Donna Haeger

Donna L. Haeger

Professor of Practice

340G Warren Hall



  • Doctorate Case Western Reserve University, 2014
  • Master of Science Nazareth College of Rochester, 2003
  • Bachelor of Science Rochester Institute of Technology, 1989

Donna L. Haeger is a professor of practice in the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management at Cornell University. She teaches spreadsheet-modeling courses for applied decision making using Microsoft Excel. Her courses incorporate business analytic concepts such as the proper use of descriptive, prescriptive, and predictive modeling. While AEM2010 is a required course for AEM majors, she has designed several versions of the course in order to satisfy demand by non-AEM majors and those outside of Cornell, both locally and globally.

Haeger chaired the business analytics task force responsible for launching the business analytics concentration in the Dyson School. Her research interests are in the area of technology in the workplace, leadership, teams, and organizational behavior, where she studies influence and intergenerational exchanges and collisions in an effort to blend human systems.

Haeger presents her research at the Academy of Management and other leadership associations. She also enjoys mentoring students interested in undergraduate research, especially when the products serve to better communities. She currently sits on the board of directors for Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Rochester.

Research Focus

*Business Analytics – pedagogy and curriculum development
*Leadership and Organizational Behavior
Influence (Multi-level) and Interaction
Intergenerational Exchange & Technology
Team Dynamics/Leader Team Exchange

Awards and Honors

  • Nominated Best Dissertation of the Year (2014) Case Western Reserve University
  • Honored “Teacher Making a Difference” (2008) Monroe Community College

Selected Publications

Journal Publications


Research Reports

  • Haeger, D. L. (2012). Leading in Non-Profit Organizations.

Electronic Thesis or Dissertation

Working Papers

  • Haeger, D. L. Toward an Influence Instrument: Scale Development, Validation, and Impact Analysis.
  • Haeger, D. L. Work-Life Fusion: Scale Refinement, Validation, And Multigenerational Analysis.

Presentations and Activities

  • “Swim With Your Data, Run With Your Audience: A Contingency Model for Presenting Data Results. Association for Business Communications – International Conference. 2017.
  • Analytics in Business Education: Building Leaders as Data Literate Decision Makers. Association of Leadership Educators. 2017.
  • Emerging Domains in the Ecology of Influence: Implications for Coaching and Management Education. Academy of Management. 2015.
  • Generational Intelligence in Leadership Education. Association of Leadership Educators. 2015.
  • The Shift Created By Technology in a Cross-Generational Workforce: Implications For Leaders. International Leadership Association. 2015.
  • The Significance of Influence in our Current Work Environment: Understanding and Exploring the Shift in Emergent Domains. Dissertation Defense. January 2014.
  • Youth Leadership in the 21st Century: Cross-Generational Collisions. International Leadership Association. October 2013.
  • Career and Life Fusion: The Shift Created in a Multi-generational Workforce Impacted by Technology. August 2013. Academy of Management.
  • Work-Life Fusion: A Paradigm Shift In Work And Life Management: Scale Development, Validation, And Multigenerational Analysis. ShowCASE. April 2013. Case Western Reserve University. Cleveland, OH.
  • The Experience Of Organizational Shifts In Our Current Work Environment: The Impact On Individuals, Dyads, And Team Viability. International Conference on Engaged Scholarship. 2013.


  • AEM 2010: Spreadsheet Modeling for Management and Economics
  • AEM 3030: Explorations In Analytic Modeling
  • AEM 4010: Organizational Analytics

Media Mentions

Association for Talent Development, February 2015
Work-Life Fusion: When Work and Life Collide

The Cornell Daily Sun, October 2015
Dyson School Will Offer New Business Analytics Concentration

Canadian National Post, October 2014
Intergenerational Relationships in the Workplace

Profiled in SL Newsletter for Service Learning Project Design, Monroe Community College Press, May 2010, June 2008
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