Administrative and Professional Staff

Career Services

  • Michelle Gardner                  (Associate Director, Career Management Center)
  • Ellen Murphy                              (Assoc. Director, International & Masters Program Career Services)
  • Kim Sprought                                      (Director, Dyson Career Management)


  • Will Tay                                      (CICER Program Assistant)

Executive Assistant to the Dean

SDP/DUS Assistant

Faculty Support




Graduate Student Services

  • Lisa Biskup                                    (MPS Coordinator)
  • Gail Fink                                      (CEMS Program Manager)
  • Yiyi Grazul                             (Graduate Field Coordinator)
  • Jen Williams                          (Graduate Funding and Special Projects Coordinator)

Professional Staff

  • Adam Brumberg                          (FIMP Program Manager)
  • Jennifer Majka                      (Director, Diversity and Inclusion)
  • Kelsey Schreiber                                  (Research Support Specialist -STARRS/STARRS+ Fellowship Program)
  • Lisa Gerber                                 (Grand Challenges Program Manager)
  • Ginny McCollom                   (GC/CEMS  Program) Assistant

Student Services

  • Gretchen Gilbert                      (Registrar and Student Support Specialist)
  • Nicole Heasley                           (Dyson School Registrar and Associate Director of Student Services and Advising)
  • Erik Lucas   (Program Assistant)
  • Reid Palmer (Academic Advisor)
  • Andrea L. Poag                    (Director, Student Services/Advising)
  • Renee Poullott (Academic Advisor)

Undergrad Business Minors