Loren Tauer

Loren Tauer


451C Warren Hall


List of Publications


Areas of Expertise

  • Agricultural Finance
  • Animal Diseases
  • Production Economics
  • Productivity and Efficiency
  • Technology Assessment

Graduate Fields

  • Applied Economics and Management


  • Doctorate Iowa State University, 1979
  • Master of Science South Dakota State University, 1975
  • Bachelor of Arts Southwest Minnesota State University, 1973

Loren Tauer is a production and finance economist who studies agricultural issues.

Research Focus

Loren Tauer conducts research in the areas of production economics and finance, with foci on technology assessment, efficiency and productivity, food safety, animal disease, and business organization and decisions. Dairy is an important commodity for the state of New York, so much of his analysis has entailed dairy production. His work in finance has centered on family business finance, although he has completed research on banking and the U.S. Farm Credit System.

His research has explored why some farms are more profitable, efficient, or productive. His assessment of new technology determined how and which farmers profitably use available technologies. Animal diseases cause significant losses to society, so recently he has worked on projects studying the economical control of animal diseases.

Teaching Focus

Loren Tauer has taught graduate courses in production economics and agricultural finance, as well as undergraduate courses in risk management in business, agricultural finance, econometrics, and a global agribusiness management field trip.

Selected Publications

Journal Publications

Presentations and Activities

  • Optimally Achieving Milk Bulk Tank Somatic Cell Count Thresholds. Agricultural and Applied Economic Association Meetings. July 2016. Agricultural and Applied Economic Association. Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Quantifying Learning by Doing for Entrepreneurs: A Stochastic Frontier Approach. North American Productivity Workshop IX. June 2016. Carleton University. Quebec City, Canada.
  • U.S. Farmer Age and Productivity. Center of Operations Research. June 2015. University of Miguel Hernandez. Eiche, Spain.
  • Are Two Heads Better than One Head in Managing the Farm Business?. Agricultural and Applied Economics Meetings. July 2014. Agricultural and Applied Economics Association. Minneapolis, MN.
  • Production Response in the Interior of the Production Set. North American Productivity Workshop VIII. June 2014. North American Productivity Workshop. Ottawa, Canada.
  • Cost Effective Control Strategies of Controlling Johne’s Disease in US Cow Herds. March 2014. Institute of Veterinary, Animal and Biomedical Sciences, Massey University. New Zealand.
  • An Entrepreneur Success Index. February 2014. Business School, Massey University. New Zealand.
  • Minimization of Bovine Tuberculosis Control Costs in US Cattle Herds. Conference of Research Workers in Animal Diseases. December 2013. Chicago, IL USA.
  • An Entrepreneur Success Index that Predicts Survival. 5th Annual George Washington University Global Entrepreneurship Research and Policy Conference. October 2013. Washington DC.
  • The Inverse Productivity Relationship in Small Agricultural Plots: A Non-Parametric Assessment using a Free Disposal Hull Order-m Approach. European Workshop on Efficiency and Productivity Analysis (EWEPA'13). June 2013. Aalto University School of Business. Helsinki, Finland.