Dyson Leadership Fellows

Change yourself. Change the world.

The Dyson Leadership Fellows is a selective leadership development program for students in the leadership minor who are committed to leadership.

The program is designed for those students dedicated to continuing their leadership journey through participation in exclusive co-curricular opportunities. The main purpose is to develop students who are equipped, inspired, and empowered to exemplify Our Business is a Better World and to grow the Fellowship creating an inclusive cross university community of leadership students.

Students in the University Leadership Minor are eligible to apply to the Dyson Leadership Fellows program when they begin the first leadership elective in Tier III. This indicates a student has completed the foundational aspects of the minor and is serious about further growth.  In many cases, students applying to become a Fellow have already met some of the requirements. Any student in good standing may declare and will be immediately accepted to the university leadership minor.

Fellows are selected and invited to join if they exhibit outstanding academic performance, have made leadership contributions to courses that are considered prestigious by faculty, embody leadership potential, strive for personal growth and have already embarked on a leadership role in a personal or educational setting.   The selection process includes a written application and interview.

Leadership Minors are eligible to apply to the Fellows program when they begin the first leadership elective in Tier III.

As a participant in Dyson Leadership Fellows, you will embark on a journey through knowing, doing, and being throughout your Cornell experience.

  1. Learning and reflection: Attend workshops and classes that will build upon your personal leadership and awareness, including a senior year poster presentation
  2. Co-curricular and service experiences: Participate in a variety of activities and service opportunities to apply knowledge hands-on
  3. Workshops, speakers, and events: Take part in specialized programming like Leaders in Residence, Leadership Week, and Community Nights

Some of these components are required, while others are offered exclusively to Leadership Fellows as a program benefit.

Priority opportunities include:

  • Leader in Residence – exclusive meetings, meals, and activities
  • Inspiring Guest Speakers – priority guest list and small gatherings
  • Leadership Week – priority access to activities and volunteer Opportunities
  • Topics in Leadership (conversations & a meal) – exclusive to minors and fellows only
  • Case Competitions – Map the Challenge priority entry (space is limited)

Fellowship requirements:

As a Dyson Leadership Fellow, you will embark on a journey of knowing, doing, and being throughout your Cornell experience.

  • Participate in a one credit leadership immersion course (AEM1700) as soon as accepted. There are no substitutes for this course.
  • Attend Workshops (6 total) examples:
  • MAP the Challenge Case Competition (participate at least once)
  • Dean and Leadership Speaker Series (attend at least 2)
  • Service (volunteer at least 2 times)- Help with Leadership by Design’s annual Leadership Week
  • Learn as you Lead (at least 1)
    • ENGAGED Cornell – Ambassador
    • CIW Grand Challenges – Leadership in DC (electives also count in Tier 3)
    • Cornell Team & Leadership Center
    • Campus and Community Engagement
  • Exemplify Leadership by Design principles as a student at Cornell
  • Mentor a student new to the Leadership Minor
  • Add a Fellowship reflection to ePortfolio

The fellowship requirements listed above are designed to expose students to learning and reflection, co-curricular and service experiences, workshops, speakers, and other events. Some of these components are required, while others are offered exclusively to Leadership Fellows as a program benefit.

Become a Leadership Fellow Mentor!

This is optional. Participation allows you to remain part of our leadership community by mentoring new minors and fellows through their journey.

Denise Castle

"I really think that the Leadership Program was a very defining experience through my freshman year, and I'm very grateful to have been along for the ride."

Denise Castle ’22, Dyson Leadership Fellow and Dean's Assistant

What will you gain as a Dyson Leadership Fellow?

You’ll be equipped, inspired, and empowered to exemplify Our Business is a Better World.

Students building a tower

Co-created by students, faculty, and alumni to provide a comprehensive approach to leadership, Dyson Leadership Fellows is a multifaceted program that combines curricular, co-curricular, and experiential learning to build strong leadership skills. Upon completion of the program, you’ll be recognized with a Dyson Leadership Fellows Certificate of Distinction that signifies the successful completion of the program’s requirements.

Application, experience, and reflection.

We consider this program a leadership learning laboratory where you can learn, practice, reflect and hone your leadership skills, personal values, and business experience.

“We do not learn from experience… we learn from reflecting on experience.” – John Dewey, Philosopher

Apply to become a Dyson Leadership Fellow

To begin the Dyson Leadership Fellows application process, click on apply now, and submit the form to Donna Haeger. After your application is received, you will be contacted for an interview as the next step in the process.

Note that a Tier III status and a minimum GPA of 3.3 is required to apply for Fellowship status.

Applications are reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis.

Questions? Contact us:

Donna Haeger, PhD
Faculty Director of Leadership Development
Professor of Practice
340G Warren Hall