Grants and Contracts

The Dyson School’s faculty have a successful track record of receiving grants and contracts from a broad set of external funding agencies. These funds support the School’s research programs and help to fund graduate assistantships and postdoctoral research associates.

The School is currently receiving $56 million in grants and contracts from 39 funding agencies. The listing below shows the titles of current grants and contracts and principal faculty investigator(s), listed alphabetically by funding agency.

Arizona State University

Charles University

  • ECOCEP: Economic Modeling for Climate-Energy Policy, de Gorter, Bento

CHS Foundation

  • General Capacity Building of the Cooperative Enterprise Program (CEP), Schmit
  • Cornell Agribusiness Fellows Program: Improving the Understanding of Agricultural Systems in a Global Marketplace, Schmit

Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering NSF

  • SOCS: Collaborative Research: A Human Computational Approach for Improving Data Quality in Citizen Science Projects, Gomes

Directorate for Engineering NSF

  • WSC Category 3: Collaborative: Impacts of Climate Change on the Phenology of Linked Agriculture-Water Systems, Ortiz-Bobea

Farm Credit Banks/Springfield

  • Farm Profitability in Urban-Based Local Food Markets, Schmit

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

  • Global Banks and Risk Taking–IPA, Liu

FORS Marsh Group LLC

  • Experiments on Tax Evasion and Non-Payment, Schulze

Genesee Valley Regional Market

  • Accelerating Production of Organic Grains in Western New York, Gómez

International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

  • Soil Fertility and Agricultural Development in Ethiopia, Barrett, Woodard, Blalock
  • Impact Evaluation of National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme in India, Chau

International Livestock Research Institute

  • Collaborative Work Agreement Between International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) and Cornell University, Barrett, Constas

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

  • Development of Testing of New Tools, Zimmerman

Market Matters Inc.

  • Agricultural Input and Output Markets in East and Southern Africa, Christy

Meridian Institute

  • Agree–Soil Health, Conservation Practices, and Crop Insurance Ratings, Woodard

National Crop Insurance Services

  • Analyzing and Estimating Demand in the Federal Crop Insurance Program, Woodard

National Science Foundation

  • Collaborative Research: Computational Sustainability: Computational Methods for a Sustainable Environment, Economy and Society: Gomes, Conrad
  • Creativ: An Engineering and Economic Pathway to Ev-Based Transportation: Li
  • Inspire Track 1: Udiscoverit: Integration of Computational Reasoning, Learning, and Crowd-Sourcing for Accelerating Materials Discovery: Gomes

New York Farm Viability Institute

  • Building a Better Bottom Line for NYS Berry Growers, Rickard
  • Enhancing Economic Growth in Agriculture Via Business Planning and Analysis, Staehr

New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets

  • Farm Family Assistance, Staehr
  • Examining Current Labor Options and the Impact of Labor Policy Reform on Specialty Crop Markets in New York State, Rickard
  • Continuing Evaluation of Grape and Wine Production Practices in Support of the Emerging Cold-Hardy “Northern Grapes Industry in New York, Gómez

New York State Office of Mental Health

  • NY FarmNet–Mental Health Outreach, Staehr

Northeast Cooperative Council

  • Cooperative Extension Education and Outreach, Schmit

Pennsylvania State University

  • Enhancing Food Security of Underserved Populations in Northeast Through Sustainable Regional Food Systems, Gómez

U.S. Army Research Office

  • Crowd-Sourcing for Scientific Discovery, Gomes

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

  • An Examination of Competitive Behaviors in U.S. Farmer-First Handler Milk Sales Transactions, Schulze

USDA–Agricultural Marketing Service

  • Analysis of Alternative Forms of Price Regulation Among Buyers and Sellers of Farm Milk, Gómez
  • Cooperative Marketing Solutions to Meet Local Food Channel Demands, Schmit

USDA–Animal/Plant Health Inspection Service

  • Developing a Regional Eastern NCPN-Grape Center, Gómez

USDA–ARS Tree Fruit Research Laboratory

  • A Diagnostic Toolbox for Integrated Management of Apple Post-Harvest Necrotic Disorders, Rickard

USDA–Economic Research Service

  • Measuring Food Security: Alternative Approaches and New Frontiers, Barrett
  • Examining Barriers to U.S.-EU Trade and the Effects of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership on Selected Commodity Markets, Rickard

USDA–Forest Service

  • Integrating Ecological and Social Data to Optimize Economic Decisions on Wildlife Corridors, Gomes

USDA–National Institute of Food and Agriculture

  • Northern Grapes: Integrating Viticulture, Winemaking, and Marketing of New Cold-Hardy Cultivars Supporting New and Growing Rural Wineries: Gómez
  • Eastern Broccoli: Developing an Eastern Broccoli Industry: Gómez
  • New Tools and Incentives for Carbon, Nitrogen, and Greenhouse Gas Accounting and Management in Corn Cropping Systems: Bento
  • Farmer Designed Systems to Reduce Tillage in Organic Vegetables: Rickard
  • US-UK Collab: Mycobacterial Transmission Dynamics in Agricultural Systems: Integrating Phylogenetics, Epidemiology, Ecology, and Economics: Tauer
  • Building on Success: A Research and Extension Initiative to Increase the Prosperity of Organic Grain and Vegetable Farms: Rickard
  • Strategic Investments to Ensure Long-Term Success of Veteran-Owned and Advanced Beginning Farms: Staehr
  • Characterization of Genomic Signatures for Rice Crop Resilience in Response to Climate Change in the U.S.: Woodard
  • Market and Policy Implications of Integrated Energy and Agricultural Sectors Through Biofuel and Agricultural Policies: de Gorter, Just
  • Enhanced Economic Sustainability of Small Farms Through the Production of Stone Fruits Using Mesoclimatic Modification Technologies: Rickard
  • Strengthening Rural-Urban Linkages to Support Rural Economic Development: The Case of Re-Localized Food Systems: Schmit
  • New F.A.C.E.S (Fostering Agricultural Communication and Extension Students): van Es
  • Enhancing University Teaching and Engagement in Developing Country Agriculture and Agribusiness: Christy

University of California, Davis

  • Index-Based Livestock Insurance: Adaptation and Innovation in Ethiopia, Barrett

University of Delaware

  • Competitive Grant to Establish a USDA Center for Behavioral and Experimental Agri-Environmental Policy Research, Poe, Just

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

  • Modernizing Extension and Advisory Services, Gómez

University of Missouri

  • Rural Entrepreneurship in the Wine Industry: Identifying Success Factors Among Start-Up-Wineries in Emerging Cool Climate Regions, Gómez

University of Sydney

  • The Human and Environmental Impacts of Migratory Pastoralism in Arid and Semi-Arid East Africa (Kenya, Ethiopia), Gomes, Barrett

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

  • Improved Grape and Wine Quality in a Challenging Environment: An Eastern US Model for Sustainability and Economic Vitality, Rickard

Wal-Mart Foundation

  • Training Smallholder Apple Farmers in China for Sustainable Production and Domestic Market Access, Christy

World Vision Inc.

  • The Somalia Resilience Program: Technical Support For Resilience Measurement And Analysis, Constas

Faculty Spotlight

Loren Tauer

Loren Tauer

Professor of Production Economics and Finance

"The Dyson School’s goal is to not only educate future leaders and scholars, but to help solve pressing world problems and communicate solutions to the public."