AEM Degree Requirements

To earn the Bachelor of Science degree in applied economics and management (AEM) from the Dyson School, students must complete at least 120 credit hours from the following four categories:

Helpful Web Forms

  • Degree Checklist for students who matriculated to the Dyson School since fall 2015. Students who matriculated prior to 2015, can pick up a degree checklist in the Dyson Office of Student Services in B34 Warren.

You will quickly discover that the Dyson School’s graduation requirements are broad and very flexible, reflecting Ezra Cornell’s revolutionary goal to found an institution “…where any person can find instruction in any study.” You will have plenty of opportunity to choose from Cornell’s over-4,000 courses offered by around 100 departments to tailor your courses to meet your specific career and personal goals.

Curriculum Chart

Curriculum Wheel showing different concentrations and required number of credits for each

Can I prepare for law, medical, or veterinary school while earning a business degree?

Of course! Take a look: Preparing for Law School and Preparing for a Health Career.