Deborah Streeter

Deborah Streeter


375B Warren Hall



Bruce F. Failing, Sr., Professor of Personal Enterprise

Areas of Expertise

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship Education

Graduate Fields

  • Applied Economics and Management


  • Doctorate University of Wisconsin, 1984
  • Master of Science University of Wisconsin, 1980
  • Bachelor of Arts University of Connecticut, 1975

Deborah Streeter is the Bruce F. Failing, Sr. Professor of Personal Enterprise and Small Business Management in the Department of Applied Economics and Management at Cornell. Entrepreneurship and small business management are the focus of Dr. Streeter's teaching, research, and outreach activities. Her research interests include: university-wide models for teaching entrepreneurship, use of digital media in teaching, and gender issues in business and entrepreneurship. Dr. Streeter has received acclaim as an educator, based on her promotion of experiential learning, active learning and innovative uses of technology inside and outside the classroom. In 2007, Streeter was given the Olympus Innovator Award by the Olympus Corporation. She received the Constace E. and Alice H Cook Award in 2004, Professor of Merit Award in 2002, was named influential to a Merril Scholar in 1999, 2000 and 2003. Streeter was awarded the 2001 CALS National Food and Agricultural Sciences Excellence in College and University Teaching, and was named a Stephen H. Weiss Presidential Fellow in 2000 (CornellÕs most prestigious teaching award). She also received the SUNY ChancellorÕs Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2000 and the Innovative Teaching Award in 1996. Dr. Streeter holds an M.S. (1980) and Ph.D. (1984) in Agricultural Economics from the University of Wisconsin Madison.

Research Focus

Entrepreneurship; small business; economic development; small business management; technology and innovation; commercialization and technology transfer, small business consulting; decision analysis; ag and food-based businesses; market research; market strategy; market analysis; gender issues in business

Teaching Focus

Entrepreneurship, Business Planning, Gender Issues in Business, Leadership, Simulation and Strategy

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Selected Publications

Journal Publications

Book Chapters

  • Antal, N., Kingma, B., Moore, D., & Streeter, D. H. (2014). University-Wide Entrepreneurship Education. p. 227-254 Innovative Pathways for University Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century (Advances in the Study of Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Economic Growth, Volume 24) Sherry Hoskinson , Donald F. Kuratko (ed.), Emerald Group Publishing Limited.
  • Streeter, D. H. (2011). Using Digital Stories Effectively to Engage Students. p. 175-198 Streaming Media Delivery in Higher Education: Methods and Outcomes Charles Wankel and J. Sibley Law (ed.), IGI Global, Hershey/PA/USA.

Book Reviews

Presentations and Activities

  • Engaging Students in the Age of Digital Devices. CTE Conference. October 2013. CTE. Ithaca.


  • AEM 1210: Entrepreneurial Thought Leadership Seminar
  • AEM 3249: Entrepreneurial Marketing and Strategy
  • AEM 3250: Business Planning Process for New Ventures
  • AEM 3340: Women, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship 
  • AEM 3381: Social Entrepreneurship Field Study 
  • AEM 4660: Market Dynamics, Computer Simulation and Modeling