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University-Wide Business Minor

The University-wide Business Minor is available to all undergraduate students graduating in May 2014 or later across all colleges at Cornell University, except for the School of Hotel Administration.


The University-wide Business Minor (UBM) is offered by a consortium of schools and colleges at Cornell, including the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, School of Industrial and Labor Relations (ILR), Johnson School, and School of Hotel Administration. The minor is intended for students majoring in subject areas other than business to get exposure to business concepts, frameworks, and methods.

Info Sessions top

We will be hosting an info session early in the semester. Check back here in a few weeks or be on the lookout in your classes for official dates and locations.

Requirements top

Declaration of Intent to Minor

Students may complete a Declaration of Intent to minor in the University-wide Minor in Business (UBM) starting in their freshmen year and must declare the minor by the end of their Junior Year to qualify. The declaration is intended to signal the interest and INTENT of a student to pursue the minor. The declaration can be filed BEFORE the pre-requisites as long as the applicant plans to take the pre-requisites within the next two semesters. Once the declaration of INTENT is registered in the UBM database, students receive notification and are officially considered part of the program. Students declaring the INTENT to pursue the Minor will have access to advice and guidance on the minor and will be put on a notification list that will be used to announce new offerings and opportunities. Complete the Declaration of Intent to Minor online form here.

How to Declare and Complete the Minor

  1. Review. Review the tables below in order to better understand the minor. We also suggest visiting for more information to get started.
  2. Plan. Plan a course of study to complete the minor requirements.
  3. Apply. Complete the online Declaration of Intent by the end of junior year.
  4. Certify. Certify completion of the business minor with an application by February 1st of senior year.


To file a Declaration of Intent to Minor in UBM, students must be enrolled in or plan to take in the next two semesters a 3-credit class in:

  • Introductory Statistics, such as AEM 2100, ILRST 2100, PAM 2100, PAM 2101, Math 1710, ENGRD 2700, CEE 304, ECON 3130, ECON 3125, PSYCH 3500, BTRY 3010, HADM 2010, STSCI 2100, STSCI 2150, ECON 3110-3120
  • ECON 1110 or a comparable course in microeconomics with a passing grade

AP credit or transfer credit is acceptable for these prerequisites if the course is listed on the applicant's college transcript. A special committee must approve transfer credit. Students can find a list of pre-approved courses here. Taking the prerequisite course S/U is permitted.

Course Requirements

The following courses (minimum of 12 credits) must be completed with a grade of C or better. Any course taken after January 2013 must be taken for a letter grade (i.e., no S/U). You may only take two of the four required classes outside of Cornell University. See the section below for information on transfer credit.

Prerequisites: Must satisfy both of the following:
ECON 1110 Introductory Microeconomics (AP or Transfer Credit Accepted) (3 cr) F, W, S, Su
Statistics One of the Following:  
AEM 2100 Introductory Statistics (4 cr) F
ILRST 2100 Introductory Statistics (4 cr) F, W, S, Su
PAM 2100 Introduction to Statistics (4 cr) S
PAM 2101 Statistics for Policy Analysis and Management Majors (4 cr) F
MATH 1710 Statistical Theory and Applications in the Real World (4 cr)   F, S
ENGRD 2700 Basic Engineering Probability and Statistics (3 cr) F, S, Su
CEE 3040 Uncertainty Analysis in Engineering (3 cr) F
ECON 3130 Statistics and Probability (4 cr) F
ECON 3125 Statistics and Applied Econometrics (4 cr) F, S, Su
PSYCH 3500 Statistics and Research Design (3-4 cr) F, Su
BTRY 3010 Biological Statistics I (4 cr) F
HADM 2010 Hospitality Quantitative Analysis (3 cr) F, S
STSCI 2100 Introductory Statistics (4 cr) F, S, Su
ECON 3110, ECON 3120 Probability Models and Inference for the Social Sciences, Applied Econometrics (4 cr) S
Introduction to Management: One of the Following
AEM 1200 Introduction to Business Management (3 cr) S, Su
ILRIR 1700 Introduction to Organizations and Management (3 cr) F
ILRHR 4641 Business Strategym Organizational Design, and Human Resource Strategy (4 cr) F
NCC 5540 Managing and Leading in Organizations (3 cr) F, S
ILRLR 1100, ILROB 1220, ILRHR 2600 Introduction to U.S. Labor History (3 cr), Introduction to Organizational Behavior (3 cr), Human Resource Management (3 cr) F, S, Su
Introduction to Marketing: One of the Following
AEM 2400 Marketing (3 cr) F, W, S, Su
NCC 5530 Marketing Management (3 cr) F, S
HADM 2410 Marketing Principles (3 cr) F, S
Financial Accounting: One of the Following
AEM 2210 Financial Accounting (3 cr) F, S, Su
HADM 2230 Financial Accounting Principles (3 cr) F, S
NCC 5500 Financial Accounting (3 cr) F, S
Finance: One of the following
AEM 2240 Finance (4 cr) F, S, Su
HADM 2250 Finance (3 cr) F, S
NCC 5560 Managerial Finance (3 cr) F, S

Transfer Credit top

Two of the four required courses must be taken at Cornell University. All required classes must be completed with a grade of C or better.

Transfer credit or course equivalency must be certified by one of the professors teaching the approved required Cornell classes for the UBM BEFORE you take the course. Please refer to the list of pre-approved courses here; if your course is not listed here, please submit a complete syllabus through your Declaration of Intent by finding the requirement you are trying to satisfy, then filling out the “Request Transfer Credit” form on the site. Please fill out the information as completely as possible. After submission, a special committee will review your request and get back to you with an approval/denial as soon as possible.

Please Note: To transfer financial accounting, a proficiency test is required. No online courses will be accepted for this requirement. To take the proficiency test, please contact Nancy Bell at

A course is only acceptable for transfer credit if it is listed on the applicant's college transcript. Please check with your college's registrar for specific policies about transfer credit before you take a course outside of Cornell University.

Certification for the Minor top

After successfully completing all the requirements, you can Certify completion of the business minor with an application by February 1st of senior year.

Contact top

Prof. Deborah Streeter
375B Warren Hall
Ph: 607.255.1611

Nancy Bell

Undergraduate Minor Coordinator
375 Warren Hall
Ph: 607.254.1297