Food Marketing Fellows

The Food Marketing Fellows is an honors program for students with food industry interests and career aspirations. The purpose of the program is to give undergraduate students a focused perspective on the food industry.


Cashier-less retail in Portugual
Cashier-less retail in Portugal
Cooking with Michelin star chef at Pinge Doce in Portugal
Visiting Food Brand Accelerator “Factory” In Bethlehem, Pa
Visiting the Online Grocer Fresh Direct distribution center in The Bronx
Visiting Imperial Chocolate n Portugal

Fellows become part of a select group of students who participate in these one-of-a-kind activities:

Food Marketing Field Study Course: Each Fellow enrolls in a 1-credit course, AEM 4460.

Fall Visits and Activities: Throughout the fall semester, we will make a series of visits to local manufactures, producers and retailers for an up close view of their activates.  Visits have included Wegmans HQ & Bakery, the Aldi distribution center, local wineries, the Fresh Direct distribution center and a Food Product Accelerator.  In addition we will have virtual sessions with leaders in the food space around the country.

Winter Session Study Trip: In January, Fellows travel to study the business and marketing strategies of various food and consumer product companies. Typically, this has been an international trip with destinations that have included Ireland, Australia, Chile, Lithuania, Portugal, Brazil, China, Netherlands, Italy and United Kingdom.

How to Apply

If you have an interest in the food industry, you are encouraged to apply. Applications for the 2023-2024 academic year are now open!  Applications are due by March 10th.


Please contact Dan Hooker or Adam Brumberg for more information.