DSAC Mission Statement

As the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management is ever-growing and ever-evolving, this team of students was established in Spring 2022 with the express purpose of advising the Dyson Dean and other school leaders on the issues that matter most to our undergraduate students.

Our main objectives are to:

  1. Listen broadly to Dyson undergraduate students from different backgrounds and experiences to ensure that students feel their voices are heard and their opinions matter
  2. Represent and communicate with key Dyson student organizations and stakeholders and act as a bridge between the undergraduate student body and the Dean’s office
  3. Initiate and support plans, proposals, and actions to improve the Dyson student experience holistically

DSAC Council Members

Divya Raina

Inaugural Chair, '24 Rep
Divya Raina headshot
Divya is a junior majoring in Applied Economics and Management with a concentration in International Trade & Development and a minor in Near Eastern Studies. Outside of class, she TAs for AEM 2200 & AEM 3605, and is the Course Head TA for AEM 2700. Divya is also involved in the music community through the Cornell Voice Program and as the Musical Director of her acapella group. Through DSAC, she hopes to create space in Dyson for all members of the community to feel like they truly belong. Divya is currently chair of the council.

Kellie Graves

Class of '24 Rep

Kellie is a junior majoring in Applied Economics and Management with a concentration in Entrepreneurship and a minor in Leadership. Her major involvements on campus have included founding A Seat at the Table — the university’s first and only Business Ethics student organization — as well as serving formerly as Co-President and currently as Co-CEO of BlackGen Capital — the university’s first and only minority owned investment fund. Outside of these involvements, she TAs for AEM 2200 & AEM 2700, and loves working with students in mentorship roles. Through DSAC, Kellie hopes to serve as the vehicle to get underrepresented students, and particularly underrepresented minorities, their voices heard in major decisions to ensure that space is made for them and their perspectives are properly portrayed to the Dean. Kellie is currently a Class of 2024 representative on the council.

Marissa Huang

Class of '25 Rep
Dyson Student Marissa Huang

Marissa is a junior majoring in applied economics and management with a concentration in marketing and a minor in real estate.  She is also involved in Cornell Marketing, SEC, CSA, and CTAS.  In her free time she likes to read, crochet, and find new places to eat!  Through DSAC, she hopes to bridge the gap between the Dean and the student body to help her peers feel like their voices are being heard.

Ada Chinye

Class of '26 Rep
My name is Ada Chinye. I am a freshman in Dyson looking to potentially concentrate in Marketing and/or Strategy. My affinity towards DSAC stems from the work put in to enhance the experience of Dyson students, especially those who might feel underrepresented. Similarly, I hope to use my position as a way to establish a voice for the Dyson Class of ‘26 that will set us up for success in the years to come.

Arden Wolfe

Class of '26 Rep

Arden is a first-year Dyson student from Chester County, Pennsylvania. With plans for a concentration in Strategy, Arden hopes to continue her career in the music industry. In her free time, Arden enjoys trips to LA, vegan restaurants, and going to concerts.

Sam Straus

Transfer Rep

Sam is a junior majoring in Applied Economics and Management with a concentration in Business Analytics and a minor in Psychology. He transferred to Cornell University (Dyson) after his freshman year at Carnegie Mellon University (The Tepper School of Business). Outside of class, Sam runs his own ecommerce business, works at Student Agencies Inc. as a Real Estate Manager, and leads fundraising & budgeting for the TEDxCornellUniversity team. He is currently a visiting student at the University of Cambridge (Pembroke College) and will be a visiting student at the University of Oxford (Lady Margaret Hall) during fall 2023. Through DSAC, Sam aims to improve the student transfer experience, making the transition for all transfer students into Dyson more seamless

Brian Kim-Koutsis


Brian Kim-Koutsis is a sophomore in the Dyson School concentrating in Finance and minoring in International Relations. On campus, he is involved in Cornell Consulting Group, Cornell Financial Analysts, Cornell Undergraduate Asia Business Society, Dyson Undergraduate Council, Dyson Ambassadors, and is a Teaching Assistant for AEM 2200 and AEM 2700. He is also a La Colombe Brand Ambassador and part of a social fraternity. Outside of that, he plays tennis and volleyball, enjoys skiing, and likes to try new restaurants around Ithaca.

Sierra Brewer


Sierra is a sophomore majoring in Applied Economics and Management with a concentration in Food Industry Management and a minor in Food Science. She is the President of the Dyson Undergraduate Council and former Vice President of the Dyson Diversity Council. Sierra is also the President of the Alternative Protein Project and an Analyst for Grub Ventures. Through DSAC, she hopes to be a voice for the Dyson community and gather insight to inspire the work of the DUC.

Tyler Senzon


Tyler is a freshman majoring in Applied Economics and Management with concentrations in Finance and Business Analytics. In his free time, Tyler serves as the Vice President of the Dyson Diversity Council, helping organize and plan programming for Dyson’s Diverse student body. Tyler also has a great passion for problem-solving and is working on a venture on campus geared towards bringing sustainable attire to Cornell organizations, while giving back to communities abroad. Within DSAC, Tyler hopes to enhance inclusivity and access to information both within Dyson, and the University as a whole.

Anna Haraka

Founding Member Rep

Anna is a junior majoring in Applied Economics and Management with a concentration in Strategy and a minor in Leadership. Anna is the former President of the Dyson Undergraduate Council, Vice President of Recruitment for Dyson Ambassadors, Co-Founder of A Seat at the Table, and a member of Social Enterprise Group at Cornell. She also is a facilitator for Intergroup Dialogue, a Management Communications TA, and incoming Co-Head TA of Business Management and Organization with fellow DSAC member, Kellie. Anna hopes to use her position on DSAC to advocate for programming and policy that improves the Dyson experience for students of all backgrounds. Anna is currently studying abroad in Barcelona, and virtually serves as a founding member representative.

Talia Singer

Founding Member Rep
Dyson Student Talia Singer

Talia is a junior concentrating in Finance from South Florida. Outside of DSAC, Talia serves as CO-VP of Cayuga Capital, Real Estate Sector Head for CIBC, member of CYC, and former VP of Public Relations of DUC, as well as course assistant for AEM2700. This semester, Talia is working with the DSAC remotely from Barcelona. She’s enjoying exploring Europe and being immersed in new cultures. Through DSAC, Talia hopes to improve Dyson’s curriculum and academic policies to meet student demands and the motto “Our Business is a Better World.”

Contact Us

We want to hear from you! Our core mission is to hear from undergraduate students and provide your general opinions to the Dean’s office. Feel free to contact the Chair, Divya Raina, at dr458@cornell.edu or through the Google form linked at the bottom of this page to share anonymously.