Technology Management Concentration

Do you have a background in technology? Looking to market your own innovations in technology? With an MPS in Applied Economics and Management concentrating in Technology Management, you will develop the business skills that are required to manage your business ventures in technology.

About the Concentration

With its unique position as a part of both Cornell’s SC Johnson College of Business and College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management is particularly suited to help train innovators in biotechnology, bioenergy, and agricultural technology, and to develop market innovators to create successful business ventures.

General program structure – 30 credits


  • Statistics or BTRY 6010 – Statistical Methods I (4 credits)
  • Intermediate microeconomics or AEM 5600 – Managerial Economics (4 credits)
  • Undergraduate calculus or “Math camp for MBA’s” (or Khan Academy)

Required Coursework

  • Quantitative and computational methods (6 credits)

-Econometrics/marketing research and computational methods

  • Global Citizenship AEM 5305 and Management Communications AEM 6940(2.5 credits)
  • Core coursework specific to each concentration (9 credits)
  • Problem-solving project (6 credits)

Elective Coursework (3-6 credits)

  • Courses must be relevant and approved by your concentration leader

Concentration Requirements

Required (3 credits):

  • AEM 5220 – Digital Business Strategy (fall, 3 credits)

Elective Coursework (6 credits):

  • AEM 5615 – Digital Platform Strategy (spring, 1.5 credits)
  • Digital Technology Immersion (6 credits) – Prof. Shawn Mankad (Johnson School)

– Digital Technology Practicum (business client projects)

– 2 analytics electives (1.5 credits each)

– By application only

  • Semester in Strategic Operations (4-7 credits) – Prof. Nagesh Gavirneni (Johnson)

– Operations Practicum (project, guest speaker, class, site visits – 4 credits)

– Optional electives on operations management