John Tobin

John Tobin-de la Puente

Professor of Practice

340F Warren Hall




  • Doctorate Harvard University, 1995
  • JD Harvard University, 1995
  • Bachelor of Science University of California at Los Angeles, 1986

Professor Tobin is an environmental biologist and attorney by training. He has over two decades of private sector experience, having practiced corporate law and worked in the international finance industry for most of his career. His recent professional experience has been focused on corporate sustainability, including the management of environmental, social, and reputational risks, stakeholder engagement and communications, business ethics, sustainability strategy, and the development of financial products and services that aim to address broad societal challenges. In addition, he has substantial leadership and governance experience in not-for-profit entities at the board level, particularly in the areas of environment, science, and education.

Selected Publications

Journal Publications

Book Chapters

  • Jaeggi, O., Ziero, G. W., Tobin, J., & Koelbel, J. Understanding Sustainable Finance. Impact Investing and Finance and Organizational Culture Karen Wendt (ed.), Springer International Publishing.
  • Tobin, J. (1995). Ecology and diversity of tropical forest canopy ants. p. 129-147. Forest Canopies: A Review of Research on this Biological Frontier Lowman, M.D., and N.M. Nadkarni (ed.), Academic Press, San Diego.
  • Tobin, J. (1994). Ants as primary consumers: Diet and abundance in the Formicidae. p. 297-307. Nourishment and Evolution in Insect Societies Hunt, J.H., and C.A. Nalepa (ed.), Westview Press, Boulder.

Magazine Publications

  • Huwyler, F., Käppeli, J., Serafimova, K., Swanson, E., & Tobin, J. (2014). Building a market for conservation. p. 40-43 Environmental Finance.
  • Huwyler, F., Käppeli, J., Serafimova, K., Swanson, E., & Tobin, J. (2014). Making Conservation Finance Investable. Stanford Social Innovation Review.

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