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Job Market Candidates

Name Grad. Date Specialization(s) Committee
Ph.D. Job Candidates
Catalina Herrera Almanza
May 2014 Development Economics, Education Population and Health Economics David Sahn (chair)
Ravi Kanbur
George Jakubson
Shady Atallah
May 2014 Production Economics, Resource Economics, Food Supply Chain Analysis Miguel Gomez (chair)
Jon Conrad
Jan Nyrop
Elaine Hill
May 2014 Health Economics (primary), Applied Microeconomics, Development Economics David Sahn (chair)
John Cawley
George Jakubson
Joel Landry
May 2014 Environmental Economics (primary), Public Economics and Public Choice Antonio Bento (chair)
Ravi Kanbur
Steve Coate
Benjamin Leard
May 2014 Environmental Economics (primary), Applied Econometrics, Public Economics, Resource Economics Antonio Bento (chair)
Ravi Kanbur
Shanjun Li
Adrian Lopes
May 2014 Resource & Environmental Economics, Ecological-Economic Systems, Environment & Development Jon Conrad (chair)
Ravi Kanbur
Evan Cooch
Yu Qin
May 2014 Development Economics (primary), Urban Economics, International Trade, Applied Econometrics Ravi Kanbur (chair)
Nancy Chau (co-chair) Damon Clark
Xiaobo Zhang
Joanna Upton
May 2014 Economics of Development, Public Policy Analysis, Food Security, Food Systems, sub-Saharan Africa Chris Barrett (chair)
Per Pinstrup-Andersen Miguel Gomez
Kira Villa
May 2014 Development Economics (primary), Health Economics, Nutrition Economics David Sahn (chair);
David Just
George Jakubson
Gary Evans
M.S. Job Candidates
Elizabeth R. Bageant
August 2014 Development, Poverty, Gender and Risk Management Chris Barrett (chair)
Mark Constas
Dustin Baker
May 2014 Public Policy Analysis Joshua Woodard (chair) Andrew Novakovic
Xiao Hu
May 2014 Applied Econometrics and Quantitative Analysis, Quantitative Finance David Ng (chair)
Pamela Moulton
Justin Shepherd
May 2014 Biofuel Policies Affecting Developing Economies Harry de Gorter (chair)
David Just
Lillian Liang Song
May 2014 Marketing, Quantitative Analysis, Policy, Behavioral Economics Harry Kaiser (chair)
Miguel Gomez
M.P.S. Job Candidates
Amy Couch
January 2014 Environmental Management Steven Kyle
Phil McMichael

Faculty Contact top

Professor Calum Turvey
201C Warren Hall
Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853-7801

Ph: 607.255.2086
E-mail: cgt6@cornell.edu

Ph.D. Training in Economics at Cornell University top

At Cornell, economists are trained in many departments, schools, and colleges, and as a part of multiple graduate fields. In addition to the Applied Economics and Management candidates listed above, Ph.D. job candidates with training in economics can also be found on the following web sites:

Field of Economics
Field of Policy Analysis and Management