Our vision is for the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management to be the premier school for a diverse and inclusive climate of belonging, successfully preparing graduates for social impact change to address the business challenges of our diverse, interconnected world.

We strengthen diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging at Dyson through three intersecting areas that are central to fostering inclusive communities across difference and holistic student development: enrichment, engagement, and education.

Dyson Diversity Scholars


We position all Dyson students for academic, personal, social, and career success. Students have access to enhanced support and resources, and our goal is for all students to have a sense of belonging at Dyson.

The Dyson Diversity Scholars program is open to all students including first-generation and low-income students. Contact the Dyson Office of Diversity and Inclusion for more information.

First Generation and Low Income Student Support

Students, faculty, staff outside Stardust Diner before seeing a Broadway show in NYC


Students cultivate teamwork and interpersonal relationships with diverse peers; engage in the Dyson community in meaningful ways across difference; contribute to a culture of inclusion, belonging, and collective leadership within Dyson; and develop critical thinking and communication skills necessary to be successful in a diverse workforce and global community.

ODI Annual Events:

Impact Week
Heritage Month Celebrations
Dyson-Nolan-Johnson Diversity Councils Annual Dinner
DEI Industry Trek to NYC
Lunch & Learns
DEI Workshops
Corporate Partner Programs
Alumni Programs
Faculty Fellow Programs
SC Johnson College of Business ODI Social Engagement and Belonging Programs (Ice Skating at Lynah Rink, Broadway Trip to NYC, Cornell Ice Hockey Game, Pickleball, Regal Cinema Movie, etc)

Dyson ODI Events

AEM 3015 Team Project Presentation


AEM 2015 The Business Case for Diversity and Inclusion (spring semester, fulfills the CALS diversity requirement)

Students will develop cultural intelligence, the capability to relate and work effectively in culturally diverse situations; demonstrate an awareness and understanding of the cultural issues that impact business operations; and critically analyze diversity and inclusion issues and challenges in today’s diverse and globalized world.

AEM 4000.2 Grand Challenges: Equity in Organizations (fall semester, fulfills the Dyson Grand Challenges project requirement)

Students will apply course learnings as they work in a professional consulting team to deliver a high-quality product or service to a community partner, that supports equity within the organization and simulates the work they’ll do when they graduate.

Contact Dr. Jennifer Majka for more information about AEM 2015 and AEM 4000.2.

Dyson Diversity Council E-Board Fall 2022

Dyson Diversity Council

Dyson Diversity Council

The Dyson Diversity Council cultivates trust by identifying patterns in the student experience through open-dialogue communication among all Dyson students, faculty, and staff. At its core, DDC members act as agents of change and as a uniting support pillar to further promote the mission and vision of the Dyson Office of Diversity and Inclusion, cultivating an inclusive and equitable environment for all of Dyson and, by extension, the SC Johnson College of Business at large.

Contact: DysonDiversityCouncil@gmail.com

Dyson ODI Faculty Fellows for Inclusive Excellence 2023-2024.

Dyson ODI Faculty Fellows for Inclusive Excellence

The Faculty Fellows for Inclusive Excellence program is designed to help facilitate casual engagement between Dyson faculty and Dyson students. Faculty Fellows contribute to the intellectual and social life of the Dyson community by supporting opportunities for informal learning through scholarly, artistic, social, and cultural experiences.

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Our commitment to antiracism

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First Annual Diversity Week 2018