Career Preparation Resources and Videos

The videos posted here are just an inkling of the types of career prep tutorials and “crash courses” you’ll find all around campus through different channels. In addition, below are just a few of the media resources to consider as key steps to personal prep!

Media Resources

  • Chatter, our online community that provides critical information about, well, everything
  • Alumni Advisor Network, where you can connect with Dyson, CALS, and Cornell alumni for career conversations, resume critiques, and mock interviews
  • Studio 150, our recently launched communications studio, named in honor of Cornell’s Sesquicentennial, to capture lessons learned and industry tips from our alumni
  • Visiting Executive Roundtables, spontaneous brainstorming sessions recorded for sharing
  • LinkedIn, a directory of more than 3,000 Dyson alumni representing a wide array of roles and opportunities


Case Interview Workshop

Case interviewing is a critical component of any interview with a professional service firm, plus banks are also increasingly using this interview technique. It pays to practice and to be prepared. View the video of a workshop conducted by Ernst & Young representatives Keyuri Shah, Bea Smith ’09 (Dyson alum), and Aaron Feinberg ’08 (ILR alum).