Staff Papers: 2000-2009

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Staff papers (SP) are typically short papers that represent preliminary research results, discuss works or ideas in progress, stimulate new thinking, or otherwise are less formal treatments of a subject than would be published in a research or extension bulletin.


No staff papers were published in 2009.


No. Title Author
08-01 The Double Eagle Club's First 50 Years  LaDue, Gloy


No. Title Author
07-01 Enhancing Leadership and Organization for Farmers' Market Success  Barry, Henehan


No. Title Author
06-01 2007 Farm Bill: Policy Options and Consequences for Northeast Specialty Crop Industries, Small Farms, and Sustainability. Report on Listening Sessions Bills, White
06-02 Consumer Preferences for Organic and Fair Trade Chocolate: Implications for Sustainable Agriculture in the Developing World  Connor, Mabaya
06-03 Specialty Crops and the 2007 Farm Bill: The Potential Role of Farm Savings Accounts Gloy, Cheng


No. Title Author
05-01 Market Opportunities for New Sauerkraut Products Cuellar, Uva, Roberts
05-02 Farm Savings Accounts: Examining Income Variability, Eligibility, and Benefits Gloy, LaDue, Cuykendall
05-03 Adoption of Improved Maize Seed by Smallholder Farmers in Mozambique Zavale, Mabaya, Christy
05-04 Smallholders' Cost Efficiency in Mozambique: Implications for Improved Maize Seed Adoption  Zavale, Mabaya, Christy
05-05 Agricultural Biotechnology Risks and Economic Development: A Call for a Public-Private Partnership to Stimulate Investments into African Biotechnology Industries Roy, Christy


No. Title Author
04-01 Medicaid and County Property Tax Levies on New York Farmland  Bills


No. Title Author
03-01 Marketing New York Wine in New York City  Preszler
03-02 We're Rich!! Or Are We? Oil and Development in Sao Tomé e Príncipe Kyle
03-03 Political and Economic Prospects for Mozambique and Angola  Kyle
03-04 A Brief Overview of Mozambique's Rural Development and the Role of U.S. Assistance Kyle


No. Title Author
02-01 Questions Cooperative Directors Should Be Asking Management  Anderson, Henehan
02-02 Health Care and Genesee County, New York: Economic Implications of Reduced Hospital Services Bills, Kay
02-03 Insights Into the Economic Viability of a New CEA System Producing Hydroponic Lettuce Ilaslan, White, Langhans
02-04 Impacts of Trade Liberalization on the New York Horticultural Sector White, Bills, Schluep


No. Title Author
01-01 Processed Apple Product Marketing Analysis: Apple Juice and Cider Rowles
01-02 Industry Analysis: Apple Processors in the Northeastern U.S. Rowles
01-03 Thinking Afresh About Processing: An Exploration of New Market Opportunities for Apple Products  Rowles
01-04 Strategic Planning for the New York Apple Industry  White
01-05 Simple Computational Methods for Measuring the Difference of Empirical Distributions: Application to Internal and External Scope Tests in Contingent Valuation  Poe, Giraud, Loomis
01-06 Linking Globalization, Economic Growth and Poverty: Impacts of Agribusiness Strategies on Sub-Saharan Africa  Weatherspoon, Cacho, Christy


No. Title Author
00-01 Risk Management in Agricultural Markets: A Survey  Tomek, Peterson
00-02 Brown Tide, Bay Scallops and the Location of Spawner Sanctuaries in the Peconic Bays, New York  Conrad, Heisey
00-03 Investment Analysis in Agriculture  Tauer
00-04 International Competition in the Greenhouse Production of Floriculture Products—Lessons for New York and India  Mysore, Uva
00-05 Commodity Prices Revisited Tomek
00-06 Processed Apple Product Marketing Analysis: Hard Cider and Apple Wine  Rowles
00-07 Estimating Risk: Adjusted Interest Rates for Dairy Farms  Tauer