Dyson Advisory Council Mission Statement

The mission of the Dyson Advisory Council (DAC) is to provide support, advice, and counsel to the leaders, faculty, students, and staff of the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management on issues central to the undergraduate program and to build bridges to the school’s alumni.

The Council’s objectives are fivefold:

  1. To advocate for the Dyson School’s undergraduate program and Cornell with employers and business leaders and to build the school’s national and international reputation.
  2. To enhance undergraduate students’ relationships with employers, donors, and research and educational partners by providing assistance in placing Dyson School undergraduates and alumni in career positions and internship opportunities, including recruitment, as well as sponsoring events and activities and providing areas of focus.
  3. To support the school’s fundraising efforts through individual gifts and outreach
  4. To advise on the strategic directions of the Dyson School’s undergraduate program, to communicate the needs and requirements of the business and applied economics communities to ensure our graduates have the skills for success, and to guide and assist in developing new programs, centers, and initiatives.
  5. To assist the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business Alumni Affairs and Development staff identify others who can support the Dyson School financially and programmatically, including on this council.

DAC Council Members

Kwesi Acquay Headshot

Kwesi Acquay '14

Saurabh Agrawal Headshot

Saurabh Agrawal P'24

Executive Director & Group CFO
Carlos Almodovar

Carlos Almodovar '01

Chief Business Officer
Kristina Anderson

Kristina Anderson '03

Evan Bashoff Headshot

Evan Bashoff '99

Chief Marketing Officer
Larry Biscotti Headshot

Larry Biscotti '96

SE Region President
Linda Chase-Jenkins

Linda Chase-Jenkins '89

Real Estate Advisor
Kathleen Connolly

Kathleen Connolly '92

Partner, Global Director of Internal Audit
Stephanie Evans Headshot

Stephanie Evans '10

Senior Digital Product Manager
Robin Feiner Headshot

Robin Feiner '91

Jeffrey Fine Headshot

Jeffrey Fine '02

Jim Florack Headshot

Jim Florack '82

Drew Fraser Headshot

Drew Fraser '89

Portfolio Operations Leader
Brian Friedman Headshot

Brian Friedman '95

Chief Operating Officer
Cathy Gaffney Headshot

Cathy Gaffney '89

VP of Speciality Cheese & Deli
Jeremy Geller

Jeremy Geller '01

Managing Director
Felicia Grumet Headshot

Felicia Grumet '91

Managing Director
Ashley Higgins Dieck Headshot

Ashley Higgins Dieck '06

Senior Vice President, Strategy
Kevin Hite (1)

Kevin Hite '98

Director, Hedge Fund Investments
Jackie Holliday Headshot

Jackie Holliday '07

Principal & Head of Growth Strategy
Susanne Hurowitz

Susanne Hurowitz P'19, P'21, P'25

Kenny Klein Headshot

Kenny Klein '87 A&S

Chief Executive Officer & Lead Portfolio Manager
Andrew Lytwynec

Andy Lytwynec

Vice President, US Cannabis Portfolio

Quick Mack Jr. '01

Site Selection Manager
Lee Maschler Headshot

Lee Maschler '97

Julie McPeek

Julie McPeek '83

Kate Nadolny Headshot

Kate Nadolny '06

Nickie Norris Headshot

Nickie Norris '96

Senior Partner, Chief Operating Officer, & Chief Commercial Officer
Penny Novick Headshot

Penny Novick '94

Managing Director
Idowu Odedosu

Idowu Odedosu '05

Executive Director
Keith Romero

Keith Romero '00

Co-Founder, CEO
Neha Santiago

Neha Santiago '03

Managing Director & Head of Real Estate Private Credit

Dan Schwartz '01

Co-Managing Partner
Savneet Singh

Savneet Singh '05

Chief Executive Officer
Andy Sofield Headshot

Andrew Sofield '97

Tobias Spruill-Lewis

Tobias Spruill-Lewis '05

Senior Managing Counsel
Andrew Weisenfeld Headshot

Andrew Weisenfeld '89

Managing Partner
Natalie Williams

Natalie Williams '86

Managing Director
Adam Wolf

Adam Wolf '97

Chief Operating Officer
John Wu

John Wu '92

Robert Wu Headshot

Robert Wu '06

Senior Vice President

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Members are invited to serve through a formal nominating process managed by the nominating committee and appointed by the dean of the Dyson School.

If you are interested in learning more about DAC, please contact the dean’s office.