Agricultural Economics at Cornell: A History, 1900-1990

AG Econ Book

Professor Bernard F. “Bud” Stanton’s history of the field of Agricultural Economics at Cornell University chronicles the major contributions its faculty and students made to research, teaching, and extension from its beginnings to the year 1990.

With chapters devoted to each decade, this picture-filled, 292-page book describes the transitions and celebrates the accomplishments of a department (now School) noted for its commitment to people and finding solutions to real economic problems.

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Chapter Titles

  • The Agricultural Heritage
  • Farm Management and Rural Economy: 1900–1909
  • Agricultural Economics Becomes a Discipline: 1910–1919
  • New Specializations and the Agricultural Depression: 1920–1929
  • The Role of Government in Agriculture and the Great Depression: 1930–1939
  • The Impacts of World War II and New Technology: 1940–1949
  • Expanded Work with the Food Industry: 1950–1959
  • International Agricultural Development: 1960–1969
  • Increases in Computing: 1970–1979
  • Resource and Environmental Economics: 1980–1989
  • Getting Work Done in Warren Hall
  • Summing Up