Gregory Poe

Gregory Poe


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Gregory L. Poe is a Professor in the Department of Applied Economics and Management at Cornell University, and a member of the Graduate Specializations of Environmental and Resource Economics, Agricultural Economics, Economics, Public Policy, and Water Resources. He joined the Cornell faculty after serving in the Peace Corps and earning his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin--Madison. His present appointment involves research and teaching in environmental policy, and his corresponding research and outreach program focuses on applied welfare economics, non-market valuation, experimental economics, and non-point source pollution policy. He presently serves as Editor for Resource and Energy Economics.

Research Focus

My research interests lie in the empirical exploration, from an economic perspective, of factors that affect individual and group participation in public programs, with a focus on environmental issues. This broad interest has taken two distinct paths, bridging the efficiency and cost-effectiveness paradigms in environmental and resource economics. Much of my work has been directed toward developing improved measures of hypothetical and actual demand for public, environmental goods: with “hypothetical” corresponding to contingent valuation research and “actual” involving related experimental economic research on public good provision mechanisms. On the supply side of the environmental policy equation I have an active experimental economics and field research program on the design of incentive programs for reducing emissions from nonpoint and point sources. A frequent theme in my work is water quality policy, ranging from the non-market valuation of damages to ground and surface water resources, to the design and assessments of non-point source pollution incentive policies, to point-source-to-point-source emissions trading at the watershed level.

Teaching Focus

I teach environmental and resource economics at all three University levels: Undergraduate (AEM 2500), Masters (AEM 6510) and PhD. (AEM 7510).

Selected Publications

Journal Publications


  • Ready, R. C., Poe, G. L., Lauber, T. B., Creamer, S., Connelly, N. A., & Stedman, R. C. (2014). Net Benefits of Recreational Fishing in the Great Lakes, Upper Mississippi River, and Ohio River Basins. Submitted to the U.S. Congress. Great Lakes and Mississippi River Interbasin Study GLMRIS Team.