DSAC Mission Statement

As the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management is ever-growing and ever-evolving, this team of students was established in Spring 2022 with the express purpose of advising the Dyson Dean and other school leaders on the issues that matter most to our undergraduate students.

Our main objectives are to:

  1. Listen broadly to Dyson undergraduate students from different backgrounds and experiences to ensure that students feel their voices are heard and their opinions matter
  2. Represent and communicate with key Dyson student organizations and stakeholders and act as a bridge between the undergraduate student body and the Dean’s office
  3. Initiate and support plans, proposals, and actions to improve the Dyson student experience holistically

DSAC Council Members

Brian Kim-Koutsis Headshot

Brian Kim-Koutsis

Kellie Graves Headshot

Kellie Graves

Class of '24 Rep
Kayla Singer Headshot

Kayla Singer

Class of '25 Rep
Ada Chinye Headshot

Ada Chinye

Class of '26 Rep

Dev Shukla Headshot

Dev Shukla

Class of '27 Rep
Arden Wolfe Headshot

Arden Wolfe

Rep at Large
Caroline Brandvold Headshot

Caroline Brandvold

Nathaniel Baker Headshot

Nathaniel Baker

Ashley Qiu Headshot updated

Ashley Qiu

Doniell Mejia Duarte Headshot

Doniell Mejia Duarte

Sam Straus Headshot

Sam Straus

Transfer Rep
Anna Haraka Headshot

Anna Haraka

Founding Member Rep
Talia Singer headshot

Talia Singer

Founding Member Rep

Contact Us

We want to hear from you! Our core mission is to hear from undergraduate students and provide your general opinions to the Dean’s office. Feel free to contact the Chair, Brian Kim-Koutsis, at dsac@cornell.edu or through the Google form linked at the bottom of this page to share anonymously.