Donna L. Haeger

Donna L. Haeger

Professor of Practice

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Faculty Areas

Interdisciplinary Theme

  • Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Technology

Faculty Expertise

  • Business Analytics
  • Management


Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management
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Donna L. Haeger is a Professor of Practice in the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management at Cornell University. She teaches introductory and advanced spreadsheet-modeling courses for applied decision-making. These courses leverage Microsoft Excel as a business analytics tool. Prior to teaching at Cornell, she taught courses in management theory, organizational behavior and marketing. With over twenty years in industry, her corporate experience includes work in investments, banking, and corporate finance. Dr. Haeger is the business analytics concentration coordinator and chaired the task force responsible for launching the concentration. Her research interests are at the intersection of organizational behavior and digitization. She explores technology in the workplace, leadership, teams, and management. Her contributions relate to influence and intergenerational exchanges in an effort to blend human systems. Haeger presents her research at the Academy of Management and other leadership associations. She also enjoys mentoring students interested in undergraduate research, especially when the products serve to better communities. She currently sits on the board of directors for Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Rochester which specializes in spreading financial literacy to communities.

Selected Publications

  • Haeger, Donna; Haeger, Eilysh. "Work-Life Fusion: A Guide to Freedom and Autonomy at Work". Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. (2017): 92pp
  • Haeger, Donna. "Discovering Preference and Purpose in the Integration of Digital Technology at Work: A Scale Development and Study of Generational Differences Managing Work and Life" International Journal of Business and Management. 5.10 (2017): 233-245
  • Crawford, A.; Gaskin, J.; Haeger, Donna; Lyttinen, K.; Newmeyer, C. "Frontline Employee Role Passion and the Impact on Service Encounters". Case Western Reserve University, Weatherhead School of Management. (2016)
  • Haeger, Donna. "Emerging Domains in the Ecology of Influence: Implications for Coaching and Management Education" Journal of Applied Business and Economics. 18.2 (2016): 72-89
  • Haeger, Donna; Lingham, Tony. "A Trend Toward Work-Life Fusion: A Multi-generational Shift in Technology Use at Work" Technological Forecasting and Social Change. 89 (2014): 316-325
  • Haeger, Donna. "The Significance of Influence in Our Current Work Environment: Understanding and Exploring the Shift and Emerging Domains" Case Western Reserve University. (2014)
  • Haeger, Donna; Lingham, Tony. "Intergenerational Collisions and Leadership in the 21st Century" Journal of Intergenerational Relationships. 11.3 (2013): 286-303
  • Haeger, Donna. "Leading in Non-Profit Organizations". (2012)
  • Haeger, Donna. "Emerging Patterns in 21st Century Leadership: Generational Normative Collisions" Case Western Reserve University. (2012)
  • Haeger, Donna. "Toward an Influence Instrument: Scale Development, Validation, and Impact Analysis" (in preparation).

Awards and Honors

  • Nominated Best Dissertation of the Year (2014) Case Western Reserve University
  • Honored “Teacher Making a Difference” (2008) Monroe Community College

Recent Courses

  • MGMT 5010 - Data Modeling
  • AEM 3030 - Explorations in Analytic Modeling
  • AEM 4970 - Individual Study in Applied Economics and Management
  • AEM 4010 - Organizational Analytics
  • AEM 2010 - Spreadsheet Modeling for Management and Economics
  • AEM 2011 - Spreadsheet Modeling for Non-Dyson Majors
  • AEM 6980 - Supervised Graduate Teaching Experience
  • AEM 4980 - Supervised Teaching Experience

Academic Degrees

  • Ph D Case Western Reserve University, 2014
  • MS Nazareth College of Rochester, 2003
  • BS Rochester Institute of Technology, 1989

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