Distribution Requirements

In addition to the AEM core and concentration requirements, all AEM majors must also meet the following distribution requirements from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

All AEM majors should be aware of the CALS academic policies.

Physical Sciences Requirements

Minimum 18 credits

Social Sciences and Humanities Requirements 

Minimum 12 credits

  • Economics requirements: required by AEM; consists of at least 2 economics courses in the Social and Behavioral Analysis category (SBA), 6 credits minimum
  • Human Diversity (D): one course of 3 or more credits
  • One course of 3 or more credits from any of the following categories:
    • Cultural Analysis (CA)
    • Foreign Language (FL)
    • Historical Analysis (HA)
    • Knowledge, Cognition and Moral Reasoning (KCM)
    • Literature and the Arts (LA)

Written and Oral Expression Requirements 

Minimum 9 credits

  • Written Expression: minimum 6 credits; e.g., First-Year Writing SeminarsAEM 2000 (S)
  • AEM 2700: Management Communication
    Note: Students who matriculated as freshmen before Fall 2013 and transfers before Fall 2014 must take COMM 2010: Oral Communication or ILRLR 2300: Argumentation and Debate in place of AEM 2700.

Student Spotlight

Grace Zhao

Grace Zhao '18


Hauppauge, New York



What makes Dyson special?

The size of the business program is small and class sizes are small, so this makes for a very individualized learning experience. It also allows students to know most of the students in their class year.