Jennifer Ifft

Assistant Professor

451B Warren Hall
(607) 255-4769

Research Focus

Professor Ifft's research program examines issues at the intersection of public policy and farm management. Her research has examined the relationship between various farm programs and farmland values, as well as farm programs and farm lending practices. She has also published on key determinants of U.S. farmland values. Current work considers crop insurance and decision-making under risk; immigration policy and farm profitability and structure; land use impacts of the ethanol mandate; New York farmland markets; and analysis of different sources of farmland data. Her work uses national level farm survey and administrative data, as well as New York farmland sales data.

Outreach and Extension Focus

Professor Ifft’s extension program in is designed to inform critical issues in farm and agribusiness management in New York and throughout the United States and is closely linked to her research activities. Current extension areas of focus are farmland values and use, farm financial and risk management, and farm labor. She regularly presents to policymakers, industry groups, farm organizations and other diverse group on key trends in these areas, as well as on the overall outlook for the farm economy in the United States and New York.

Awards and Honors

  • Helios Awards 2011/2012 Honorable Mention (2012) USDA Economic Research Service
  • Outstanding Choices Article Award (2012) The Agricultural and Applied Economics Association
  • Gates Cambridge Scholar (2003)

Selected Publications

Journal Publications