Dyson Business Minor for Engineers

A generous donor has endowed the Dyson Business Minor for Engineers (DBME), putting in place the ongoing resources for a minor that is specifically tailored to the education and career needs of engineering students.

Who Qualifies?

Declaration of Intent to Minor

Students may complete a Declaration of Intent to Minor in the Dyson Business Minor for Engineers (DBME) on the Dyson minors website starting their freshmen year, and must declare their intent to minor by the end of their sixth semester to qualify. The declaration is intended to signal the interest and intent of a College of Engineering student to pursue the DBME offered in the Dyson School. The declaration can be filed before the prerequisite course in microeconomics is completed as long as the applicant plans to take the course within the next two semesters.


Once the declaration of intent is registered in the DBME database, students receive notification and are officially considered part of the program. Students declaring the intent to minor benefit in the following ways:

  • Have preference in the AEM courses that are offered in the minor as long as they follow the rules of pre-enrollment
  • Receive invitations to special extracurricular events related to business and engineering
  • Have access to advice and guidance on the minor
  • Learn about new offerings and new optional courses

How to Declare and Complete the DBME Minor

  1. Review: Review the tables below to better understand the minor requirements. Please visit the Dyson minors website for more information to get started.
  2. Plan. Plan a course of study to complete the minor requirements.
  3. Apply. Complete the online Declaration of Intent to Minor on the Dyson minors website by the end of junior year.
  4. Certify. Certify completion of the business minor with an application on the Dyson minors website by June 1 of senior year. 


To file a Declaration of Intent to Minor in DBME, students must be enrolled in or plan to take in the next two semesters a 3-credit class in microeconomics from the courses listed below. AP credit or transfer credit is acceptable for these prerequisites if the course is listed on the applicant's college transcript. Taking a prerequisite course S/U or online is permitted.

Key: F = fall; W = winter; S = spring; Su = summer

ECON 1110 Introductory Microeconomics (AP or transfer credit accepted) F, W, S, Su
ECON 3010 Accelerated Microeconomics F
ECON 3030 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory F, S, Su
PAM 2000 Intermediate Microeconomics F, S
HADM 1410 Microeconomics in the Service Industry S

Course Requirements

All courses must be completed with a grade of C or better. At least 7 credits must be taken in the Dyson School. Online core requirements must be taken at Cornell University to be able to use them toward the minor.

Note: Any student who completed a Declaration of Intent to Minor in fall 2012 or later must fulfill the requirements below. Those who declared an intent to minor prior to fall 2012 may meet the previous requirements.

Key: F = fall; W = winter; S = spring; Su = summer

Introduction to Basic Business Concepts

One of the following courses is required.

AEM 1200 Introduction to Business Management S, Su
AEM 2400 Marketing F, W, S, Su
ENGRI 1270 Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Engineering S
NCC 5580 Managing Operations S
ORIE 4152 Entrepreneurship for Engineers F
HADM 2410 Marketing Principles F, S
ILRID 1700 Introduction to Organizations and Management F
NCC 5530 Marketing Management F, S

Introduction to Accounting Principles

One of the following courses is required.

AEM 2210 Financial Accounting F, S, Su
ORIE 3150 Financial and Managerial Accounting F, W, Su
NCC 5500 Financial Accounting F, S
HADM 2230 Financial Accounting Principles F, S

Understanding Finance

One of the following courses is required.

AEM 2241 Finance (formerly AEM 2240) F, S
HADM 2250 Finance F, S
NCC 5560 Managerial Finance F, S

Integrating Marketing, HR, and Operations

AEM 4660 Market Dynamics, Computer Simulation and Modeling F, S

Business Management to Support Career Goals

3 Credits to Support Career Goals Semester Career Goal
AEM 2220 Foundational Perspectives and Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship (3) F, S Entrepreneurship
AEM 3100 Business Statistics (3) S Consulting
AEM 3120 Branding and Brand Management (1) S General Business, Marketing
AEM 3200 Business Law I (3) F Law
AEM 3210 Business Law II (3) S Law
AEM 3220 Digital Business Strategy (3) F Entrepreneurship
AEM 3230 Managerial Accounting (3) F, W, S, Su General Business
AEM 3249 Entrepreneurial Marketing and Strategy (3) F Entrepreneurship, Marketing, General Business
AEM 3250 Business Planning Process for New Ventures (4) F, S Entrepreneurship, General Business
AEM 3251 The Business Laboratory and New Venture Management (4) S Finance, General Business
AEM 3280/HADM 4143 Innovation and Dynamic Management (3) F General Business, Entrepreneurship, Manufacturing
AEM 3310 Introduction to Business Regulations (3) S Manufacturing, General Business, Entrepreneurship
AEM 3350 International Technology Marketing of Biotechnology (3) S Entrepreneurship
AEM 3360 Intermediate Accounting I (3) F General Business
AEM 3370 Intermediate Accounting II (4) S General Business
AEM 3380 Social Entrepreneurs, Innovators, and Problem Solvers (3) F, Su Entrepreneurship
AEM 3381 and
AEM 3382
Social Entrepreneurship (1) and
Social Enterprise Development (1)
AEM 3390/AEM 6390 Research Methods in International Development (3) S Economics
AEM 3430 Principles of Supply Chain Management (3) F General Business, Manufacturing
AEM 3440 Consumer Behavior (3) F Consumer Goods, Consulting
AEM 3500 Investments in the Global Economy (3) F Finance
AEM 4020 Food and Brand Lab Workshop I (3) F Consumer Goods, Marketing
AEM 4060 Risk Simulation and Monte Carlo Methods (3) S Consulting, Manufacturing
AEM 4070 Advanced Financial Analytics (3) S Finance
AEM 4080 Innovation and New Product Management (1.5) S Consumer Goods
AEM 4120 Computational Methods for Management and Economics (3) F Consulting, Manufacturing
AEM 4140/AEM 6140 Behavioral Economics and Managerial Decisions (3) F General Business
AEM 4150 Price Analysis (3) F General Business, Finance
AEM 4160 Strategic Pricing (3) S Consumer Goods, Manufacturing
AEM 4170 Decision Models for Small and Large Businesses (3) S Consulting
AEM 4190 Strategic Thinking (3) S General Business, Consulting, Manufacturing
AEM 4195 Strategic Thinking and Analysis (4) S General Business
AEM 4210 Futures, Options, and Financial Derivatives (3) S Finance
AEM 4230 Contemporary Topics in Behavioral Finance (3) F Finance
AEM 4260 Fixed-Income Securities (4) F Finance
AEM 4280 Valuation of Capital Investment (4) F Finance
AEM 4290 International Financial Management (3) F Finance
AEM 4300 International Trade Policy (3) S General Business, Manufacturing
AEM 4370 Strategy and Innovation (3) S Entrepreneurship, Manufacturing, Industrial Management
AEM 4380 Entrepreneurial Strategy for Tech Ventures (1.5) S Entrepreneurship, General Business
AEM 4390 Technology Strategy (1.5) S Entrepreneurship, General Business
AEM 4400 Retail Strategy (3) F Marketing
AEM 4421 Research and Strategy in Emerging Markets (3) S Consulting, General Business
AEM 4450/NS 4450 Toward a Sustainable Global Food System: Food Policy for Developing Countries (3) F General Business, Entrepreneurship, Consulting
AEM 4520 Advanced Accounting (3) F Finance
AEM 4550 Economics of Advertising (3) S Consumer Goods, Consulting
AEM 4560 Federal Income Taxation of Business Entities (3) F Finance, Consulting
AEM 4570 Corporate Finance (3) F, S Finance
AEM 4580 The Economics and Psychology of Sustainable Business (3) F General Business, Entrepreneurship
AEM 4590 Financial Markets and Institutions (3) F Finance
AEM 4610 Business Processes, Analytics and Enterprise Systems (1. 5) S Consulting, General Business
AEM 4615/NBA 5615 Platform Strategy (1.5) S Entrepreneurship
AEM 4650 Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation (3) S Consulting
AEM 4670 Investments (3) F, S Finance
AEM 4940 Undergraduate Special Topics in Applied Economics and Management (1-4) F, S, Su General Business
BEE 4890 Entrepreneurial Management for Engineers (3) F Entrepreneurship, General Business
NBA 6720 Family and Privately Held Firms: Financial and Managerial Perspectives (1.5) S Finance

Special note for ORIE students: ORIE students satisfy the accounting requirement using ORIE 3150. For the DBME, ORIE students are required to achieve greater depth in accounting or finance by completing one additional course from the list below:

AEM 3360 Intermediate Accounting I F
AEM 3500 Investments in the Global Economy F
AEM 4160 Strategic Pricing S
AEM 4170 Decision Models for Small and Large Businesses S
AEM 4210 Futures, Options, and Financial Derivatives S
AEM 4230 Contemporary Topics in Behavioral Finance F
AEM 4260 Fixed-Income Securities F
AEM 4280 Valuation of Capital Investment F
AEM 4290 International Financial Management F
ORIE 4130 Service System Modeling and Design F
ORIE 4150 Economic Analysis of Engineering Systems S
ORIE 4154 Revenue Optimization and Marketplace Design S
ORIE 4600 Introduction to Financial Engineering F
ORIE 4630 Operations Research Tools for Financial Engineering F
ORIE 4820 Spreadsheet-Based Modeling and Data Analysis S
ORIE 5600 Financial Engineering with Stochastic Calculus F

Transfer Credit

Our curriculum committees must approve transfer credit or course equivalency for the minor BEFORE you take the course. Please submit a complete syllabus through your Declaration of Intent by finding the requirement you are trying to satisfy, then filling out the Request Transfer Credit form on the site. The following information must be included in the syllabus: mode of instructions, number of course credits, meeting times/hours, final exam schedule, and list of topics covered. After submission, the committee will review your request and get back to you with an approval/denial within ten business days.

A course is acceptable for transfer credit only if it is listed on the applicant's college transcript. Please check with your college's registrar for specific policies about transfer credit before you take a course outside of Cornell University.

Extracurricular Activities

Seminars, networking events, and other extracurricular activities will be offered to DBME students throughout the year. Please refer to events.dyson.cornell.edu for more updated information, and check your email frequently for special events.

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