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Sharon Poczter

Sharon Poczter

Assistant Professor

Areas of Expertise

Emerging Markets, Financial Economics, Industrial Competitiveness and Strategy

Contact Information

310C Warren Hall • Phone 607.255.1810


Professor Poczter's research looks at the linkages between financial markets and non-financial sector firms in emerging economies. In particular, she analyzes the impact of financial crisis and subsequent government intervention on private sector firms. Her current work examines the mechanisms underlying industry evolution and the role that non-market forces such as political connections play on firm strategy.


Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley (Haas School of Business), 2011
MA, , University of California, Berkeley, 2008
B.S., Cornell University, 2001


AEM 2601: Managerial Economics II
AEM 4480: Executing Firm Strategy

Selected Publications

“Re-Exploring Knowledge Transmission in the Value Chain: The Role of Capabilities over an Environmental Jolt,” Under Revision, 2015.

“Re-thinking the Government as Innovator: Evidence from Asian Firms,”Under Revision, 2015

Poczter, Sharon. 2015. The Long-Term Effects of Bank Recapitalization: Evidence from Indonesia. Journal of Financial Intermediation

"Authoritarian Legacies in Post-New Order Indonesia: Evidence from a New Dataset, " (with Tom Pepinsky) (Under Revision)

Does Innovation Policy Attract International Competition? Evidence from Energy Storage (with Kira Fabrizio and Bennet Zelner)

Poczter, Sharon, Can Monitoring Improve the Performance of State-Owned Firms? Evidence from Privatization in a Large Emerging Market," (Under Revision)

Leiponen, Aija E. and Poczter, Sharon, Relational Financing and Innovation in Emerging Economies, (Under Revision)

Gertler, Paul, Alex Rothenberg, and Sharon Poczter. 2012. Financial Crisis and Productivity Evolution: Evidence from Indonesia. (Vol 37, Issue 5, World Economy)


For media inquiries, please contact: Joe Schwartz (607)-254-6235.

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