtrusive Sensors to Measure and Minimize Hawthorne Effects: Evidence from Cookstoves Simons, Beltramo, Blalock, Levine
16-09 Capital Flows, Beliefs, and Capital Controls Rarytska, Tsyrennikov
16-10 Anticipatory Signals of Changes in Corn Demand Verteramo Chiu, Tomek
16-11 Intra-Household Inequality and Overall Inequality Kanbur
16-12 Parents, Children, and Luck: Equality of Opportunity and Equality of Outcome Kanbur
16-13 Rural Wealth Creation Impacts of Urban-based Local Food System Initiatives: A Delphi Method Examination of the Impacts on Intellectual Capital Jablonski, Schmit, Minner, Kay
16-14 Demystifying RINs: A Partial Equilibrium Model of U.S. Biofuels Markets Korting, Just
16-15 The Economic Impacts of Climate Change on Agriculture: Accounting for Time-invariant Unobservables in the Hedonic Approach Ortiz-Bobea
16-16 Alternative Strategies to Manage Weather Risk in Perennial Fruit Crop Production Ho, Ifft, Rickard, Turvey
16-17 Multiple Certifications and Consumer Purchase Decisions: A Case Study of Willingness to Pay for Coffee in Germany Basu, Grote, Hicks, Stellmacher


2015 Working Papers
No. Title Author
15-01 Rice Sector Policy Options in Guinea Bissau Kyle
15-02 Does Federal Crop Insurance Lead to Higher Farm Debt Use? Evidence from the Agricultural Resource Management Survey Ifft, Kuethe, Morehart
15-03 Assessing the Economic Impacts of Food Hubs to Regional Economies: A Framework Including Opportunity Cost Jablonski, Schmit, Kay
15-04 The End of Laissez-Faire, the End of History, and the Structure of Scientific Revolutions Kanbur
15-05 Dynastic Inequality, Mobility and Equality of Opportunity Kanbur, Stiglitz
15-06 Education for Climate Justice Kanbur
15-07 Food Waste: The Role of Date Labels, Package Size, and Product Category Wilson, Rickard, Saputo, Ho
15-08 Management Areas and Fixed Costs in the Economics of Water Quality Trading Zhao, Poe, Boisvert
15-09 Optimal Taxation and Public Provision for Poverty Reduction Kanbur, Pirttilä, Tuomala, Ylinen
15-10 Minimum Wages in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Primer Bhorat, Kanbur, Stanwix
15-11 The Distinct Economic Effects of the Ethanol Blend Wall, RIN Prices and Ethanol Price Premium due to the RFS de Gorter, Drabik
15-12 The Impact of Irrigation Restrictions on Cropland Values in Nebraska Savage, Ifft


2014 Working Papers
No. Title Author
14-01 Performance of Thailand Banks after the 1997 East Asian Financial Crisis Mahathanaseth, Tauer
14-02 Mineral Revenues and Countercyclical Macroeconomic Policy in Kazakhstan Kyle
14-03 Globalization and Inequality Kanbur
14-04 Urbanization and Agglomeration Benefits: Gender Differentiated Impacts on Enterprise Creation in India’s Informal Sector Ghani, Kanbur, O’Connell
14-05 Regulation and Non-Compliance: Magnitudes and Patterns for India’s Factories Act Chatterjee, Kanbur
14-06 Mindsets, Trends, and the Informal Economy Kanbur
14-07 The Economics of China: Successes and Challenges Fan, Kanbur, Wei, Zhang
14-08 Economic Policy in South Africa: Past, Present, and Future Bhorat, Hirsch, Kanbur, Ncube
14-09 Groupings and the Gains From Tagging Kanbur, Tuomala
14-10 On the Political Economy of Guest Worker Programs in Agriculture Rickard
14-11 Threshold, Informality, and Partitions of Compliance Kanbur, Keen
14-12 Minimum Wage Effects at Different Enforcement Levels: Evidence from Employment Surveys in India Soundararajan
14-13 Heterogeneous Firms and Informality: The Effects of Trade Liberalization on Labor Markets Becker
14-14 Rising Inequality in Asia and Policy Implications Zhuang, Kanbur, Rhee
14-15 ‘Local’ Producers’ Production Functions and Their Importance in Estimating Economic Impacts Jablonski, Schmit
14-16 The Salience of Excise vs. Sales Taxes on Healthy Eating: An Experimental Study Chen, Kaiser, Rickard
14-17 How Useful is Inequality of Opportunity as a Policy Construct? Kanbur, Wagstaff
14-18 Informality: Cause, Consequences and Policy Responses Kanbur
14-19 What is a “Meal”? Comparing Methods Of Auditing Carbon Offset Compliance for Fuel Efficient Cookstoves Harrell, Beltramo, Blalock, Levine, Simons
14-20 Social Protection, Vulnerability and Poverty Kanbur
14-21 Informality Among Multi-Product Firms Becker


2013 Working Papers
No. Title Author
13-01 Social Protection: Consensus and Challenges Kanbur
13-02 Urbanization and (In)Formalization Ghani, Kanbur
13-03 Exposure and Dialogue Programs in the Training of Development Analysts and Practitioners Kanbur
13-04 The Impact of Sectoral Minimum Wage Laws on Employment, Wages, and Hours of Work in South Africa Bhorat, Kanbur, Mayet
13-05 Estimating the Impact of Minimum Wages on Employment, Wages and Non-Wage Benefits: The Case of Agriculture in South Africa Bhorat, Kanbur, Stanwix
13-06 Can a Country be a Donor and a Recipient of Aid? Kanbur
13-07 Poverty and Welfare Measurement on the Basis of Prospect Theory Jäntti, Kanbur, Nyyssölä, Pirttilä
13-08 Urbanization and Inequality in Asia Kanbur, Zhuang
13-09 The Evolution of Development Strategy as Balancing Market and Government Failure Devarajan, Kanbur
13-10 Labor Law Violations in Chile Kanbur, Ronconi, Wedenoja
13-11 An Agent-Based Computational Bioeconomic Model of Plant Disease Diffusion and Control: Grapevine Leafroll Disease Atallah, Goméz, Conrad, Nyrop
13-12 Economic Inequality and Economic Development: Lessons and Implications of Global Experiences for the Arab World Kanbur
13-13 The State of Development Thought Currie-Alder, Kanbur, Malone, Medhora
13-14 Identifying Factors Influencing a Hospital’s Decision to Adopt a Farm-to-Hospital Program Smith II, Kaiser, Gómez
13-15 The Operational Dimensions of Results-Based Financing O’Brien, Kanbur
13-16 Impacts of Local Food System Activities by Small Direct-to-Consumer Producers in a Regional Economy: A Case Study From Upstate NY Schmit, Jablonski, Mansury
13-17 Social Protection, Poverty, and the Post-2015 Agenda Fiszbein, Kanbur, Yemtsov
13-18 How Important Was Marxism for the Development of Mozambique and Angola? Kyle
13-19 University Licensing of Patents for Varietal Innovations in Agriculture Rickard, Richards, Yan
13-20 What is a “Meal”? Comparing Methods to Determine Cooking Events Harrell, Beltramo, Levine, Blalock, Simons


2012 Working Papers
No. Title Author
12-01 Does Kuznets Still Matter? Kanbur
12-02 Aid to the Poor in Middle Income Countries and the Future of IDA Kanbur
12-03 Results Based Development Assistance: Perspectives from the South Asia Region of the World Bank O’Brien, Fiszbein, Gelb, Kanbur, Newman
12-04 Peer Effects, Risk Pooling, and Status Seeking: What Explains Gift Spending Escalation In Rural China? Chen, Kanbur, Zhang
12-05 Do Public Work Schemes Deter or Encourage Outmigration? Empirical Evidence from China Chau, Kanbur, Qin
12-06 Informality: Concepts, Facts and Models Sinha, Kanbur
12-07 The Angolan Economy-Diversification and Growth Kyle
12-08 Creating Place for the Displaced: Migration and Urbanization in Asia Beall, Guha-Khasnobis, Kanbur
12-09 Super-Additionality:  A Neglected Force in Markets for Carbon Offsets Bento, Kanbur, Leard
12-10 Consumer Valuation of Environmentally Friendly Production Practices in Wines Considering Asymmetric Information and Sensory Effects Schmit, Rickard, Taber
12-11 An Estimate of Socioemotional Wealth in the Family Business Dressler, Tauer
12-12 Shale Gas Development and Infant Health: Evidence from Pennsylvania Hill
12-13 The CORNELL-SEWA-WIEGO Exposure and Dialogue Programme:  An Overview of the Process and Main Outcomes Bali, Chen, Kanbur
12-14 Impact of the Fruit and Vegetable Planting Restriction on Crop Allocation in the United States Balagtas, Krissoff, Lei, Rickard
12-15 Welfare Effects of Biofuel Policies in the Presence of Fuel and Labor Taxes Cooper, Drabik
12-16 Economic and Nutritional Implications from Changes in U.S. Agricultural Promotion Efforts Ho, Rickard, Liaukonyte


2011 Working Papers
No. Title Author
11-01 The Hidden System Costs of Wind Generation in a Deregulated Electricity Market Mount, Maneevitjit, Lamadrid, Zimmerman, Thomas
11-02 Latin American Urban Development into the 21st Century:  Towards a Renewed Perspective on the City Rodgers, Beall, Kanbur
11-03 A Note on Measuring the Depth of Minimum Wage Violation Bhorat, Kanbur, Mayet
11-04 Minimum Wage Violation in South Africa Bhorat, Kanbur, Mayet
11-05 The Determinants of Minimum Wage Violation in South Africa Bhorat, Kanbur, Mayet
11-06 Avoiding Informality Traps Kanbur
11-07 The Economics of Africa Aryeetey, Devarajan, Kanbur, Kasekende
11-08 Poor Countries or Poor People?  Development Assistance and the New Geography of Global Poverty Kanbur, Sumner
11-09 Integration of Stochastic Power Generation, Geographical Averaging, and Load Response Lamadrid, Mount, Thomas
11-10 Implications of Agglomeration Economics and Market Access for Firm Growth in Food Manufacturing Schmit, Hall
11-11 Revealing an Equitable Income Allocation among Dairy Farm Partnerships Dressler, Tauer
11-12 How Have Agricultural Policies Influenced Caloric Consumption in the United States? Revised September 2011 Rickard, Okrent, Alston
11-13 Organization, Poverty and Women:  Andhra Pradesh in Global Perspective Dev, Kanbur, Galab, Alivelu
11-14 Economic Impact of Grapevine Leafroll Disease on Vitis vinifera cv. Cabernet Franc in Finger Lakes Vineyards of New York Atallah, Gómez, Fuchs, Martinson
11-15 Impacts of the End of the Coffee Export Quota System on International-to-Retail Price Transmission Lee, Gómez
11-16 Does the Name Matter? Developing Brands for Patented Fruit Varieties Rickard, Schmit, Gómez, Lu
11-18 Urban Agglomeration Economies in the U.S. Greenhouse and Nursery Production Cheng, Gómez, Bills
11-19 Factors Influencing Adoption of Integrated Pest Management in Northeast Greenhouse and Nursery Production Li, Gómez, Rickard, Skinner
11-20 The Theory of Biofuel Policy and Food Grain Prices Drabik
11-21 Meeting Multiple Policy Objectives Under GHG Emissions Reduction Targets Boisvert, Blandford


2010 Working Papers
No. Title Author
10-01 Inclusive Development: Two Papers on Conceptualization, Application, and the ADB Perspective Kanbur, Rauniyar
10-02 Ethnic Diversity and Ethnic Strife an Interdisciplinary Perspective Kanbur, Rajaram, Varshney
10-03 China’s Regional Disparities: Experience and Policy Fan, Kanbur, Zhang
10-04 Angola’s Macroeconomy and Agricultural Growth Kyle
10-05 Carbon Dioxide Offsets from Anaerobic Digestion of Dairy Waste Gloy
10-06 Developing Viable Farmers Markets in Rural Communities: An Investigation of Vendor Performance Using Objective and Subjective Valuations Schmit, Gómez
10-07 Relativity, Inequality and Optimal Nonlinear Income Taxation Kanbur, Tuomala
10-08 Charitable Conservatism, Poverty Radicalism and Good Old Fashioned Inequality Aversion Kanbur, Tuomala
10-09 Protecting the Poor Against the Next Crisis Kanbur
10-10 Estimating the Influence of Ethanol Policy on Plant Investment Decisions: A Real Options Analysis with Two Stochastic Variables Schmit, Luo, Conrad
10-11 Harnessing the Forces of Urban Expansion: The Public Economics of Farmland Development Allowance Chau, Zhang
10-12 Examining Consumer Response to Commodity-Specific and Broad-Based Promotion Programs for Fruits and Vegetables Using Experimental Economics Rickard, Liaukonyte, Kaiser, Richards
10-13 Wine in Your Knapsack? Conrad, Gómez, Lamadrid
10-14 The Cost of Increased Localization for a Multiple-Product Food Supply Chain: Dairy in the United States Nicholson, Gómez, Gao
10-15 Food Stamps, Food Insufficiency and Health of the Elderly Ranney, Gómez
10-16 Conceptualizing Social Security and Income Redistribution Kanbur
10-17 Stress Testing for the Poverty Impacts of the Next Crisis Kanbur
10-18 The Role of the World Bank in Middle Income Countries Kanbur
10-19 Evaluating Advertising Strategies for Fruits and Vegetables and the Implications for Obesity in the United States Liaukonyte, Rickard, Kaiser, Richards
10-20 Assessing the Utilization of and Barriers to Farm-to-Chef Marketing:  An Empirical Assessment from Upstate NY Schmit, Hadcock
10-21 How Important Are Sanitary and Phytosanitary Barriers in International Markets for Fresh Fruit? Rickard, Lei
10-22 The Implications of Alternative Biofuel Policies on Carbon Leakage Drabik, de Gorter, Just