Advancing racial equity, inclusion, and belonging

At Dyson, our business is a better world and we are passionate about upholding this promise. We must take this mission to heart right here at home by dismantling systemic racism while promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout our school. In our journey towards social justice, we will learn and grow to be better allies, contribute to building more inclusive spaces of belonging, and strengthen our skills by engaging in insightful dialogue that reaches across our differences. We each have the power to use our agency for social transformation.

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Dyson’s pledge to create an inclusive and equitable community

Conversations with students, staff, faculty, and alumni make it clear that structural, cultural, and interpersonal forms of racism persist in our school. We actively embrace college-level action steps to promote racial equity and we are taking steps specific to Dyson to ensure an inclusive and equitable environment for every member of our community.

Dyson’s action plan for racial equity

We have launched several initiatives to strengthen and deliver on our commitment to combat racism and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the school. We are continuing to listen, learn, and share ideas to develop new initiatives.

Antiracism Plan Feedback

Our college-wide approach

Leaders across SC Johnson College are united in our commitment to work together to make the college and our society a better place for all. Each school has developed additional, distinct action items that complement our college-wide efforts.

College-Wide Commitment to Antiracism infographic



Report a Bias Incident

Cornell University carefully reviews all bias incident reports and takes them very seriously. If you have experienced a bias incident at Cornell, please report it using the form linked below.